Adriana Ferreyr

Adriana Ferreyr

George Soros and his damsel in distress, Adriana Ferreyr, a  Brazilian beauty who appears  to be a veritable renaissance woman, are back in court after failing to reach a settlement over alleged misrepresentations in their five year affair that resulted in her suing the legendary octogenerian financial king for $50 million. According to the New York Post:

George Soros offered to pay his Brazilian bombshell ex-lover Adriana Ferreyr $1 million to settle her grievances after she accused him of backing out of a promise to buy her an Upper East Side apartment, sources tell us. But furious Ferreyr turned down the lump sum, insisting she is determined to sue billionaire Soros for up to $50 million after he promised to buy her a dream, $1.9 million East 85th Street pad, then instead gave it to his new girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, who — according to Ferreyr — he’d claimed was his nurse.The warring pair head in to court again April 17, with Soros demanding a judge throw out her case against him.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game some might say.  Truth told, I have always been intriqued by George Soros and think he is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant men of our time. Even so, smart men often make stupid moves and are tempted to behave badly when in the pursuit of  younger women.  Fact is some extremely affluent players, for whom millions are relative pennies to the average man, get away with seducing pretty young things all on the mere suggestion if not bold representations, express or implied, that they will  shower them with gifts down the road, take care of them and otherwise enable their lives or grease the wheels of their independent success in a meaningful way.  If you ask me, some of these young ladies are foolish if they don’t get something more than what amounts to a facial on the front end for a promise on the back end.   Soros is I am sure well aware that his wealth and power is very much an aphrodisiac for many women, but he should also know that  cheapness is a buzz kill and brings your stature down to that of a poor man with a small penis.   Power and status may give you currency with sought after younger women, even those who possess the youth, raw beauty, talent and creative spirit of someone like  Adriana Ferreyr. You must however be able to part with a few shekels,  especially when you seem to have an endless supply of them.   So what if you ‘lose’ a few more coins if the one who brought you such pleasure should walk upon the conclusion of your affair with honor, dignity and grace and without anger, hostility or sadness?  You never want to tell a woman that she is worth less than the world if she literally gives it all to you in terms of her innocence, youth and beauty.  Is that not priceless?    It is thus, in my opinion,  truly in bad form, especially when what she requires to move on peacefully is relative chump change but you decide to haggle.  It makes you akin to the character Wimpy the Moocher from Popeye the Sailor who famously was known for the tag line“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”


Well the girl clearly gave up the  hamburger (or the pink taco whatever the case might be) and  then some for the better part of five years man. George why make Adriana grovel?  How do you put a price on five (5) years of a young woman’s life? Or worse, why low ball her?

The non billionaire, working class or professional working class drone or low 7 figure salaried slave either pays by the minute, the hour or by the life time if he gets married. You have got to pay to play in this town. There is no way getting around that. That is the deal even when you are not 80 years old, at least for women of a certain caliber, like renaissance women with the brains, beauty and talent of the Brazilian knockout. All you have to do is take a walk into Lavo New York on East 58th Street between Park and Madison Avenue  on a week night in this ‘half hooker economy’ to realize that pretty young things, pro or not cost more than a cocktail or two or future promises of affection.  Most expect you to show them the money up front and that is true even and especially if you want to put a ring on it.   Now, I am not in any way suggesting that Adriana Ferreyr is a hooker. Even so,  there are rules of engagement in the realm of ‘transactional romance’; a certain protocol, manners and etiquette when a gentleman hopes to freely partake of  a young woman’s special gifts, especially if there are no representations of a permanent relationship with the house and the white picket fence, or in New York City, a Penthouse view at 1 Central Park West.  You are simply deluding yourself if you are an 80 plus year old wrinkled man, even one who has all the power and intelligence in the world, and you think she is charmed by the cellulite on the back of your saggy old ass or shriveled up scrotum with grey hair. You get to the point where you do not have to watch Hitchcock, Halloween or Friday the 13th to scare yourself but can simply stand in front of a full length mirror upon exiting the shower. So if you are feeling me man then perhaps you are getting the picture. There is undoubtedly a major sacrifice here on her part no matter how intriquing a character you may be.  As a man you should always be eternally grateful for the wanton things that some women willingly do to give you memorable nights between the sheets or on the living room floor, a limousine or in the shower. You get the picture? Cleaning toilets at the Waldorf Astoria rather than at an uptown youth hostel is nicer but it is still cleaning a toilet. Some times the old pipes have a good degree of rust and soot for a plumber to contend with.

