YAZ – ‘THE GIFT’ to New York City & El Museo

EL MUSEO – The Rhythm is Gonna Get You.

On Thursday evening, I took the 1 Train from Morningside Heights down to Times Square crossed over on the S Train to Grand Central to walk across the street to Cipriani 42nd Street to backup ManhattanSociety.com ‘Ace’ photographer Gregory Partanio, my brother, affectionately referred to as “the Prince” by members of our family, not for his regal nature but for the artiste’s human touch in times of crisis.

Upon my arrival just moments before the festivities were to begin, Cipriani 42nd Street already looked more like the scene outside a major Hollywood premier than a local charity event in recessionary times. On this night El Museo del Barrio, New York City’s only Latino museum dedicated to Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Latin American art, was holding its 2012 gala celebration. El Museo Del Barrio’s 19th Annual Gala in the year of 2012 was planned to honor fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez, philanthropist Yaz Hernandez and Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. and its founder Facundo Bacardi.

In recent years under the leadership of Yaz Hernandez tickets to this event have become as coveted as any, not just among New York City’s fashion and socially philanthropic insiders, but also among notable members of the wider Latin community who travel to New York City from Miami, South America and Europe. Traveling to New York City to support El Museo to attend this gala has become a social prerequisite. The gala is as widely covered in local, national and international fashion and philanthropic press as any other major happening in our beloved metropolis. The event has been routinely been sold out, weeks if not months prior to the event.

Within moments of teeing up my camera (the one my brother instructed me how to use) the doors were flooded with a multitude of luminaries from the world’s of fashion, publishing, entertainment, business, the arts and politics. Descending upon ‘ a sea of red’ as aptly noted by a reporter for Vogue, were photographers and journalists and bloggers from local, national and international media outlets. They all coalesced around the bold, beautiful and fashionably styled who clearly came to party. Before too long Cipriani 42nd Street was as glamorously packed as I have ever seen it. Giuseppe Cipriani were he in attendance only on nights of this gathering would likely already be searching for an event space twice the size and might also wonder what economic downturn were people talking about.

This spectacular event was chaired by Nina GarciaAlex González(of AR New York) and Sarah G. Wolfe and honorary chair Estrellita Brodsky (See also: NY Times -The Philanthropist, A Budding Ambassador for Latin American Art). Narciso Rodriguez, the celebrated fashion visionary was presented with an award for artistic achievement to honor his career and longtime patronage of the organization. Presenting the award to Mr. Rodriguez was Emmy Award winning actressJulianna Margulies who was donned in one of his extraordinary gowns.

A Cuban descendent and proud member of the Latin American community, Rodriguez’s work frequently draws inspiration from Latino art and culture. A three-time CFDA award winner, Narciso Rodriguez is considered one of the “25 Most Influential Hispanics in America.”

The annual fundraiser, now in its 19th year, also paid tribute to philanthropist and El Museo trustee Yaz Hernández. Hernandez was similarly rated by the New York Post as one of the “top 25 top Latino movers and shakers.” Fashion legend, Carolina Herrera bestowed Yaz Hernández with a trustee leadership award for her generosity, exemplary years of service and influential work on the museum’s Executive Committee. In accepting the award, the effervescent Hernandez lit up the room:

“Tonight is my lucky night because I have the woman who is the icon of my life presenting me with an award,” said Hernandez, adding, “It’s my lucky night, but it’s also your lucky night because I forgot my speech at home, so since I don’t remember what I’m supposed to say, it’s going to be a real short one! Humble is not for me, but gratitude, yes. I am really grateful. “

Ruben Toledo and Isabel Toledo,  Manhattan’s artistic and dynamic Latin duo,  presented Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. with the 2012 Corporate Excellence in Arts Award.  Robert Furniss Roe, President Bacardi North America accepted the award for Bacardi. After dinner a surprise birthday cake was brought out to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary of its founding in Santiago de Cuba.

