On Women’s Rights, the Poor, the Elderly & Paul Ryan – the Mormon Madoff’s Choice for VP


I commend Mitt Romney for his selection today of Congressman Paul Ryan to be his Vice Presidential running mate on the Republican ticket.  I really do, despite whatever was the risky rationale behind Romney’s choosing “the roadmap to hell”,  mostly because the shape-shifting political chameleon has finally made it rather clear with his selection of Ryan, to anyone who may ultimately doubt where RMoney or RobMe stands, that it is game on.

Some may contend that the selection of Ryan is an official declaration of war on what remains of America’s middle class.  News Corporation CEO & founder, Rupert Murdoch who had been critical of the Romney campaign rendered a rather positive reaction to Mitt Romney’s running mate pick Saturday morning, tweeting an enthusiastic endorsement of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). The tweet was as follows:

“Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice.”

I am inclined to agree with Rupert Murdoch that that there needs to be a serious debate about the necessary policy prescriptions to move this country forward and to revitalize the American Dream.  I can even accept that serious entitlement reform is necessary given the changes wrought by globalization and the less competitive posture of our nation on a global basis. And as much as I believe every sitting political leader deserves to be challenged and his leadership examined under the microscope, it is hard to see how the Mormon Madoff, his new sidekick and the GOP have standing to challenge President Obama given how they seem to see America’s biggest problems as senior citizens, women who use birth control and gay people or the LGBT Community.

Corporations [may] be people my friend. But, if, for example, you do not think that “women’s rights” or the liberty of women is an important issue in the coming election, let me put it to you this way and feel free to quote me, What if we had a female Presidential Candidate who said:

“Beginning at sunrise on the day after my Inauguration, we begin removing the testicles of heterosexual, ball cap and sports loving men who have ever once pleasured themselves while viewing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the Swimsuit Calendar or even the Pirelli Calendar.”

Do you think then that “Men’s Rights” would not be the number 1 issue if a female Presidential candidate made such a proclamation? Or would it still be blaming one guy for a stagnant economy, instead of trying to understand the reasons behind the structural problems in that stagnant economy?

Thurston Howell III & Jay Gatsby Defend the Plutocracy

Romney/Ryan 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012

Ironic that for the so called party of individual Liberty,that prides itself on the spirit of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan,  they seem to be rather consumed with deciding who gets to actually have “Liberty” under their rule. But it is certainly even more noteworthy that the dynamic duo, who consider the greatest enemies to America as women who use birth control, the elderly, veterans who defended this nation and students who are the future of this nation,  made their announcement to join forces in front of a military style installation when Mitt Romney was a pro-war draft dodger who demonstrated against antiwar protesters during the Vietnam War at Stanford University attired like Jay Gatsby, sounding more like Thurston Howell III.  Oh the hypocrisy of a pro-war draft dodger who got four deferments from service in Vietnam while conscientious objectors like Muhammad Ali went to jail.  Romney is an un-patriotic poseur. You just cannot make this stuff up.

Be Evil in America – vote for Mitt RMoney.

En el lenguaje de mi padre para mis amigos que hablan el español.

HIJOS DE PUTA PARA ROMNEY – Únete a la más grande grupo de adoradores de Satanás para el mormón diablo a la presidencia. Todos somos hijos de puta como el fundador de la secta mormona, Joseph Smith. Vamos a sacar al país de nuevo al diablo. ¿Quién necesita a Dios cuando se puede ser gobernado por el malvado? La simple verdad en el lenguaje de mi padre es que Paul Ryan es un hombre muy peligroso porque no es ni un erudito o un teólogo católico, pero él ha tomado sobre sí mismo no comprender la doctrina católica. El Sr. Ryan venera en el altar de Ayn Rand, un ateo, Jesucristo. El catolicismo no enseña falta de respeto por los ancianos, los pobres o las minorías como un medio para racionalizar la basura cualquier deber de tratarlos con dignidad y compasión.

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