ROMNEY CAMPAIGN SEEKS $25 MILLION BAILOUT: DC Establishment & NY Billionaires to Step Up



Hey brother, can you spare a few thousand for a struggling aspiring billionaire who is trying to beat back some paupers on his way to the White House?  Mr. 1%, the man with the political instincts of Hellen Keller in a dark room touched down today in New York City for a luncheon fundraiser at the  Waldorf Astoria with a few of his friends who own things. Fresh on the heels of his victory in American Samoa and two losses in Alabama and Mississipi to Conservative Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney came hat in hand to a luncheon fundraiser hosted by Manhattan based billionaire, philanthropist and supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis of the Red Apple Group and some of his well heeled friends. OWS protesters blasted the job-cutting King of Bain and his corporate donors outside the event.   Mr. Catsimatidis has supported Republicans and Democrats from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton and is quite active locally on the New York philanthropic scene. The invitation today asked for a $1,000 minimum with a preference for at least $2,500 for the embattled Presidential aspirant now worth a paltry estimated $300 million.  The invitation came with the following plee: “The Country is in crisis and we are fighting for our future.We are Fighting for The Soul of our Country.” Damn near breaks your heart and  almost makes you want to cry when you see how terrified billionaires seem to be in these times. Imagine how they might feel if they were living in a box down at Occupy Wall Street rather than having to sell one of their estates to get a new Maybach?
The former King of Bain, a Harvard JD/MBA  educated CEO and aspiring preppy billionaire with the looks of a plastic ken doll is clearly a victor in the game of life.  If you belong to an exclusive country club, you have likely seen folks just like him on the golf course or perhaps shared a  ‘Perfect Gin & Tonic’ with him in the country club’s clubhouse. It was probably just someone who looks like him since Mitt does not drink. Beyond his paper qualifications, wealth and rugged good looks this particular man has all the advantages in his quest for the Republican nomination, including having the Anglo Eastern Establishment, Wall Street and media illuminati in his back pocket. Yet, the man who seems like yet another one of Wall Street’s Inside Job’s, with no Client 9 issues, still cannot close the deal against a rather weak and fracutured field whose own campaigns are essentially bankrupt. How do you explain this?  The Romney campaiign is like no campaign in recent memory; it is one that continues to stoke the ‘inevitability myth’ while barely winning so ugly and inefficiently without considering that there may be no clear path to the nomination, or reflecting that the candidate  might perhaps even be unelectable. Newt Gingrich may be right that Romney’s inevitability ‘collapsed’ with his duel loses in the deep south to Rick Santorum.  The irony that a man with all the money in the world, the best education that money can buy and who looks so Presidential that he seems manchurian like a veritable  ‘alien pod’, never took the time to say develop what amounts to an actual personality that connects to regular people, with appeal beyond the exclusive confines of Palm Beach, Greenwich, CT, the Upper East Side of Manhattan and tony suburbs of Detroit like Bloomfield Hills or Weston, Massachusetts and Orange County, California…is well…sort of  beyond disturbing. It is actually rather frightening. 
The Romney campaign initially calculated that they could buy the Republican nomination with approximately $50 million. As postulated by Michael Shear in the NY Times today, ‘Romney’s Challenge: Showing that Winning Doesn’t Always Matter.’  The ‘Mitt Romney money machine has had  to call in the Cavalry’,  due to the persistent strong showing of Rick Santorum in the nation’s heartland,where the ‘Rocky Balboa’ like figure stood toe to toe with Romney in Michigan and Ohio, despite Romney and the Restore our Future PAC outspending the social crusader by a 12-1 margin.  Santorum continues to make the case against Romney who thus far has been unable to put him away. Rick Santorum scored yet again in the deep South with victories in Alabama and Mississipi on Tuesday, March 13th.  Romney has returned to his core stable of  financiers seeking more capital, approximately $25 million more to be exact, for now at least. The irony that the man who used Washington earmarks to ‘rescue’ the corrupted (so much for honest Mormons) 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City has returned to the Washington establishment and Billionaire pals on Wall Street to seek in effect another ‘bailout’
The MBS (Mittster Backed Security) = the worst ROI for Wall Street since collapsed market for mortgaged backed securities.You see it turns out that the MBS (Mittster Backed Security), like the mortgaged backed securities which led to the financial collapse of 2008, was secured by low quality assets; including an emotion deficit and otherwise defective temperament, low grade or non-existent soul and unverifiable sincerity. There seems to be no market for this particular brand at this time. Time to cash out, not buy in. It is time to recognize that Mitt Romney is in effect a people repellent.  Romney is a shape-shifting political chameleon who has been called one of the most fundamentally dishonest, fradulent and hollow men to ever seek the Presidency; and that is by people in his own party. The Obama campaign has not even got around to defining him. Santorum has bought them more  time. I suspect that they could just recycle what is already out there on Romney created by members of his own party. In fairness to Romney he did win the recent Republican primary in Massachusetts in an overwhelming fashion, a veritable landslide but in a low turnout election. It says alot that a man who was the former Governor of Massachusetts cannot muster the pride in citizens to vote for one of their own for President.
This begs the question is the man clueless or otherwise completely  indifferent to his actual shortcomings as a human being?  Did he think he could simply buy the Presidency or did he just assume that he was on a nationwide tour having already secured what amounts to a political appointment as President of the United States by the RNC establishment in partnership with Wall Street?  But don’t you think that just maybe the Mormon Madoff should have signed up for a Dale Carnegie course or at least have read the book on ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’?  Nevertheless, a man confortably ensconced in the 1% who never took the time to develop a personality is now asking his fellow 1 percenters to double down on their investment in him. You have to wonder whether at some point, calls for funds will be politely turned away with Mitt having to make the choice to write himself another check. But if you feel bad for Mitt and are already capped out in donations to his campaign, you can always write a check to the ‘Restore our Future’ PAC which supports Romney. As stated by a blogger on the Red State blog: “Romney’s Thug-PAC spent $25 million through 2/24 destroying fellow Republicans.”  Forget Reagan, as postured by Michael Medved, Romney just may be the new Nixon, better to just embrace it and understand that this may be the basis for the mutual contempt shared by Democrats and Republicans for Romney. 

Restore Our Future Independent Expenditures: Independent Expenditures, Communication Costs and Coordinated Expenses as of February 24, 2012:

Grand Total: $25,494,701
Total For Democrats: $0
Total Against Democrats: $0
Total For Republicans: $811,954

Money spent by Romney’s Thug-PAC against other Republicans through 2/24:
Total Against Republicans: $24,682,747
Gingrich, Newt: $17,793,823
Santorum, Rick: $6,888,924: $6,888,924

and on pro-Romney ads:
Romney, Mitt R: $811,954





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    Obama’s doing a great job , eh comrade ????

    Obama = Herbert Hoover


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