A highpoint on the Manhattan Society spring charity circuit, El Museo del Barrio’s 2012 Gala once again drew luminaries from the worlds of entertainment, society, politics, the arts, business and fashion.  Designers in attendance included bold names such as designers Carolina Herrera, Maria Cornejo, Derek Lam, Christian Cota, Carlos Campos, Bibhu Mohapatra, and Angel Sanchez. Other fashion notables included Editor-in-Chief of W MagazineStefano Tonchi, Cathy Horyn of the New York Times, Valerie Boster, Bookings Editor of Vogue, Karla Martinez, Fashion Market and Accessories Director, W Magazine, sensation Cindy Sherman along with fashion royalty heirs Fe Fendi and Paola Fendi and international man of mystery, Richard Turley, not Bloomberg Businessweek’s creative director,but the stylish social wizard who seems to be literally six degrees of everyone you ought to know in town or as David Patrick Columbia has referred to him as  “the Manhattanite to the Manhattanites”; though he is from Oklahoma and lives in the Bronx. They were joined by members of the second generation of the Goya family, Joseph A. Unanue, Carmen Ana Casal de Unanue, and Andy Unanue. Other notable long time supporters included:the Ford Foundation, Barbara Tober (Chairman Emerita of Museum of Arts and Design) and Donald Tober, Cindy Sherman, Estrellita Brodsky and Dan Brodsky, Adriana Cisneros, Agnes Gund, Sharon and Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr., Amelia Olungessi, Barry Friedberg and Charlotte Moss, Harold Koda, Amanda Hearst, Elizabeth and Reynold Levy.

The El Museo Gala is one of the more unique charitable events in the city. Whether it is because of its international flavor, flamboyance or the energy of the attendees who come to our metropolis from Europe, Latin America, Miami and the Caribbean, I do not know. Maybe all those factors  contribute to it.  All I know is that covering this event is a rush. It gets into your head, makes the blood rush and over stimulates one’s nerves and social sensors. You reach for a Bacardi & Coke like a cyclist reaches for Gatorade and find yourself dancing in between taking shots of some of the most beautiful and fabulously dressed people you will ever see in New York City, in one room at the same time. The rhythm is gonna get you! But then again why would it not?  Emilio Estefan who led Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine to international success, has been a regular attendee and this is not just some red carpet experience. The VIP’s linger, mix and mingle more so than many events in our beloved metropolis. Before you know it, the event is over and you find yourself in recovery for a couple of days wondering how you will ever have time to edit and post photos, much less, write a story about the festivities.

How did El Museo’s Gala become the hottest ticket on New York City’s spring charity circuit?


Blue eyed dressed for every situation
Moving through the doorway of a nation
Pick me up and shake the doubt
Baby I can’t do without
-Situation by Yazoo (1981)

Over the last decade, Yaz Hernandez, the Puerto Rican born socialite, former fashion industry executive, internet entrepreneur and investor has devoted herself tirelessly to raising funds for and the profile of the Museum Mile Latin cultural institution known simply as El Museo. As I joke, which Museo? El Museo. It is perhaps one of the many reasons that the New York Post has listed her as one of New York’s “top 25 Latino movers and shakers.” Mrs. Hernandez is also a trustee for the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) College in New York City and President of the Couture Council’s board for The Museum at FIT.  Sin embargo, para muchas personas en esta ciudad, ella es simplemente Yaz.  Ja ja, esto es la verdad!

The socially influential Park Avenue Philanthropist is married to Valentín Hernández, Citigroup Managing Director, Financial Institutions for Latin America. The wife, mother and philanthropist, is, however, more than a list of adjectives or her referenced accomplishments. If you ask anyone who has come to truly know Mrs. Hernandez personally and has been a beneficiary of her grace, charm and wisdom on a range of matters both personal and professional, Yaz is an extremely shrewd, business savvy woman with an infectious smile and humanistic spirit. For that reason, she is a confidante and trusted friend to many in this town. Even in New York City or should I say especially in New York City, the crème rises to the top. The woman simply known and referred to affectionately as ‘YAZ’ has navigated this city’s social terrain without compromising her morals, integrity or stepping on anyone’s shoes on the ladder up, although Yaz was likely not even aware that there was any ladder to climb. Maybe she just charmed the pants off the ladder and it slid down for her. Who knows? But frankly, more often than not, Yaz was too busy extolling the creative talents and virtues of others, many of whom often wanted a piece of her time, counsel and guidance, to concern her self with social mishagas.

