Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady is the the new Miss USA. That story line has been eclipsed, however, by one comparing Miss Utah Marissa Powell’s flub of a question on income inequality – equal pay for equal work (yes at the Miss USA Pageant no less, not on Meet the Press) with the notorious one by the former Miss South Carolina a few years ago.

Deadpsin was quite harsh: “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” even led with “Miss Utah Pulls a Miss South Carolina, bombs at Miss USA”

First, I would like to know what non-politically correct dogmatic response would have been forthcoming from the lips of any of the critics who dismissed Miss Utah Marissa Powell as an imbecile for hesitating on a question, the answer to which, is not suited to a quick sound bite.

Clearly the ongoing inequality between wages paid to women and men is not the easiest of issues to solve because some great minds have made little progress in resolving the conundrum of this inequity in our society. Feminists, economists, labor leaders and politicians/legislators have long been quite aware of this issue and its significance, and the particular pain this brings to families where the woman is the primary if not exclusive wage earner, yet we have in 2013 still not bridged the gap. Do they simply prefer the narrative to an actual solution or is a solution more difficult to come by?

Yet, I even doubt that that the woman asking the question: Nene Leakes – a “Real Housewife of Atlanta” who is part of America’s culture of distraction, even had the ability to give a useful response beyond launching a platitude about how the world is inherently less fair to women. If anything that show is frankly what is wrong with America. Sumo wrestling by crass women in high heals in various upscale urban and suburban locales is the new normal? Powell at least had the instincts to go to begin her answer with ‘education’ and ‘enlightenment’ — policy shifts will begin when we stop having elitists trying to prey on and dumb down the entire population and invest in building our society from the bottom up. And Marissa was actually quite correct that right now the issue of ‘job creation’ period is not just a primary concern in an America where well paying jobs have been evaporating along with the middle class at an alarming rate, but perhaps the absolute main concern.

So while economists, feminists and historians can argue about the proper approach to rectify this problem or try to get their arms around the complexity of this issues surrounding it or contributing to it, that Miss Utah did not give a pithy response, must somehow illustrate that she is an idiot right? Call me crazy but I do not think Miss Utah is a moron. She may have just gotten blindsided because I doub that the individual asking the question actually had a better answer, but perhaps just a more socially acceptable one.

We are all the idiots, the lame stream media just found someone to play ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ with so bloggers could have a few chuckles.

The fact is that America needs a more flexible and diverse and comprehensive national education policy that (i) prepares young people to be more productive and useful immediately to going concerns and (ii) inspires greater creativity and entrepreneurialism to help young people better evolve in a wide open global economy so that maybe more women can work for themselves rather than a bigoted employer. And I guarantee you than not even the questioner understands this and (iii) Job Creation will come from America having a more skilled, productive and able workforce and enlightened/worldly entrepreneurial class that can compete internationally as well as make America a better place to grow a company.


So let me get this right, alleged feminist poseur, gay female aspirant to become Mayor of New York City, Speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn doesn’t believe in a “living wage” and has to be cajoled into doing something resembling fairness for citizens at large in order to keep her campaign afloat while not risking pissing off her corporate sponsors. Then our “journalists” at large would rather pick apart a Miss Utah at the Miss USA Pageant who fumbles a question about the roots of income inequality because she could not give a pithy response or sound bite on an issue which has flummoxed economists, feminists, labor leaders and politico’s for a long time. Marissa Powell did not win, but dropped to third place at the Miss USA Pageant. The question I have is then why is Christine Quinn who tried to avoid a discussion on income inequality still even in this race? Under the circumstances, don’t ya think maybe it is a tad more important to Defeat Christine Quinn than to Defeat Marissa Powell?

The attacks on Marissa Powell on the blogosphere and on Facebook were alarming in their pervasiveness as they were in their ignorance and arrogance. Consider that we live in an era where people who cannot read, write books and people who with no expertise are touted as experts and people with no soul are promoted as humanitarians. Societal elites love these narratives of beating up on someone from a red state because it makes them feel better. It is fascinating how many so called evolved citizens feel comfortable dismissing an entire state of people based upon a perceived flub by a beauty contestant while under the spotlight; as if that somehow exhibits how insightful and evolved they are.  It is ridiculous.



