FINAL WISH: Kate Upton (American Bombshell) or Strassburger Meats (Prime Steak)


Unless you have been living under a rock, have not passed by a news stand or do not have access to the internet, it would be hard not to have born witness to the July 2012 GQ cover and the full photo shoot featuring Kate Upton: American Bombshell. And if you had, you certainly did not forget the 2012: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover also bearing her striking frame and all American beauty. Some have even stupidly asked whether “she is too heavy” to be on Vogue or GQ covers. As writer Lynn Yeager postulates rather succinctly in Vogue, Kate Upton: Bringing Sexy Back. Remind when being ridiculously and objective off the charts beautiful was not fashionable?

To make a point, I was in a conversation recently with a friend waxing philosophic about a variety of different scenarios along the lines of “what would you do if?” We got on the topic of the granting of our final wish in the event we were convicted of a heinous crime (e.g., like calling Kate Upton “fat”) and were set for execution. What would we choose as our final experience before departing this earth? Most often this usually comes down to the granting of a final meal request. My friend knows all too well my passion for a perfectly prepared medium-rare Strassburger Steak,  from the local New York  family owned company that for five generations has been been supplying the region’s best steakhouses. I usually prefer to have Strassburger Meats prepared on my brother Erich’s high end grill in Douglaston or at Smith & Wollensky. Led by CEO, Suzanne Strassburger who also pens the Sirloin Report, the company known for its artisan meats is becoming increasingly well known for its all natural meats marketed as Suzy Sirloin which have allowed me to eat meat with greater frequency. I am now obsessed with their sliders and sausages which I prepare a couple of times per week in my own home. Frankly, they are addictive.  If you order Suzy Sirloin once  by calling  (212) 876-2289, like me you will become addicted and incorporate it into a healthy diet.

Sensing this was a trick question, I offered that “if I was sentenced to death and was given one final wish before execution, I would either want a black and blue STRASSBURGER STEAK, a huge Idaho Potato smothered in creamy Organic butter with sour cream, chives and bacon and washed down with S.Pellegrino or Evamor Water and an endless bottle of Opus One or a simply one night with KATE UPTON.” My friend was shocked but nodded in agreement and said it is a toss up, between just the Strassburger Meats – Prime Steak and Kate Upton, without all the other fixings. I said true but you have to paint a picture and I did not get to go on about starting with Clams Casino or a Caesar Salald but with fresh Jersey Tomatoes nor did I reference whether Kate had to be fashionably attired, “Vogued out” or simply in her SI Swimsuit.  Finally nothing herein is meant to imply that I see Kate simply as a piece of meat even if my final two choices come down to the leading American Bombshell versus the bestPrime in America in Strassburger Meats. In either case, I would go out with a smile on my face.

OBAMA: The Nobel Peace Prize, the Questions & the Hope

Why do we never get an answer
When were knocking at the door?
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war.

Its where we stop and look around us
There is nothing that we need.
In a world of persecution
That is burning in its greed.

Why do we never get an answer
When were knocking at the door?
Because the truth is hard to swallow
Thats what the wall of love is for.

Its not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me.
Its more the way that you mean it
When you tell me what will be.

And when you stop and think about it
You wont believe its true.
That all the love youve been giving
Has all been meant for you.

Im looking for someone to change my life.
Im looking for a miracle in my life.
And if you could see what its done to me
To lose the the love I knew
Could safely lead me through.

Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And shes waiting there for me.

But in the grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose.

Im looking for someone to change my life.
Im looking for a miracle in my life.
And if you could see what its done to me
To lose the the love I knew
Could safely lead me to
The land that I once knew.
To learn as we grow old
The secrets of our souls.

The Moody Blues (written by Justin Hayward)

The reaction to the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama has been decidedly mixed, dismissed by many, met with confusion, incredulity and
criticism from all corners of the political spectrum, including certain high profile media figures on the right who frankly did little to mask their disdain. The President accepted the honor with great humility, interpreting it as a call to the action. As stated by President Obama in the White House Rose Garden on Friday, October 9th in a brief media appearance, seeking perhaps to deflect some of the criticism for what many feel is a award he is yet to earn and has come too prematurely:

”I do not view it as recognition of my own accomplishment, rather as an affirmation of American leadership of all nations,” ”I know that throughout history the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievements,” Obama said, adding, “It’s also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes. And that is why I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st Century.”