Yaz is is an artist’s and an artistic institution’s best friend because for whatever it is, it is simply never about her; it’s about you and the inspiration of your creative spirit and as always working towards sustaining and advancing El Museo and Latin American artists.   And I am quite confident that I am far from the only one who feels this way. To know Yaz is to be an extension of her family. To be in the company of her and her partner, a veritable renaissance man himself is to be in the company of folks who make you feel like you are better than you are frankly. I know, because another person who similarly had that impact on  me in this town was President Bill Clinton, aka William Jefferson Clinton. Yaz has the gift.

Yaz Hernandez holds court after another successful El Museo Gala on Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yaz Hernandez holds court after another successful El Museo Gala on Thursday, May 17, 2012

**Note: While the videos referenced herein may seem somewhat out of context, it is in the spirit of Mrs. Hernandez positive energy flow and the overall spirit of El Museo’s annual gala that remind me that when in the company of Yaz and her collaborative spirit, dancing is what comes to mind and in my case that might be to some Cumbia Colombiana.


Rabbi Fame Whore Shmuley Boteach Takes Politically Expedient Cheap Shot at Whitney Houston on Eve of Jersey Girl’s Funeral Service

This week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his decision to have the flags lowered to half mast at government buildings in New Jersey on the date of Ms. Whitney Houston’s service at the New Hope Baptist Church where Newark’s own Whitney Houston got her start as a gospel singer. The publicity mad and egomaniacal Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, otherwise known as “America’s Rabbi”, a man who many consider a spiritual huckster in the same vein as some of America’s prosperity preachers, albeit the Jewish version, adept at ‘Hakn a tshaynik’ to stir up controversy to sell books, posted some ill timed commentary on the Huffington Post that flags should not be flown at half mast for ‘a pop singer’ but only for soldiers and then highlighted Ms. Houston’s battles with addiction.

In taking a shot at a Jersey Girl on the eve of a funeral service in her honor,Schmuley exhibited only his own moral irrelevance as a spiritual man relative to the moral clarity of a suited man, who happens to sit in New Jersey Governor’s office — on top of a big pair of balls no less. The Rabbi may want to remember that, in the words of Tony Montana (Scarface):  “Amigo, the only thing that gives order is balls. “  Governor Chris Christie has them. The Rabbi clearly does not. He joined the chorus of the small minded for political gain. Rabbi Famewhore should have remained silent and observed the love given by Kevin Costner at her service.

Ok, I will say it. If Whitney Houston were a prominent Jewish man rather than a gospel singing Christian black woman who battled with addiction, would ‘the fameball‘ and Orthodox Jewish Rabbi have issued a different opinion or insulted her family while they were sitting Shiva? Did he consider first the feelings of those who would come to honor and pay tribute to Whitney, both friends and family, at the New Hope Baptist Church? I do not think so, he thought first of distinguishing himself in the public eye on the eve of his upcoming congressional race in New Jersey before exhibiting humanity to a woman who was a local treasure and rose out of Newark’s church community.  This is what happens when a fame seeking rabbi, posing as a  spiritual man who never met a microphone that he did not want to slobber on,  aspires to political office, as a Republican Congressional Candidate in New Jersey,  he is tempted to engage in this type of verbal mishagas undermining the stature, dignity and humanity of a black woman.  In such case he must trot out the cliche that only soldiers deserve a certain kind of honor and maybe perhaps those who are black pop artists who suffered from addiction are somehow less entitled to our humanity.

Are those who go through the journey of and through ‘the dark night of the soul’, who suffer from addiction, and who meet their maker sooner than expected somehow less worthy of honor, humanity or dignity?  Let me assure you, they are no less worthy.  You need not be a rabbinical scholar or study the Torah to know that.  In this world, we crush, kill and destroy with a vengeance but love, adore and admire with reluctance. My friends that must change.  Houston was in effect gunned down on the battle field of life. Would she be more worthy of dignity had she died in an unrighteous war, gunned down in the hills of Afghanistan?  Governor Chris Christie’s courageous and righteous decision to honor Whitney Houston who was arose from humble gospel singing Newark roots to international prominence, was not only bold and brave but also exhibited moral clarity whereas the ‘Publicity Mad and Egomaniacal Rabbi Schmuley Boteach’, the allegedly spiritual man, offered precisely the opposite, verbal DREK or what some might consider pseudo intellectual indifference.  You expect more from those who pose as learned men of the cloth but then again you understand when said individual is one who morally pontificate’s for profit and aspires to the halls of Congress.  Many of our prized and forgotten citizens can use a little more love free of rationalized judgments, especially those of an opportunistic rabbi, one whose favorite charity seems to be himself.