REAL New Yorker – ALEC BALDWIN penned a “must read” in the Huffington Post on the MIGHTY QUINNBERG – a fraudulent to the core shape-shifting political opportunist and pseudo middle class warrior; one who has been accused by those in her own party of violating the public trust and too often betraying the citizens of this city.

In the HuffPo piece, Baldwin who had previous and rather eloquently pointed out Quinn’s untrustworthy, duplicitous and self serving nature and overall problematic character went a step further today dissecting with precision the hollow polluted soul of a blatant political opportunist in Christine Quinn. While I heartily recommend a full reading of Baldwin’s piece, because so much is notable, his opening is worthy of review:

“How do I convey this without offending the gay community, or women who are supportive of more women in politics, or those who believe that Michael Bloomberg was a great mayor for New York? It may be impossible, but here goes.

Christine Quinn is not qualified to be mayor of New York.

Quinn basically had a deal with Bloomberg that he would support her and, as such, is clearly presenting herself now as pro-business, while walking and talking her way across the five boroughs as a populist.”

As a New Yorker by birth who has had ups and downs in this metropolis, I regard Alec Baldwin’s words herein as gospel. Forget the caricature of the man stalked on the streets of this city by paparazzi. He gets it.  Baldwin knows what New York City needs:

As the pendulum inevitably swings again, New York needs a mayor who is three things: one who truly possesses middle class values (whether they be middle class or not), one who is uncompromising in their integrity and one who can genuinely stoke the ineffable spirit that defines New York. A spirit of diversity that says come as you are. A spirit of community that says all for one and one for all, yet encouraging an opinionated, muscular individuality. A great New Yorker once told me “If you are truly one in a million, there are seven other people like you in this town. You can form a club.”

Truth told, it is REAL New Yorkers like Baldwin, Donny Moss, Cynthia Nixon, Tom Allon (who dropped out of the mayors race today) who have and continue to expand the character of the debate by highlighting issues that matter most to New Yorkers and in many cases exposing Quinn for the political charlatan that she is, who are truly heroic.


You need look no further than Quinn’s announcement of her candidacy for Mayor which she  kicked-off with a well orchestrated tour of New York City for evidence of the not so subtle deception.

In the clearly rehearsed and scripted announcement and roll out of her candidacy which can be seen above, the Glen Gove, Long Island product chose to hammer it home with an over emphasis on the slang pronunciation of ‘talk’ as ‘TAWK’.  It simply rubbed me the wrong way.  The more I reflected on this not so subtle con,  the more I found it offensive, especially because it did not reflect her true style of speaking.  All I could think was that the hustle of the Outer Boroughs is on like Donkey Kong in this walking and talking tour of the city (contrived perhaps to mimic Hillary Clinton’s listening tour of the Empire State before running for Senator); and that this elitist posing as a populist was willing to do anything she could to somehow illustrate that she was just like us, or at least the caricature of us that she and others like her have formed. We aren’t buying it.

As a citizen of New York City who grew up in the Outer Boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn and who was teased mercilessly during my freshmen year of college at Boston University for my “funny accent”  – some called me ‘Brooklyn’ even though I spent more of my life in Queens – I took offense at Christine Quinn’s clear attempt to trade on a caricature or cliché of the manner those of us from the Outer Boroughs speak and sound and pronounce the word ‘talk’.

Does NYC really want a leader who thinks she needs to dumb down and disparage us in order to appeal to us? Quinn has in effect acknowledged that she sees REAL New Yorkers, especially those of us in the Outer Boroughs outside Manhattan Society’s cocktail circuit as lesser, hence the basis for this type of low ball appeal. This is not how she “TALKS” but this is yet more proof of the character of a political charlatan; someone trying so hard to seem like she is just like us but who is so clearly not. She even felt the need to get rid of her METS Cap and become a Yankees fan to chase votes in the Bronx.  How much of a ‘REAL’ New Yorker can Quinn truly be with maneuvers like that? REAL New Yorkers who care about the Future of New York City do not deserve this kind of cheap hustle from a political chameleon.



The Future of NY (Perspective)




Real New Yorker’s who have not already dismissed Christine Quinn as a political charlatan for the path to City Hall she has attempted to carve with a combination of identity politics and appeasement of crony capitalist developers, may yet take a pause, given some recent headlines; including those which seem nonsensical on the surface but illustrate the lack of core values or beliefs of the Speaker of the City Council.