To be clear, there are in fact “legitimate” questions about whether or not Obama should have received the Nobel Peace Prize at this particular time.  Thoughtful commentators have weighed in on the subject and even the President acknowledged that he did not feel he was necessarily deserving of the award, but the condemnation and hate language directed at President Obama personally, from the lunatic fringe in America is simply uncalled for and borders on insane. At a time where there is certainly room for a civil debate on conservative vs. progressive solutions to the problems we are dealing with in America and the world at large, the right is still in the wilderness focused on inciting populist rage and anger rather than inspiring logical, coherent and thoughtful resistance which is not so much designed to persuade, advance the debate and offer a better alternative as it is designed to stop the President dead in his tracks. Is this what Barry Goldwater or William F. Buckley, Jr. intended for the Conservative movement? Obama’s harshest critics on the right in America have gone beyond rationale discourse in their expressions of contempt, indignation and outrage while mocking and ridiculing the President for being bestowed with the honor of the Nobel Peace Prize. The same folks who began their assault on his Presidency shortly after he took office, who stated that they hope he fails, inspiring a legion of Obama haters/crazies along the way, have made clear that they intend to challenge him every step of the way continued to fill the blogosphere with their hate filled rants. This past week prior to the selection, one writer at the American Thinker even questioned Obama’s testicular fortitude asking “Did We Elect a Beta Male as President?”—in effect implying that the President’s quiet, thoughtful and deliberate statesman like approach  made him some sort of a sissy. Here is a note to the idiot, Greg Lewis who penned that post:

“you insult any rational thinking person’s intelligence with such a post. That it appears on a blog entitled the American Thinker does not lend you any further credibility nor does it mask or camoflauge your hate or your agenda. Thus,  Mr. Lewis, I suggest thatEnd your Addiction Now, stop self medicating and cease writing hate filled nonsensical prose about who and what is and who and what is not Alpha Male.”

President Obama and his zen like cool, comfortable and secure in his masculinity is discomforting to the right wing demagogues who cannot win a debate on the merits so instead they continue to question his citizenship, religion, patriotism and masculinity and thereby his fitness to serve as commander in chief.  As if calling him a Muslim, a Manchurian Candidate, a non-U.S. Citizen were not enough, add yet another line of attack that Obama does not have “the balls” to represent this country. It is truly unbelievable. They ridicule him for his leadership and spirit of engagement this past month at the United Nations;  for traveling to Copenhagen in an effort to assist the city of Chicago’s 2016 Olympics bid and then cheer when his efforts fail and now denigrate him for being honored with the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples, and the spirit of hope and change that that the man has brought not just to America but to the world.

The Republican Party, the right or what currently passes in America for Conservatism is Brain Dead, operating in crisis mode with “the populists dominating and the intellectuals retreating and struggling to come up with new ideas.” This has reduced the national debate to or their contribution to it simply as contesting anything that a Democratic (not Republican) President is for, in order to impede his success. The fear perhaps is that if Obama succeeds and continues to be embraced by the world as a transformational figure, it will only extend their time in the wilderness and further undermine their credibility. What needs to be recognized by all, is that regardless of your party affiliation, the world’s embrace of President Obama, his popularity exceeding that of many leaders in their own countries is a positive development. When America and its leaders are beloved that is only good for America, the American brand and American business. While the right fumbles in the darkness searching for a true, meaningful, intellectual voice, can we afford to support their singular mission, hell bent on destroying the Obama Presidency? One needs to ask of what benefit is this to the American people at a time of national crisis to destroy the President?  Only in America can a ideologically banrkupt party, so angered by their defeat at the polls, condemn our country’s leader for being respected and beloved worldwide, simply because he is not a Republican.  If it was not clear already, it is time to ask: Who’s side are these folks on anyway? While the award comes with Great Expectations, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, reflects the hope of the world sharing in the hope of Americans who elevated Obama to the White House. Or as stated by CNN’s  Fareed Zakaria, the Nobel Prize is a reward for Obama’s big bold gambit.  And it is precisely because of the widespread condescension directed towards Obama and the Noble Committee for this award and the effort to undermine the stature of the committee and the President that should make one realize that the award is not premature at all. Obama deserves it.