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RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH’ EXHIBITS HIS OWN MORAL IRRELEVANCE: In Condemning N.J Governor Chris Christie’s Decision To Honor Whitney Houston

NJ GOVERNOR SERVES AS AMERICAN ICON’S FINAL BODYGUARD — Politically Small minded Rabbi Engages in Pseudo Intellectual Mishagas

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the celebrity rabbi/moral huckster and the Jewish answer to prosperity preachers, has in my estimation jumped the shark as a morally relevant commentator with a recent blog on the Huffington Post critiquing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s bold decision to lower the flags to half mast this coming Saturday during the service for the former Newark native, and local treasure, Whitney Houston.   Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is plain wrong.   His ill timed commentary exhibits only his own moral irrelevance as a spiritual man relative to the moral clarity of a suited man, who happens to sit in New Jersey Governor’s office, on top of a big pair of balls no less. After removing his lips from Governor Chris Christie’s tuchis in an opening homage on the Huffpo extoling the overall character of his leadership, the cowardly rabbi engaged in some divisive word play and pseudo intellectual mishagas in stating:
I will Always Love You Whitney Houston

But much as I admire our great governor, I’m not with him on flying flags at half-staff for Whitney Houston. Now let me be clear. The issue is not the biggest deal and I don’t want to make too much of it. We Americans have far greater problems to address right now. Moreover, I regard the untimely death of the pop diva as a terrible and sorrowful blow. Whitney Houston’s death is an American tragedy and she should be rightly mourned.
I will Always Love You Whitney

But flags at half-staff should be reserved principally for those who have made great sacrifices in the pursuit of selfless, patriotic service. Our celebrities get plenty of attention. Our soldiers barely get any at all. We mostly pay lip service to our support of the troops. Don’t believe me? Ask the average American how many Grammys Adele won the other night and a huge number would know the answer is six. Ask them how many soldiers died in Afghanistan since 2011 and I’d be surprised if even five percent of the population knows. (I myself had to look it up. According to Wikipedia it’s 2765 Coalition deaths as of 31 December, 2011.)


I will Always Love You Whitney Houston

The Rabbi may want to remember that, in the words of Tony Montana (Scarface):  “Amigo, the only thing that gives order is balls. “ Christie has them. The Rabbi clearly does not.  Christie explained the basis for a decision at a press conference earlier this week wherein he stated:

“Obviously, Whitney Houston was an important part of the cultural fabric of this state. … I think she belongs in the same category from a musical perspective in New Jersey history with folks like Frank Sinatra, Count Basie and Bruce Springsteen. She was a cultural icon in this state.”

Christie went on to add that he did not believe that Houston’s history of substance abuse “forfeited the good things she did.”

“I am disturbed by people who believe that because her ultimate demise — and we don’t know what is the cause of her death yet — but because of her history of substance abuse that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life,” he said, according to the AP. “I just reject that on a human level.”

“What I would say to everybody is, ‘There but for the grace of God go I,’” he added.