QUINN ABANDONS UNDERDOGS, STANDS WITH THE OVER-DOGS: Throws METS Under the Bus for Yankees & Citizens Under the Bus For Developers

“I have to admit it’s been hard to be a Mets fan during the past 10, 15 years,” said Tom Allon, the Liberal Party nominee. “I’ve always liked the underdogs, and that’s why the Mets appealed to me.” - Tom Allon, 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidate

The Gothamist highlighted Christine Quinn’s iffy allegiances in a piece entitled “Flip-Flopper Alert: Former Mets Fan Christine Quinn Now Roots For Yankees”.  Even this somewhat meaningless headline illustrates that Quinn fell for the classic trap that political outsiders fall for, abandoning loyalty to the team that they allegedly cheered for most of their life to curry favor with local sports fans, choosing the team that they calculate has more supporters and the cache of a winner.  According to the NY Post, Christine Quinn says that she now prefers the Bronx based Yankees over the Queens based Mets.   WHY?  Why would the Long Island born, London Terrace living, Chelsea based Mayoral Candidate on her march towards City Hall, dismiss Queens and the METS, if she is not angling for votes in the Bronx?

QUEENS DEMOCRATIC MACHINE: Did Quinn Abandon Mets Because She Has Support of Queens Democratic Machine in the Bag?

Documentary film maker Donny Moss has exposed how Quinn’s ties to the Queens Democratic machine caused her to stand against animal rights. So therefore, I must think that Quinn is so confident of her ability to win Queens; that the Queens Democratic machine will reward her for stand against animal rights protecting the horse drawn carriage industry in the face of irrefutable evidence, outlined in the documentary film ‘Blinders’, illustrating that these carriage rides are out dated and abusive to the horses as well as an urban danger.

Is there something more to Quinn’s switch than meets the eye?  Perhaps. But to those who have watched Quinn, the switch should come as no surprise given that Quinn has filled her slush funds currying favor in this town with the “over-dogs” and the overlords in New York City as the expense of  society’s underdogs, human and animal rights and the middle class.


The Yankees are one of the preeminent franchises in all of professional sports without a doubt. Nevertheless, REAL New Yorkers, including those like Tom Allon cheer for the underdog, don’t abandon their loyalty to a team simply because of a bad run or because they think there may be a few more Yankee fans who could vote for them.  This is not something that Rangers, Knicks or Mets fans who have not had much to cheer about lately would regard lightly.  But given Quinn’s rejection of the METS, I would gather many a METS fan, including this one, will cheer madly, if Quinn should stumble badly in the Democratic primary, much like we did when the ball went through Buckner’s legs to help lead the METS to victory over the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series. Quinn may come to rue the day she discarded the METS.

On the hollowness of Quinn, Tom Allon deserves the consideration of Real New Yorkers simply for asking the question that cuts to the core of the Quinn fraud and deception:  “Did Chris Quinn Bet Your Life to Become Mayor”?

Did Chris Quinn Bet Your Life to Become Mayor?


Quinn seems to be nothing more than ‘a soul less shape-shifting political opportunist’ whose belief system is contrived on the fly.  She has abandoned reason, her constituents, the working class and other Real New Yorkers and yes contributed to the continued abuse of horses, the collapse of St. Vincent’s Hospital, all  to stand with Crony Capitalist pigs who allow this political hack to feed at the trough. Anyone who says that “you can’t put lipstick on a pig”, surely never watched Christine Quinn put on her makeup before work, a public appearance or a meeting with her enablers.

The voters of Queens need to remind Ms. Quinn that we don’t need fair weather friends, fans or leaders. We must Vote Quinn Out.

GUARDIAN ASKS: Why do New York Liberals Support Conservative Quinn? But Fact Is: REAL New Yorkers in Chelsea & NYC Outer Boroughs Don’t…Increasingly

The Guardian Pulls Back the Curtain on Christine Quinn asking: “Why do New York liberals support conservative Christine Quinn?”. As posited therein, “she could be the city’s first woman and openly gay mayor, but her record doesn’t line up with most progressives.”