I LIKE MIKE (Bloomberg) and you should too

Mayor Mike Bloomberg attends Sixth Annual Fete de Swifty to benefit  New York City Family Justice Initiative of The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City hosted by LIZ SMITH on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City
Mayor Mike Bloomberg attends Sixth Annual Fete de Swifty to benefit New York City Family Justice Initiative of The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City hosted by Liz Smith on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 in New York City.

I was born and lived in Kew Gardens, Queens during the Wagner Administration.  Throughout my life, I have lived in other sections of Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, attending P.S. 14, I.S. 61John Bowne and Sheepshead Bay High School, before heading to Boston University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and have been a New York City resident through the administrations of Mayors: John V. Lindsay, Abraham BeameEdward I. Koch, David N. DinkinsRudolph W. Giuliani and now Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Got it? I am a New Yorker. Ok?  During these forty plus years as the world as changed around us, so has the fortunes of our beloved metropolis.  A city which was once the natural center of the universe, the envy of the world, became one which was deemed unmanageable, crime ridden, marred by urban decay, written off as a serious place to do business or even a place that one could safely inhabit with one’s family. You came to make your money, build a career and then left for greener pastures.  That was the saddest part of being a New Yorker, the idea that you would eventually have to leave. The obvious urban decay, every time I drove through the outskirts of the city, broke my heart.  New York City was often ridiculed on the national stage by politicians who referred to it as some form of hell on earth and its inhabitants like those of biblical Sodom & Gommorah. President Ford at the height of a historic financial crisis which had the city virtually on the brink of bankruptcy, famously and figuratively speaking told the city to Drop Dead.  And that was not even the worst barb thrown at my  hometown. So, let’s be clear, New Yorkers need to rally around those who can take care of business. Progress not politics is something which resonates with me. And if you love New York City, it should with you as well.

Even my own life is the quintessential New York story, which mirrors the ups and downs of the metropolis. As I attempted to write my own Diary of a Yuppie, The Bright Lights Big City found me early in my career. Too many late nights at the Surf Club after working 12-14 hour days as young aspiring young attorney/nobody at Weil Gotshal & Manges, living in my alcove studio apartment on the Upper East Side, led me to crash and burn.   Like many who came to New York City to pursue their dreams, I rose up, had my heart broken, career aspirations frustrated, shattered and fell on the seat of my pants.   There is no museum dedicated to those who have failed in New York, only an Exit sign. So,  I left the city with my tail between my legs and spent several years working in Boston while trying to create the perfect suburban myth in a few ill fated relationships.  But in the end, I returned after witnessing, on return trips to the city to visit family,  Mayor Giuliani’s turnaround of New York City. Truth is that I am a bridge and tunnel New Yorker– meaning although I once again live in Manhattan, hanging on to remain here like so many who struggle to, my values, my street sense, aspirations, dreams and roots are in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.  Although, it should be noted that my mom’s claim to fame is that she grew up in Chelsea when it was a bastion of the middle and lower middle working class.  Often I have found myself challenged beyond recognition by this city, giving up on it fearing I could not make it here, wondering what difference it made anyway whether I was here or not. Would anyone really notice or care that I could not leave my imprint on this metropolis?  So in short, I think I have a very good sense of what my friends, family and acquaintances in all the boroughs of New York City feel right now. People are nervous, wondering which messengers that they can trust, with good reason. Predatory class warfare rhetoric may resonate and can go far in times like the present, when we all feel vulnerable. Hating the rich guy won’t solve your problems though.

Just as I got comfortable that my city was back as the capital of the veritable shining city on the hill, a beacon of hope, opportunity, prosperity and culture,  we suffered the attacks of 9/11.  Times that reminded me that New York might once again slip into a period of decline, as my own career/business fortunes took a significant hit.   I was hopeful but not terribly certain about Mike Bloomberg, even after Rudy Giuliani, who to his credit really did help in turning around the fortunes of the city, endorsed Mike Bloomberg, in the wake of 9/11,  prior to the November 2001 election. For a period of time I largely bought the tag line that Bloomberg  was a bored billionaire looking for something else to do in his latter years, even if in the back of my mind, I figured he had to be at least a somewhat competent executive for building  Bloomberg L.P. into what it is today.

But then I watched, studied, listened, read and observed the progress of his administration, the community building, the ceaseless and seemless promotion of the city’s brand by NYC & Company, Inc., and The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.  What I saw was during one of the most challenging periods of this city’s history, we did not have machine politicians hacking away and gorging themselves on the remains of the metropolis. Instead City Hall led by a rather efficient but compassionate CEO with a profound love of the city,  worked deliberately and tirelessly with business, community, civic and religious leaders to advance the interests of our city.  And it is not just a one man show, the Bloomberg Administration, current and past is filled with highly talented and skilled personnel. Under Bloomberg New York City has been transformed even as we face our greatest challenges in the domestic and global economy.