Rabbi Shmuley’s rationale rings hollow, insincere and disrespectful of  the New Jersey Governor’s decision and clearly expressed reasons for honoring Whitney Houston.  A truly spiritual man might have considered how his words may have been taken by the membership of The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where Ms. Houston first sang but by also her family. If Whitney were a prominent Jew would the rabbi have issued a different opinion or insulted her family while they were sitting Shiva or restrained himself entirely?  Oh yes, these surely are indeed interesting times, challenging times for many.  Accordingly, soldiers are not the only ones who deserve our honor.  New Jersey fortunately has quite capable men in charge as Governor and as the Mayor of its largest city.   Newark, New Jersey, is undergoing a renaissance under Mayor Corey Booker’s leadership. Most of thew news emanating from Newark these days, even during one of the most challenging economic periods in American history, has been largely positive.  For too long, this area, much like the decline of Detroit, perhaps more so, was a symbol or urban blight and decay. The few folks who emerged to local or national prominence from this region, did so while overcoming tremendous odds.
ll Always Love You Whitney Houston
This Saturday, the flags will appropriately fly at half mast for the former Newark, New Jersey native and gospel singing icon who grew to international prominence as ‘one of the greatest voices of our generation.’ While Ms. Houston faced many challenges in her life, after attaining international super stardom, whatever demons she faced are not a point of judgment for me.  Ms. Houston’s battles are far too common place in the life of ordinary working Americans.  Ms. Houston’s demons may have been what cut her life short, but let’s just accept and acknowledge the the music industry beast which giveth, notoriously taketh away.  Mr. Houston is hardly a rarity in industry where the talent ultimately loses its way and dark forces, or the Tommy Mottola’s of the world and assorted other honcho’s and predatory scumbags live forever fat and happy lives. One might argue that they may never face the same demons because they are in fact the actual demons and predators of the cultural world.
ll Always Love You Whitney Houston
I will Always Love You Whitney Houston
Some may be inclined to believe that to a certain degree the rabbi has a point. Let me clear, he does not.  Whitney Houston was not just some ‘pop singer’ as the rabbi postulates in an effort to diminish her stature, but arguably the greatest voice of our time who arose from humble roots in the Newark Church community.  Whitney Houston was a once in a lifetime. She was not some industry or machine manufactured talent, but nevertheless a veritable cash machine for her label.  She came from god. That she was troubled, faced challenges of addiction to drugs or alcohol only makes her human and her life no less worthy of honor than that of a soldier, even if I do believe we should honor them more as well.  There is absolutely no contradiction in honoring Ms. Houston. As stated by a blogger and member of our military who compared ‘The Death Of Whitney Houston Vs. The Death Of Our Troops’:
I will Always Love You Whitney Houston

“I do wonder do some people think military dependents come off as being contradictory when we scream “My hero fights for your right to be free” yet when people display those acts of freedom, somehow they don’t care about the loss of a hero or about the military at all? That being said any death is tragic. When people make comments about Whitney being the cause of her own demise and people shouldn’t mourn for her …I simply say that music brings joy to people. Music is the soundtrack to life. Music has gotten soldiers through deployments. It was Whitney’s music along with Mariah and Three Doors down who got me threw several deployments. I can’t tell you how many times I sung ” I Will Always Love You” or “All The Man” I need to my soldier via Skype and phone when he was deployed. I can relate a song of hers to every stage of my life from childhood and up. It was music that got my husband through several boring nights in his room while lonely in Iraq. At the end of the day everyone including our troops leaves behind a legacy and so be the same with Whitney. While you may not hear it on the news a service member’s death leaves behind a legacy of freedom and sacrifice to protect family and country. Whitney left the legacy of a beautiful voice that many will remember as part of special moments in their lives.”