The mainstream media continues to gloss over the growing resistance to Quinn’s candidacy which has metastasized into a grassroots citywide campaign to Defeat Christine Quinn. Quinn faces constituent abandonment over ignoring issues relevant to the citizens in her own district of Chelsea,  the LGBT Community in general, many who formerly or at one time supported Quinn’s political rise as well as the working middle class in the Outer Boroughs of New York City. For example, see:

Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

  • DNAinfo: “Christine Quinn Foes Prepare Campaign to Spoil Her Mayoral Hopes”
  • Observer| Politicker: “A Democratic Club in Chelsea Continues Its War on Christine Quinn”
  • City & State: “Mayoral Candidates (Except Chris Quinn) Invited to Jim Owles Democratic Club Annual Awards Ceremony”

Chelsea Reform Democratic Club

  • DNAinfo: “Christine Quinn’s Endorsement From Home Club at Risk, Sources Say”


Cynthia Nixon is not just a celebrity but is also a talented actress, gay woman or a mother but also very much a REAL NEW YORKER, one who was been here for a long enough time to understand the very real concerns of average citizens across the five boroughs. Truth told, it would be far easier for Cynthia Nixon to cast her lot with Manhattan Society elites and hang out at Quinn For New York fundraisers. That is what most would expect but she has rejected identity politics in supporting a candidate other than Christine Quinn, who she has criticized for Quinn’s stance against paid sick leave for workers, which affects women and those of lower income disproportionately.   She has not just endorsed Bill de Blasio but the ‘Sex and the City’ star has been actively campaigning for Bill de Blasio. Nixon knows that de Blasio unlike Quinn is in this race for ALL New Yorkers not just the Real Estate developers, like Quinn’s sponsor/enabler Bill Rudin of the Rudin Real Estate family, who tore down St. Vincent’s Hospital, land originally zoned for community use to build luxury blood condos.


If you emigrated to New York City five minutes ago with no real sense of the true history of this city but identify as gay, consider yourself a bon vivant,  global jet setter, or perhaps even have a trust fund or wealthy parents, and maybe even have a preference for partying in the meatpacking district then maybe you think its super cool that Quinn may become the first openly gay female Mayor of New York City. Maybe you will not investigate her record beyond the symbolism of her candidacy.

Maybe also you see absolutely nothing wrong with the over development of cookie cutter luxury condo towers which have sprouted up across the metropolis in neighborhood’s extracted of their essential character. What this city once looked like or that it was hospitable to artists, the working middle class and intellectuals is not relevant to you. After all this is becoming your New York, a great place to party as long as you can find and high rise digs in the sky with a view to entertain. If so then you perhaps share a commonalty of interest with Bill Rudin, Christine Quinn and Senator Tom Duane, and the other societal elites who enabled them on the City Planning Commission. Maybe it does not bother you that this crowd has no long term economic plan beyond turning New York City into some hollow elitist utopia of high rise luxury condos in prolific glass towers in neighborhood’s without character so that the Rudin Real Estate family and their ilk can get more rental income off of property once zoned for community use: parks, schools, hospitals and the like. Maybe you have no use for them. You are young, single, have no children or do not intend to have to build a meaningful life or need to hustle for survival any longer.

That New York has become a city with sky rocketing real estate prices, a stock market soaring to historical highs with a plummeting middle class is perhaps also not a concern to you. While this is all happening a once proud middle class of this city collapses all around you. Citizens in the outer boroughs are increasingly becoming priced out as their income collapses and property values increase. As a result they are pushed further aware from the bustling core of this city. And yet your lack of concern for anything other than her ‘identity politics’, the veil which masks her corruption, is exactly what Christine Quinn is counting on: your vote and the vote of more folks like you. No, I do not want you to leave. You have every right to be here.  I just want you to consider the Future of New York more thoughtfully than have Quinn and her sponsors.

BUT, rest assured that Christine Quinn won’t get my vote or the vote of any thoughtful New Yorker who understands that this city can be more than the piggy bank of a few insiders who have bought as their puppet, an unqualified political hack with a simplistic and narrow vision for the future of this great city that is centered around her own self enrichment.

PAUL RYAN: The New “Emily Post” or a Satanic Munster?

