BREITBART: Shapiro & Pollak Get Their Panties in a Twist over Bell & Obama

ECHOS OF GEORGE WALLACE: The Southern Strategy,  Racial Pragmatism, Pseudo Nationalism & More Tea Party Propaganda by the folks at Breitbart


At the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, Andrew Breitbart promised a crowd of activists damning videos of President Barack Obama as a student at Harvard Law School. The videos, Breitbart said, would show people “why racial division and class warfare are central to what ‘hope and change’ was sold in 2008.” “In this election we’re going to vet him,” Breitbart famously vowed. As noted in the Washingto Post, in retrospect, given what his progeny at Breitbart have since brought forth, this was a case where ‘Showmanship Prevailed’ over meaningful discourse.

‘Big Ideas’ Don’t Come out of Mad Boys with Little Minds and small…packages

The bluster surrounding the release of the video of Barack Obama hugging the deceased Harvard Professor Derrick Bell at a rally in support of greater faculty diversity and in particular in support of Ms. Regina Austin, a then visting faculty member at Harvard Law School in 1991 (who happened to be my former Torts professor at the Universty of Pennsylvania Law School and who is now The William A. Schnader Professor of Law back at Penn Law) and the voluminous right wing blogs written in support of this so called scandal come across with all the depth, reflection, anxiety of a “man” (figuratively speaking) who is perhaps a tad consumed if not entirely cuckolded by a girlfriend  who might prefer a thick slab of KOBE BEEF to Hebrew Frank or a Vienna Sausage. The foregoing statement is actually quite kosher and not anti-Semitic. I have been advised that Hebrew National Franks are of high quality and may in fact be quite tasty, but they do not come in the size of Polish Kielbasa or Mustamakkara (black sausage).  While I empathize with their plight, that is perhaps something he, depending on which Breitbart writer you are referring to Ben Shapiro or Joel Pollak,  can better work out in therapy with a psychiatric professional. And I am only half kidding.  You see the dialogue that Breitbart and his progeny bring forth may expose some old but deep rooted insecurity about their own masculine prowess in terms of  not measuring up, behind closed doors, to the successful, powerful and endowed black man.

Nevertheless, In the video of the rally at Harvard,  Obama asks a crowd to “open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”

As reported by CNN:

On Thursday morning Joel Pollak,’s editor-in-chief, appeared on CNN’s Starting Point to defend the importance of the video.

“The bombshell is the revelation of the relationship between Obama and Derrick Bell,” Pollack said. “Derrick Bell is the Jeremiah Wright of academia. He passed away last year but during his lifetime he developed a theory called critical race theory, which holds that the Civil Rights movement was a sham and that White Supremacy is the order and it must be overthrown.”

This characterization of critical race theory sparked a feisty debate between Pollack and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, who contended that it was a “complete misreading of critical race theory.”

In the article that accompanies the video,’s editor-at-large Ben Shapiro calls it a “smoking gun” and promises that more information on Bell’s activism will be released soon.

“This is just the beginning,” Shapiro writes. “And this video is a smoking gun showing that Barack Obama not only associated with radicals, he was their advocate.”

BREITBART’S ‘Dirty White Boys’ Get Their Panties in a Twist Over Nothing

So let me make sure I got this right.  Barack  Obama, then the Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review, hugged the first black  tenured professor at Harvard Law School, who was veteran of the civil rights movement in America and who engaged in controversial and thoughtul scholarship involving  CRT – Critical Race Theory on issues of race, law and power in America at a rally promoting greater diversity in Harvard’s faculty and thereby Obama is a “radical”?   Some ‘dirty white boys’ who wanna be Breitbart and lead the Tea Party got  their panties in a twist over this? Really?  Only in America is having a conversation or expressing support for critical thinking or critical thinkers, ‘radical’.  And if you are asking me do I know whether any of these intellectual thugs have small Weiner-Schnitzel, I do not, but when you behave like a man with one…you know what they say.

The rage of Joel Pollak and Ben Shapiro of Breitbart over Obama’s association with black intellectuals while a student at one of our nation’s most elite instituions of learning, at the top of the food chain, in the Ivy League,  is frankly surreal and beyond ludicrous.  This is, however, ultimately one of many shots to be fired over the bow by the lunatic fringe in the effort to paint the nation’s first non-white President as radical, extreme and not at all like you and me. As suggested above, it may also belie some deep rooted anxiety about their own masculinity.