In this world, we crush, kill and destroy with a vengence but love, adore and admire with reluctance. My friends that must change. The courageous action taken by Governor Chris Christie exhibited a righteous moral clarity whereas the the ‘Publicity Mad and Egomaniacal Rabbi Schmuley Boteach’, the allegedly spiritual man, offers precisely the opposte, verbal DREK or what some might consider pseudo intellectual indifference.  As for me, I judge not anyone else’s pain or suffering, the basis therefor or how they got there. For the many who suffer in public, there are countless others in our lives who suffer alone. Many turn to addiction sadly. It is a reality of modern life. And for those who have more resources and access, only greater ability to destroy god’s gifts bestowed on them. That is why I say, as we reflect on  the loss of those who have truly added to humanity, we should also consider reaching out to someone who is in pain in silence and alone somewhere in the world tonight. Many of our prized and forgotten citizens can use a little more love free of rationalized judgments.
ll Always Love You Whitney Houston
I will Always Love You Whitney Houston
The fame seeking rabbi makes his living and has gained his notoriety off of being the ‘rabbi to the stars’, promoted rather arrogantly as ‘America’s Rabbi’.  Rabbi Shmuley, the man with a curious background and lust for the limelight,  illustrates that he just might be engaged in some political shenanigans as well. You see the fame missile recently announced his intent to run for Congress in New Jersey. Is this perhaps the rationale for his verbal mishagas in trying out the right wing cliche about ‘honoring the troops.’  Are those who go through the journey of the dark night of the soul and meet their maker sooner than expected somehow less worthy or honor or dignity? Houston was in effect gunned down on the battle field of life. Would she be more worthy of dignity had she died in an unrighteous war?    Whitney Houston’s unfortunate and untimely death and Chris Christie’s courageous and righteous decision to honor a woman who was arose from humble gospel singing Newark roots to international prominence, was not only bold and brave but also quite righteous.  In providing her a final dignity in her home state, Chris Christie has in effect served as Whitney Houston’s final bodyguard on her way out of our lives. Voters have long memories. I suspect that many, regardless of their political affiliation will remember this decision. As for Shmuley, all I can say is that I know of very few spiritual leaders who walk the red carpet at black tie events and who find the need to comment in the celebrity section of magazines, periodicals and webzines and who promote themselves so aggressively and then take time to write a blog questioning a decision to honor a local hero on the eve of her funeral service.     He should thank the culture of celebrity, which he is a part of, which continues to provide a platform for him to air his commentary. As I asked above, if Whitney Houston were a prominent Jew would the rabbi have issued a different opinion or insulted her family while they were sitting Shiva?  I do not think so.  You expect more from those who pose as learned and spiritual men of the cloth but then again you understand when they said individual is but a politician and spiritual huckster who morally pontificate’s for profit and aspires to the halls of Congress.
The creepy porno watching rabbi known for his books on ‘Kosher Sex’ and proponent of the Kosher Sutra, might stick to providing his intimacy advice on television as he does below:

Nevertheless, put a fork in the rabbi because he is done, at least in my eyes and perhaps many others in this part of the world.  Rabbi Schmuley, you make me sick to my stomach.
I will Always Love You Whitney Houston
I will Always Love You Whitney Houston

LONDON: ‘He’s A Rebel’ – Born at the Crossroads of Pop Culture & Human Destiny

A Facebook application today on my friend Anna Ogle’s page, led me to a site where I was made aware that on the day I was born, the song He’s A Rebel by the Crystals was Number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts in America. Ironically enough, I always liked this song but never understood why. According to Wikipedia:

“The song is about a girl in love with a young man who spurns society’s conventions. Despite his being misunderstood by others, the singer claims that he is sweet and faithful, and she vows to be the same towards him.”

As much as it all makes sense to me now, I wonder about the Twilight Zone where pop culture intersects with human destiny; in particular my own.

Although I am not suggesting that Phil Spector wrote this song about me, I wonder if I may have heard this song in the womb with no view,  shortly after my arrival into the free world at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York in 1962 or in my mothers arms in our Doo Wop Shop in Kew Gardens.  I was born under a Democratic President, who was a rebel in his own right, one who may have paid a tremendous penalty for daring to tell the truth, costing him his life and the opportunity to continue to lead his country. Before my mother passed away in 2011, she advised me to follow my own truth. Here I am.

See the way he walks down the street
Watch the way he shuffles his feet
My, he holds his head up high
When he goes walking by
He’s my guy

When he holds my hand, I’m so proud
‘Cause he’s not just one of the crowd
My baby’s always the one
To try the things they’ve never done
And just because of that, they say

He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good
He’s a rebel ’cause he never ever does what he should
But just because he doesn’t do what everybody else does,
That’s no reason why I can’t give him all my love
He’s always good to me,
Always treats me tenderly

MILEY CYRUS – Liberty Walk Tribute to Occupy Wall Street

“Don’t Live a Lie. This is your one life” - Miley Cyrus on Liberty Walk.

I never thought that the day would come that I would even remotely consider quoting, listening to or making statements in support of Miley Cyrus ‘art form’ and that is itself not my being dismissive. I simply did not think she had anything of import to speak to my generation. Miley Cyrus’ latest creation is a rather effective pairing of a remix of her 2010 song Liberty Walk with footage from the Occupy Wall Street protests.  It makes a statement.