Philanthropic Propagandist Tutors in Manners

Emily Post must be rolling over in her grave for Paul Ryan’s interpretation of proper etiquette. After his faux pose as a friend of the poor at a soup kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio was followed by a head spin, questioning the Vice President’s manners in laughing at his blatant lies is their recent televised debate, that would have left in awe the head turning star of the Exorcist, Linda Blair. Likewise, Mitt Romney who ‘could be the biggest hypocrite in the history of hypocrisy’, must be proud of his little brother in fraud (on the GOP’s national ticket) for his recent shape-shifting on issues related to the poor, in an effort to be seen as “a man of the people – rich people” that is – rather than just another opportunistic speculator. Romney’s Mormon Cult teaches that Satan was Jesus brother. Since the Romney Con sees himself as America’s ‘White Horse’ or savior, an extension of Joseph Smith, it is thus only appropriate that his little brother in arms, Paul Ryan, who worships at the alter of “the Satanic Bible”, be his Lucifer or Little Munster. Hell, even Dick Cheney “worships the ground he walks on.” And in that regard, Ryan is living up to his role in this campaign season.

As reported by the Washington Post:

GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Friday that he was expecting Vice President Biden to interrupt him at last week’s debate, but he wasn’t prepared for other parts of the vice president’s performance, including his frequent laughing and smiling while Ryan was speaking.

“I expected the interruptions. I guess I can’t say I expected the other stuff you mentioned,” Ryan told conservative radio host Charlie Sykes in an interview Friday morning. He added: “Look, they had a bad first debate, so I knew he’d be coming at me. … I think if two guys just start getting in an interruption shouting match, that doesn’t do anybody any good.”

He told Sykes that he thought it was “important to be respectful of one another’s time” and said of Biden’s frequent interruptions: “It’s not our manners, where we come from.”

I would ask Paul Ryan that if Joe Biden’s interruptions [at the debate] are ‘not our manners’ then as a voice of America’s middle class, what kind of manners are reflected by your barging into a closed soup kitchen run by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul -Mahoning County District in Youngstown, Ohio, without permission, after hours with your own film crew, for an arranged photo op of you cleaning already clean dishes and pans? What was that all about other than an attempt to create ‘Philanthropic Propaganda’? And then after you were exposed, Republicans in Ohio supporting you retaliate against this soup kitchen by launching an offensive to restrict donations to the St. Vincent de Paul Society which runs the soup kitchen? Are those your manners Paul? Are those Republican manners or those of the new right? Why won’t you say anything or tell Republicans to stand down and not defend you? Is this some satanic idea of how to be a friend of the poor? In these times, one wonders  will Catholics in Ohio be duped by the mask you wear?

Ayn Rand Wanker’s Sense of Etiquette: Bizarre, Improper & Ironic

Ayn Rand acolytePaul Ryan, a so called Catholic has so inspired Catholics United that Nuns [have gotten]on the Bus and have gone on tour across America’s heartland to highlight and reject his problematic interpretation of Catholic teaching and values. You see Ryan seems to have mastered the Un-Christian values of Satan (Lucifer) or Ayn Rand, rather than Jesus Christ, not just for The Ryan Budget: “The Path to Prosperity, Restoring America’s Promise” for its targeting of the middle class, the poor, the vulnerable and elderly, but for his repeated hypocrisy. Jay Rockefeller called the Ryan Budget ‘a profile in cowardice’ and ex-Reagan Budget Director, David Stockman even referred to the ‘budget flimflam’ as a ‘Fairy Tale Budget Plan.’

Does anyone else find the idea of Luciferian Eddie Munster offering anyone lessons on “manners” ridiculous? So, let’s see, Joe Biden interrupted a fraudulent Republican Vice-Presidential candidate lying through every pore of his body at a debate on the most significant issues facing the middle class and the people of this country, and for that Biden was rude, rather than shrewd?    BUT Atlas’ wanker – Paul Ryan (the Romney campaign) and a film crew “ramrodded themselves in there” – into a Youngstown, Ohio soup kitchen for a photo-op without permission, after hours, long after poor people were served and the kitchen was clean to “pretend to clean dishes and pans” to solidify their ethical and moral standing and ‘philanthropic street cred’ among voters in a battleground state on the eve of the election and that illustrates proper etiquette? According to whose moral code is that proper etiquette? Paul Ryan’s unique way of “giving back” is posing like he cares.  Posing is not policy, therein lies the key difference.