In my opinion, it says alot about a man’s character that George Soros would rather pay his attorney William Zabel than the 20 something year old creative and talented beauty who nurtured and bedded his wrinkled hide for the better part of five years.  Is not he better than this?  You see I always thought he was. This would be especially bad for the philanthropist’s brand as a human being if he promised to shower Adriana Ferreyr with gifts and security, including a $1.9 million apartment before welching on the promise and giving it to some other young thing who was also simultaneously nursing the octogenerian billionaire and financial overlord. Soros is a smart man. He has to know that there is a better way to treat a young lady, especially one with the class, manners and breeding of Ms. Adriana. Seriously, look at this woman.

Soros lawyer William Zabel also notably represented the now deceased philanthropic racketeerJeffry Picower, the largest beneficiary of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme, in his business dealings before he was found upside down drowned in the pool at his Palm Beach estate by his lady’s lunching Palm Beach Socialite wife, just as the Department of Justice (and perhaps some Russian mobsters) were closing in on Picower. Soon thereafter, Picower’s wife Barbara Picower, in a landmark settlement orchestrated with Picower attorney William Zabel, disgorged $7.2 Billion in ill gotten gains.  The gangster’s wife, Barbara Picower was permitted to keep her home and $200 million so she could continue doing her good works — shuttling around to Palm Beach luncheons with other ‘philanthropists.’ Let me be clear, in my opinion, Ms. Picower is akin to a mob moll’s widow. The insincere twat who was ‘married to the  mob’ can stuff her fucking crocodile tears up her tight philanthropic ass. Pieces of human garbage like this along with Ruth Madoff who has moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, her son Andrew Madoff and Shana Madoff continue to roam free and you wonder why there is an Occupy Wall Street movement? Give these bitches ‘a dog’s leash’ and tell them to do the Mark Madoff vertical mombo. If you were a black kid in the Bronx and you stole somebody’s wallet on the subway, rather than a white family of financial criminals who destroyed thousands of families lives, you would be rotting in a cell at Rikers Island.

Why are Picower, Madoff and Zabel relevant? George Soros should not want to be in the same sentence as any of those guys for what amounts to short change with a former girlfriend. He has enough ‘fuck you money‘ not to get his hands dirty.  Zabel has a reputation as a fix it man, sort of like the Bruce Cutler (mob lawyer) for high society types.  As aptly surmised in the NY Times, “William D. Zabel has spent his career striking complex deals for wealthy families in sticky situations.” He may have a propensity for representing GUILTY people who suicide themselves rather than pay the piper or face the music. Does the word PUSSY ring a bell? Yes, Jeffry Picower was a dirty slimy stinky pussy of a man who had he lived should have been hanged at sun down in Lower Manhattan in front of the famous Wall Street Bull – that is truly if there was any meaningful justice for financial criminals in this town. Capische? Now, I do not suspect that Soros is gonna drown himself over a few million dollars or what amounts to just another day at the office. So he may have to lose what amount’s to a days pay to settle up with a young, beautiful and sophisticated Brazilian woman who presumably did assorted nasty things on a regular basis (for five years!!) with a guy who is closer to resembling a cast member on The Dawn of the Dead than Warren Beatty in Shampoo or Michael Douglas’ Gekko in Wall Street.

Let me ask you, can you imagine giving head to an 80 year old Shrek? He promised her “an apartment”….how about the phucking Kennedy Compound brother? Do you hear me now? [ Ewwwwwwww yeah this blog is irreverent, what the phuck do you think happens when you send a kid from Queens and Brooklyn to the Ivy League? We may both have shopped at Brooks Brothers but I am no Romney. That much is clear. I am also in no rush to 'get rid of Planned Parenthood.' But I diverge.]

Soros is a sage business man, wiser than most, history has proven so. But even he has to know that it feeds into the bad narrative about selfish, greedy and indifferent financiers when you would rather pay another fellow geriatric sleazeball in a suit than a woman who went to bed with a dirty old man for five years. Squabbling with a youngster over a few million dollars, really? When you get to be 80 years old, wrinkled and chubby consider yourself fortunate that you have the billions to get a beautiful and talented 20 something year old to satisfy your manly urges. Who cares whether she truly loved you?  It is irrelevant. She nurtured you. Besides which you cannot take it with you.  Give the kid her cotton candy and be done with it. No I am serious, pay the girl.  This is silly. The poor young thing had to go to bed with a living corpse for the better part of 5 years.  Sorry George, I love you man but look a man has to look at himself in the mirror and recognize his shortcomings. When I am your age, I am not sure I even want to touch myself.  Hell, I am not sure I want to do so now and I am approaching 50. Given your net worth of over $20 Billion, you are in effect haggling over buying your sugar baby an ice cream cone or a slice of pizza. FEED THE KID!!

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