Maintaining New York’s stature in the world does not just benefit financiers, real estate developers and corporate CEO’s.  The  more business that continues to be transacted in New York City benefits workers of all types and skill levels. Without the engines of commerce running on all cylinders, all New York City residents suffer and that I believe is something that Bloomberg’s critics do not necessarily understand.

Playground for the rich: Escalating property values over the last decade or so have pushed many once proud Manhattanites to the outer boroughs. With that, it has been often said that New York City and specifically Manhattan has become a playground for the rich. Think about that statement and what it implies. While I believe all Americans should have some form of health care, we live in a capitalistic society, and I do not see having an apartment on Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, Central Park West, the Upper East Side, West Side, a loft in Tribeca or Soho as some kind of inalienable right.  I would love nothing more than a Penthouse view of the river or Central Park, but like many of you who may read my blog, I am not a beneficiary of the sky rocketing property values. So yes at times, rest assured, they literally bum me out as well. Unless, a sugar mamma finds me sometime soon, my existence shall remain that of a humble artist for the remainder of my days.  Nevertheless, I see the development and transformation of other communities around Manhattan as a positive.  Brooklyn has even been referred to as as the New Manhattan, the new capital of sexy.  Ironically, I can recall a time when my college girlfriend’s mom was horrified that her little princess, after traveling in to the city from Yardley in Bucks County, Pennnsylvania to Penn Station, took the subway with me all the way to my parents apartment in Sheepshead Bay.  At times I may disagree with zoning, land use or building design and think we need to be wary about destroying what remains of  historic “Old New York”.  This is the reason why I see entities like the New York Historical Society, the Municipal Art Society and the Musem of the City of New York as New York’s most important cultural institutions. They remind us of what was here before, how the city evolved and to remind us that we need to think and plan for the future of New York.   Building a soul less city of skyscrapers is not something I see as  progress at all and likely not something Jane Jacobs would either.  But likewise should the rich stop living here or wanting to do business here and find other places more hospitable, then New York City will literally cease to be New York City.  There are many nice cities along the eastern seaboard that do not get the same volume and frequency of visitors and it might be easier to have a park or water view in one of those cities.  So for some, surely that remains an option.

Elitist: Do I think Mike Bloomberg is an “elitist”? Yes and no. I think that Mike Bloomberg is as much of an elitist as I am, insofar that you can see in the passion of his actions, the team he has built around him and the manner and style with which he engages with citizens, that this is not just some ego trip.  Bloomberg is working his tuchis off out of a genuine love and respect for the ultimate destiny of this city and that destiny is for New York City to maintain its elite global stature as the center of commerce, finance and culture.  Mike Bloomberg is and shall be remembered as a  transformational figure in the history of New York City. Historically speaking, I suspect he will be remembered as a benevolent, responsible, civic minded leader and philanthropist who came to power in unusual and uncertain times and rose to the challenge.  The office of the Mayor and the  character and qualifications of what we shall seek in the future has evolved because of Mayor Mike.   He and his team have raised the bar.  Next to those at the highest levels of national prominence and power, governing our metropolis is a critical job.  New York City is not just another city in America, just as Paris is not just another city in France, and should  it ever become that it may be time to leave….. America.  I love New York.  If you do not believe in New York’s elite global destiny than you may not appreciate or understand the significance of this Mayor and the context of his Mayoral service.

The competition: New York City Comptroller, William C. Thompson, Jr. Politically, I have supported Democrats, Independents and Republicans.  At present I have been a registered Democrat for the last sixteen years and supported and voted for President Barack Obama. So while  Bill Thompson is the Democrat in the race, that is not dispositive for me.  My love for New York is above and beyond any particular party or political ideology, even if I identify personally most with a progressive minded agenda.  I do not have great wealth, stature or means to live above it all or retire to a tropical climate. My life is living and breathing New York City and I have a natural affiliation and affection for those whose politics transcend their political party in having an agenda, whether it might be labeled liberal, conservative, progressive or libertarian if it advances the interests of my hometown.   Mayor Mike is unique in that regard. I think that Mr. Thompson from all accounts is an earnest, hard working, thoughtful man who represents the frustration that many folks had with members of the New York City Council voting to repeal term limits for themselves and Mike Bloomberg.  Sentiments I have heard expressed have been along the lines of  “we do not appoint rulers or emperors for life in this town.”  Truth be told, there are many politico’s who’s career aspirations were dashed, thwarted or put on hold as a result of Bloomberg’s decision to seek a third term.  Those folks have a choice, you can limit anyone’s term at the voting both on Election Day.