Poverty Sucks: Publicity Stunts are better

“Jesus washed the feet of the poor. The Republican vice presidential nominee re-washed their clean pots and pans.” - Paul Ryan’s Bogus Soup Kitchen Photo Op”, Rolling Stone byTim Dickinson, October 16, 2012

Poverty Sucks. But then again Plutocracy Sucks too. Seeing economic strife up close, the soul ripped out of communities, the spirit of men and women demoralized and then committing to work with the best minds available to come up with the proper policy prescriptions to make society more equitable and sustainable is maybe too complex for men of limited intellectual means but of lofty political ambition. Perhaps thus one might understand Paul Ryan’s reluctance to get his hands dirty actually dealing with the poor or having to be up too close to the human externalities from the economic destruction of America and the gutting of its industrial core via a decades long policies that supported wealth extraction by some ‘Greedy Bastards’ who ’siphon off wealth created elsewhere in the economy’, at the expense of wealth creation. Given the foregoing and the current state of our nation, maybe you could even try to level with the folks in battleground states in America’s heartland than than try to deceive them and level our nation entirely with a budget plan that is like ‘math on meth’, but that might be asking too much of a plutocratic puppet hell bent on serving his masters and selling out his countrymen. Rest assured, however, that some of us in America are actually watching. And there is nothing that quite illustrates that you are an opportunistic and soul less piece of cow dung, than having your photo taken pretending to clean dirty pots and pans that are actually already clean at a soup kitchen which has already finished serving meals to homeless men and women, at the end of the day when the facility is closed, after all meals have long been served, no less, when you were not invited to or authorized to attend and when there are no poor people to get in the way of your photo op. Maybe you could have brought a check? Or come during working hours? Would you have come at all if you were up several points in battleground Ohio or there were no election pending? That is a rhetorical question. Most reasonably enlightened Americans know the answer.

RYAN’S REPUBLICANS: “Men of the People” RETALIATE AGAINST A SOUP KITCHEN (the Society of St. Vincent de Paul)

Despite Ryan’s horrific manners being exposed for the chicanery in staging a photo-op to highlight his philanthropic soul, instead of manning up for the attempted deception, writing a check to the charity etc., his fellow angry republicans in Ohio decide that it is better to retaliate by targeting said soup kitchen and withdrawing donations from a charitable entity that feeds the poor and a Society that aspires to “End Poverty through systematic change.” Yes, that is really how they roll. It is actually not so unbelievable that creatures exhibiting these kinds of ethics would not actually starve granny or push grandma down the stairs to limit social security payouts.

PAUL RYAN’S HUNGER GAMES: An Insult to Anti-Hunger Movement & the Legacy of George McGovern

Paul Ryan still has not written a check, admitted wrong doing or even encouraged fellow Republicans not to be so mean spirited towards this Society which feeds the hungry in Youngstown, Ohio and end the fallout over his visit. But instead he ignores doing the right thing and decides to lecture Americans on Joe Biden’s manners at the debate for dismissing and exposing him as a pseudo intellectual fraud? This is from a guy who has even separately raised $5 million for his congressional campaign in Wisconsin; just in case the Romney/Ryan ticket loses the election. In all the years that I attended religious instruction at St. Paul the Apostle Roman Catholic Church I never learned what the Catholic poseur learned about humanity. Neither are these the values that I have learned in my hometown from listening to and witnessing the efforts of Joel Berg of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger (NYCCAH) in his fight against hunger. Nor are they the values of the late great Statesman and ‘liberal stalwart’- George McGovern (In Memoriam: 1922-2012) in his anti-hunger crusade, which I witnessed first hand. Frankly, not even Ayn Rand is this cold-hearted. But I am sure Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan, would have applauded Mr. Ryan and his efforts to manipulate and deceive the poor and leverage his reputation as a man concerned for the hungry in America.

Donate: St. Vincent De Paul Society – Mahoning County District serves 98,000 meals to the poor annually with 200 to 250 people served lunch every weekday and about 150 served breakfast on Saturdays. The hall is closed Sundays. Those wanting to donate to the society can do so at P.O. Box 224, Youngstown, OH 44501 or at any First Place Bank or by clicking here. Facebook.


