NEW YORK-DECEMBER 11: University of Florida Gators Quarterback and 2007 Heisman Winner Tim Tebow attends  75th Annual Heisman Memorial Trophy Award Press Conference on Friday, December 11, 2009 at The New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, (1535 Broadway at 45th Street), New York City, NY (PHOTO CREDIT:  ©Manhattan Society.com 2009 by Christopher London)

Tebow-mania has hit New York.  As reported in the NY Times: “In a move that diversifies their offense but threatens to undermine Mark Sanchez, the Jets on Wednesday agreed to a trade for Tim Tebow, the popular but polarizing quarterback from the Denver Broncos. The deal is pending N.F.L. approval.”

The Denver Bronco’s signing of Peyton Manning made Tebow expendable.  Despite Tebow’s infectious winning ways and his leading the Bronco’s to a victory in the playoffs over the Pittsburgh Steelers last season,  it was perhaps too much for the Broncos leadership team to pass up the chance to retain the services of  Peyton Manning, widely regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of this era.   Hall of Fame quarterback and Bronco’s President John Elway signaled that he wanted to go with ‘Plan A’ and in letting go Tebow he acknowledged ‘We Don’t Have a Plan B’.  Elway in explaining his belief that Peyton Manning was the man best able lead the franchise in its  pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy, paid Tebow a great compliment.  As reported in the Wall Street Journal, at a news conference introducing Manning, Elway offered that he was exploring all options for Tebow:

“Tim Tebow is a great kid. If I want someone to marry my daughter, it would be him,” Elway said. “But I think with the opportunity to have Peyton Manning’s services, we had to take advantage of that. Now that it’s happened, we have to go back and address Tim and see what the best situation is for the Denver Broncos, as well as him.”

To some it  was perhaps a no brainer for the New York Jets brass to acquire the former Heisman Trophy Winner. After all, he did lead the Florida Gators to a victory in the BCS National Championship Game over the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in 2007 and has two NCAA Championships to his credit.  Tebow also lead the Broncos past Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets late last season, into the playoffs where in a ‘Mile-High Miracle’ the Broncos upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in dramatic fashion.  Media reaction has been mixed. ESPN New York has labeled the trade ‘A Logic-Defying Move.’ Critics like the New York Post’s Steve Serby stated that the Jets should ‘Take a pass on a QB who can’t’.  Joe Namath labeled the acquisition a ‘publicity stunt.’ Questions remain whether Tebow will diversify the Jets offense, serve as a compliment to Mark Sanchez or a distraction. Or as postured on ESPN,  ‘Mark Sanchez is the key to Tebow-mania’. To his credit, Mark Sanchez stated on a radio show ‘Tim Tebow will do great ‘no matter what happens.’

Tim Tebow is a winner. It is plain and simple. Any discussion about Tim Tebow should begin first and foremost with the fact that he is a proven winner. Tebow is a man who gets the most of his god given talents. Some will argue that there are more purely talented quarterbacks in the NFL.  Few consider him a franchise QB in the same vein as Peyton Manning, Eli Manning or Tom Brady;  ‘All he does is win’.  You would get no argument from me on that score and I suspect even Tim Tebow knows that he still has to develop and fight to create a legacy as well as simply maintain a job in the competitive NFL.  Tebow is young and has proven relentless in his commitment to improve every aspect of his game, to prove doubters wrong and to otherwise simply be the best that he can be while he ‘LEADS’.  Doubters point to his passion for his Christian faith as it if that is emblematic of his problems. Last I checked, New York counts among its citizens and sports fans people of faith and I believe that we even have a few churches here in Manhattan. A belief in god is only a disqualifying credential among the soul less. But that is besides the point, Tebow can play.

As Sinatra famously said, ‘If I can make it there, I will make it anywhere.” Tebow has presumably taken the doubters with a grain of salt by now. New York is for winners. Winners come here. Winners want to compete here. It is awful when you lose in this town.  But for those who have witnessed the championship runs of the New York Yankees and New York Giants in recent years, it is quite special to have that media glow and millions of fans behind you. The light is about to shine even more brightly on a man who has come to the world’s biggest stage.

As a New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan with a stint outside the city in my adult years in Westchester County and as one who lived through the torturous 70’s and 80’s drout, I am only to pleased to have in our city, Tebow, a man I met and photographed several years ago during the Heisman Trophy Awards week in Midtown. And I pray he sticks with the New York Jets, even if he may have a hankering for Jacksonville and even if still others may wish he goes back there.

Welcome to New York City Mr. Tebow. Let’s hope god is a Jets fan cause I already know he is a Tebow fan.

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