I am not saying that Miley Cyrus’ Rock Mafia will replace my affinity for rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Queen or the Smashing Pumpkins anytime soon.  Hannah Montana, however, brought her Party in the USA straight to the OWS movement with the opening statement on her video that: “This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.”    Sure I noticed that the teen idol was  adorable, insightful and funny playing Justin Bieber while hosting  Saturday Night Live, but as a middle aged man though I did notice she seems to be growing into a rather fine looking young woman, it did not occur to me that she would be capable of this type of artistic expression. Nevertheless, from a civic minded perspective, her exhibition of a social conscience  at a time where far too many are afraid to undermine their stature with the powerful, in any way, is refreshing.

I am not sure whether to be surprised that many mainstream media analysts have offered their hip, snarky critique aimed at dismissing the relevance of Miley Cyrus’ latest creation. As some mainstream media pundits ponder the sincerity of the ’slick corporate pop star’s’ controversial expression of solidarity with the Occupy movement, most failed to comprehend that the uprising in this country has been brewing for some time and that Cyrus has been in tune with it as this song was written a year for the uprising at Zuccotti Park. The simple lyrics to Liberty Walk very much match the bubbling soul of a nation that was rising to the surface despite efforts to snuff it out.   The Occupy movement did not rise up in a vacuum. In the Post 9/11 world as rather clearly laid out in the Zeitgeist movie,  the culture of distraction has been intentionally ratcheted up in high gear in America for the sole purpose of holding back the inevitable, stifling dissent with the hope of turning more of the dumb down masses into obedient sheeple, even as the Zeitgeist was shifting in America.

Ms. Cyrus deserves credit for standing on the right side of human history, regardless of what you think of her art form and regardless of the contempt for my . As was stated in the comments section on a rather odd, strangely Propanda’ish piece in the Village Voice:

“I’m no Miley Cyrus fan, but to my mind it’s a bit elitist to even criticize this video.”

I concur with that statement. Accordingly, I give her credit for taking a stand. Notably, as stated by one thoughtful individual who commented on the Village Voice piece:

“The only thing I’d like to question here is the move to examine the song via Cyrus’s possible sincerity, because ultimately, I think the question is besides the point, and would guess that 95% of that co-option of dissent was totally sincere; as was, say, the Third Eye Blind song ['If there ever was a time'] and Jay-Z’s Occupy All Streets t shirts. And while Miley Cyrus may not personally profit from this song, it remains opportunistic when considered structurally, as an attempt (albeit totally sincere) by—whatever you want to call it: the culture industry, the 1%, Disney, etc.—to enter a space from which it had been deliberately excluded.’

So many mainstream artists, who are well paid contributors to the culture of distraction, have literally NOTHING of import to say. And that says more about where those selfish whores stand. Obviously they want to continue to get paid.  I do, however, expect more critical analysis from the Village Voice than to dismiss her as an artistic simpleton whose creations in this case were likely motivated by rather  ‘vague, ill informed leftist beliefs.’  Norman Mailer would have wiped his rear end with that piece of mainstream propaganda and told the writer to go f$#!k yourself, likely right to his face.  My critics be damned, even the Young Manhattanites. If most of the people who read this page truly understood how deeply corrupt the unholy alliance is between Wall Street and Government, there would be people hanging in the streets of Lower Manhattan and Police would be storming the Capitol in Washington, D.C. with riot gear to rip the immoral charlatans from their smug indifferent perches of power where they piss all over the hopes and dreams of the American people.

Too many Illuminati Artists dare not criticize the very corporate elites who enable or fund their continued existence with their elaborate networks.  The rise of the Police State is the civil rights issue of our time but some folks like Jay Z have nothing to say because he is an insider with the very people that this movement attacks.   He is too freaking busy gettin paid to say jack shit.  So even as she brings her Party in the USA to the Occupy Movement, Miley may wish to note that while many have their hands up, it is not because “a Jay Z song is on.”  Miley Cyrus may be opportunistic but she may also have bigger balls than a whole class of Illuminati Artists who linger in silence. TUPAC would never have been as silent as Jay Z which tells you all you need to know about the dark agenda of the forces pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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