Likewise, I refuse to use this endorsement of Mayor Mike’s candidacy to undermine, insult or question the credibility of Comptroller Thompson or his bid for the Mayoralty. I am empathetic to the mountain he will have to climb to defeat a Mayor with unlimited resources and a team of superstars. Ultimately all that is left in a challenger’s arsenal is to charge the Mayor with being an out of touch elitist billionaire, demonizing his working relationship with the business community and how he gamed the system to run for a third term, but he seems to have the support of the majority of New Yorkers. And that also really illustrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the realities of economics in the modern global economy.  Furthermore, while Mike does possess great wealth, at a salary of $1 per year he remains the best deal of any Chief Executive in America.  Mayor Mike is so hands on, one is only left to wonder, how many hands he actually has or what they put in his Wheaties for breakfast. Witnessing this man work a room regardless of the hour of the day is simply remarkable. On many levels, we should be thankful that the job, the position of Mayor of New York City is sufficient a lure for someone with his experience, wisdom and managerial skills.  Despite all of the capable leaders who came before him in New York City, one would be hard pressed to argue that any of his predecessors came armed with his administrative skills as a Chief Executive.  If it were me who accomplished all that Mayor Mike has, I might be on the Island of Oahu being fed grapes, or an umbrella drink by one of my entourage of personal Hula dancers, returning to New York City to visit my favorite Steakhouses, go to Yankees, Mets games, see Bruce Springsteen at the Garden or what have you.  Or I would be writing the great American novel from my home in East Hampton instead of writing this endorsement of one of my favorite New York City Mayors of all time. That is why on November 3rd, 2009, Election Day in New York City, which happens to be my birthday, I will celebrate it by heading to my local polling place and casting my vote for Mayor Bloomberg’s 3rd term.

I think that this man deserves your vote for the right reasons.   Mayor Mike has already obtained the endorsements of a wide cross section of high powered business, community, political, civic and religious leaders throughout New York City as well as national figures, celebrities and rockstars like Bono of U2.  While that is helpful to his campaign, it again is not necessarily dispositive for me.  You will not read about my endorsement in the New York Times, the mainstream media or touted in any press release by any campaign. Instead, my opinion is for those of you who perhaps are outside the bubble of Manhattan, and want to know what someone like me, who grew up with working class roots in Queens and Brooklyn, perhaps like yourself, but has taken a look inside the halls of power and seen these folks up close and personal— what do I really think?   All you have is the word of a guy who never forgot where he came from who understands, first hand,  the struggles to put food on the table, meet your rent, pay your gas bill and your worries about whether you have enough saved for retirement.  My take, is that though he is a  billionaire but he is not out of touch with the reality of life for many New Yorkers. There is a saying: ”You are either a part of the solution or you are a part of the problem.”  This Mayor is not perfect or beyond poilitical critique but he is a leader for the times, one who comes armed with pragmatic solutions, not simply fancy rhetoric.  In the end Mayor Bloomberg is a doer, one who is committed to the progress of our metropolis and who possesses the skills to steward the city through these troubled times. This is true even if he is not always a great politician and even though I appreciate and understand the basis for discomfort and outright anger that certain folks have for his decision to seek a third term.  In recessionary times one can expect heightened tension between the creative classes and industrial/capitalists, and as a Billionaire, with strong relationships with the powerful, it makes Bloomberg an easy target. As for me, in these terribly uncertain times, for once, with the current man at the helm I am confident that New York will weather the storm.


The character of the man matters. This is why today we endorse Senator Barack Obama of Illinois to be the next President of the United States of America. As a New Yorker, while my first inclination would normally be to support a native son or daughter, in the present case I am unable to do so for three reasons: (i) the superior character, integrity and qualifications of Senator Barack Obama, (ii) the questionable character of Hillary Clinton and the nature of the campaign being waged by the Clintons and their operatives against Senator Barack Obama, and (iii) the most credible and legitimate New York candidates, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Mayor Mike Bloomberg have not yet engaged the electorate in a meaningful way. Should either of them do so in the future and if Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee of the Democratic Party, we will consider a further endorsement at that time.