ROMNEY CAMPAIGN PUBLICITY STUNT: Atlas’ Wanker Paul Ryan Stages Soup Kitchen ‘photo op’ in Ohio: A Steaming Plate of Philanthropic Malarkey

Paul Ryan Philanthropic Poser

The Youngstown Vindicator reports:

YOUNGSTOWN — The president of Mahoning County’s St. Vincent De Paul Society is “shocked” and “angry” that Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan used the soup kitchen for a “publicity stunt.”

Brian J. Antal, who runs the society, said today the campaign “ramrodded themselves in there” without getting proper permission for the visit Saturday that followed Ryan’s town-hall meeting at Youngstown State University.

Atlas’ wanker Paul Ryan has a unique way of “giving back”: posing like he cares. Yet, there is nothing that quite illustrates that you are an opportunistic and soul less piece of cow dung, than having your photo taken pretending to clean dirty pots and pans that are actually already clean at a soup kitchen which has already finished serving meals to homeless men and women, at the end of the day when the facility is closed, after all meals have long been served, no less, when you were not invited to or authorized to attend and when there are no poor people to get in the way of your photo op.

You do this why? Oh just so you can have a photo op illustrating compassion towards the very people who you plan to screw with your radical budget plans.  Who cares about the truth? Why concern yourself with the facts even when the Charity President [says]: Paul Ryan “did nothing” at soup kitchen photo-op.

Ryan’s Special Dish:  Steaming Plate of Philanthropic Malarkey’

But on the other hand, how can the President of the Mahoning County’s St. Vincent De Paul Society, the charity that ran the soup kitchen say that Paul Ryan did nothing at the soup kitchen? Does he not know Paul Ryan’s experience with cooking the books along with preparing other notable concoctions like no calorie deserts for Oligarchs. Paul Ryan was in fact, cooking up one of his very special dishes: a Steaming Plate of Philanthropic Malarkey to pull the wool over the eyes of voters. This is a special dish for the gullible masses to consume paid for the Billionaires for Romney who have paid so much to install this duo in the White House and need to see their monkeys dance and close the con-job.

Paul Ryan: Can He Stand the Heat in the Soup Kitchen?

If you are Congressman Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand acolyte, pseudo intellectual and all around tool and douche-nozzle, then this kind of thing just comes naturally. It is just another day at the office as a junior member of the Romney Con creating Romney/Ryan campaign propaganda on behalf of the ‘Most Fraudulent Presidential Candidate [Campaign] in American History’.

Nothing quite says philanthropic propaganda like:  Sure,  it is true that we want to “rape the middle class” but we have a compassionate side. This is why we show up at soup kitchens for a photo op when there is no event, after the poor people have left and there is nothing to do and we are not invited. Why get our hands dirty dealing with the actual human or ugly side of poverty and inequality?  Poverty Sucks! Our billionaire philanthropic friends who have to go to society parties and mingle with mere millionaires are most impressed by our efficiency in committing fraud and staging photo ops of this kind.


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-Paul Ryan’s end point is Ayn Rand Utopia & he knows it: Gary Weiss, author, “Ayn Rand Nation: The Hidden Struggle for America’s Soul,” joins Thom Hartmann. Paul Ryan may have introduced a budget that destroys the middle-class – but his ideas aren’t new. So where did he get all his crazy ideas about giving tax cuts to billionaires – eliminating Medicare – and robbing school kids of an education? Here’s what Congressman Paul Ryan said about Ayn Rand.

-The Math on the Romney-Ryan Tax Plan
-Ex-Reagan Budget Director: Paul Ryan’s Budget ‘Is Devoid Of Credible Math Or Hard Policy Choices’
-NY Times, David Stockman: Paul Ryan’s Fairy Tale Budget Plan
-NY Magazine: The Legendary Paul Ryan: Paul Krugman: Paul Ryan was “never a man of substance”
-The ‘Pseudo Intellectual’ in American Politics
-Atlas Wanked: Paul Ryan is just another wingnut ideologue

-Catholics United: “Paul Ryan’s Priorities Reflect Teachings of Ayn Rand, Not Jesus Christ”
-Think Progress: 12 Things You Should Know About Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand’s values.
-Nuns on the Bus
-The Guardian: We ‘nuns on the bus’ don’t like Paul Ryan’s idea of Catholic values
-The U.S. Conference of Bishops Denounce Ryan Budget Plan: arguing that it “fails to meet” the moral principles of the Catholic Church.
-NY Times: Paul Ryan, Catholic Dissident

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