At this time, chooses hope over fear. We choose honor, integrity, and sincerity over the shape shifting politics of division. We live in cynical world, one in which it is often difficult to trust and believe in the politicians who seek our support each election cycle. Far too many of our fellow citizens feel that their vote does not matter, that the candidate we choose will not make a difference. The legacy, rhetoric and promise of the candidate often do not match the reality of governance. We believe that Senator Barack Obama presents a historic opportunity for the people of America that we must not allow to pass. To bypass such an opportunity to nominate and elect a divisive partisan machine politician in the form of Hillary Clinton would be a tremendous loss for this country.

As the media and financial capital of the world, New York has served as an ideal platform for Hillary Clinton to pursue her Presidential ambitions. Hillary Clinton’s time in New York has been marked not by serving and connecting with New Yorkers and issues central to New Yorkers but rather in angling and fundraising for a Presidential run. During this time Clinton has taken the time to hone relationships with the mainstream media and had unparalleled access to capital in the corridors of wealth, power and prestige of Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, Central Park South, Central Park West, the Hamptons and beyond, raising money from the same folks who supported W BUSH in 2000. Senator Barack Obama’s appeal transcends party, personal politics, socioeconomic background and gender. That it took a Black Senator from the South Side of Chicago to campaign in Washington Square Park, while our local Senator has largely remained guarded behind closed doors, unavailable and inaccessible except to the elite in New York City in itself says a lot about the respective character of the individuals.

President Clinton has spent the last 7 years partying without her and fundraising. Patrick Healy wrote in the New York Times over a year ago:

Mr. Clinton is rarely without company in public, yet the company he keeps rarely includes his wife. Nights out find him zipping around Los Angeles with his bachelor buddy, Ronald W. Burkle, or hitting parties and fund-raisers in Manhattan.

The Philanthropic vehicle that President Clinton set up in his final days in office, the
Clinton Global Initiative has utilized its donor base to support Hillary’s run. See: “In Charity and Politics, Clinton Donors Overlap.”

In 1992, while living in Boston, I volunteered on the Clinton/Gore Campaign. Going door to door in New Hampshire I learned about the retail side of politics. While it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, upon reflection, over the course of the two Clinton administrations I came to realize that like many Americans, I drank the Clinton Kool-Aid. I discounted a great deal of factual information that was in the public domain about the Clintons. The rubric that the Clintons used to discount many inconvenient truths was that they were victims of a “right wing conspiracy” and that those who stepped forward with personal accounts were all about marketing “trash for cash.” When the truth became overwhelming I chose to believe the fallback position that it was the character of the policy that mattered more than the character of the man. It mattered not that the lying was so pervasive. As David Geffen, the left-wing media mogul and former Clinton confidante, told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd that “Everybody in politics lies, but [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.” I overlooked the well accepted rumor that the Clinton marriage is a sham, a political power sharing arrangement designed to contravene the 22nd Amendment. The Clinton machine currently controls the Democratic Party apparatus making it an instrumentality which inures mostly to the benefit of the Clinton’s ambitions. A complete rejection and defeat of the Clinton’s will be necessary to cleanse the party of its dinosaurs.

Today a random Google Search (recommended search terms: Clinton Cocaine| Smuggling|Mena Arkansas |Webster Hubbell |Vince Foster| Murder Suicide |Bimbo Eruptions |Bush Connection or more recently Peter Paul |Stan Lee) will lead anyone interested in learning the truth about the Clinton legacy and their rise to power to draw their own conclusions.

At this time in America there is something happening that transcends the politics of old. The desire to turn the page on the Clinton Bush years, while a consideration, is not the primary reason for our endorsement of OBAMA. Furthermore, while we believe that electing a woman or black man President do in and of themselves provide historic opportunities, our support of Senator Barack Obama has to do with the character of the man and not the color of his skin. For these reasons and many others we call upon our friends and fellow Americans to support Senator Barack Obama. We call upon those of wealth, power and influence, in the private and public sector, whom may be waiting for a more perfect or appropriate time to provide an endorsement, the value of doing so is now. Never underestimate the “Urgency of Now.” OBAMA 2008.

Christopher London
Editor & Founder,

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