Know that I do not feel threatened by ‘Black Power’, Gay Pride, Native American pride, La Raza or Zionism. Those who have risen from an oppressed history have a right and dare I say a duty to question the evolution of society, the treatment of their people henceforth and to engage in rational and critical thinking, scholarship and public speech even, in an effort at preserving their station if not rising up beyond it and all perceived or real challenges to their continued progress. That is America.  Now for the record, while I come from a multicultural background, I have never been a slave so I cannot not identify personally with the history of the  black man in America. Nor can I personally identify with the the Jewish people and a Jew who may have had relatives who died or survived  the Holocaust in the century just passed. But I can say that were I either a Black or Jewish man, I would be cautious of getting too comfortable and might not ever take my freedom or standing in society for granted.


America is a melting pot of people who understandably have pride and an interest in understanding the truth about their history and national origin. As an American of Spanish, Colombian, Italian and German/Austrian heritage I might be able to sign up for a few pride related groups myself.  I am not Irish but ‘Kiss the Blarney Stone’ if I won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Movies like Gangs of New York fascinated me, if only because it exposed, how politicians took advantage of racial and ethnic differences for political gain. Now we have “journalists” or social media entrepreneurs who do so to gain traffic, notoriety and mainstream media TV appearances and to have a role in GOP politics.  There are far too many racial pragmatists still to this date, who when pushed come to shove, probably truly do not hate individual people based upon the color of one’s skin or nationality, but who given the opportunity to gain power might seek to play off steroetypes and racial fears for political gain and/or personal profit. These folks I would argue can be every bit as dangerous to the fabric of our nation as the men in white sheets and pointed hats, the KKK or the Nazi’s in Germany, if they are allowed to rise unchecked in a vaccum of intellectual critique

Critical thinking and scholarship is perhaps a radical idea for some folks. For them,  critical thinkers who operate outside their acceptable paradigm, are in essence radical.  Can Pollak and Shapiro be this stupid?  I highly doubt it. Like Obama, they both got their law degrees from Harvard Law School, that elitist institution that Breitbart and others famously referred to as “Beirut on the Charles” River. They are Tea Party operatives, not journalists, who are politically and ideologically motivated to achieve an intended result, the removal of a black Democratic President from the White House.  In that regard and towards that end, anything and everything is justifiable.  They will echo George Wallace if they have to in coordination with the Republican candidates who at present seem to running a template of the Southern Strategy playing on white fear.  What they are doing is feeding into the irrational threat that some insecure white men have of the radical black man rising up to challenge the white man to his very station in life, his job, his pension and even his woman.

Obama’s record as President over the last three years has its strengths and weaknesses.  Some which can be defended. Other aspects  which can be fairly critiqued.  Say whatever you will but the man’s record is not that of a  ‘radical.’  And given his propensity for wearing ’Mom Jeans’ Obama is clearly more of middle America than Breitbart’s Tea Party hipsters.  You see because regardless of what the truth is about Derrick Bell’s critical race theory or CRT, the black man is hardly in a position to take over America at the present time and turn the white man into his slave but much like the Jew who fears a repeat of the Holocaust, its fair for the Black man to consider or contemplate a downgrade in his societal stature and a repeat of his enslavement on a whole other level.   Hell if he should dare speak up or hug some one that certain white men deem radical, passionate men will rouse the militia to come get him and bring his ass down a level.  One is hard pressed to find such a fundamental shift in the existing paradigm, especially at a time when America’s white elite have consolidated power and wealth at the very top.

So forgive me if you will, but for all of the hoopla surrounding the release of this ‘bombshell video’ of Obama at a rally for Derrick Bell at Harvard Law School in 1991, it is truly underwhelming.  As crtics have noted, it is a ‘ total dud’ and ‘falls flat’.  Furthermore, it exposes the barren hypocrisy in the agenda of some quarters on the right and how far they will go to achieve certain aims in their effort to “silence African-Americans attempting to seriously discuss race in America.” Stand up, speak out and get shut down and called a racist radical.

Obama’s statement as a Harvard Law School student in 1991 to “open your hearts and mind” to Professor Derrick Bell, even if his scholarship is controversial or even radical in the minds of some is not of concern to me nor should it be to people of rational minds and hearts.  Even if one cede’s to the right a  misinterpretation of Bell’s critical race theory, that still is not evidence that Obama is a radical, as much as he was a man enveloped and engaged in the learning process.   Furthermore, the real world changes the idealism of many a student, myself included.   Breitbart’s echos of George Wallace will not succeed in painting Obama as a radical, nor will it ultimately succeed in putting a fissure between the Black and Jewish community as intended.  ‘Pray for Andrew Breitbart.’ The charlatan’s blogging for Breitbart are not on a mission for truth in America. They are instead simultaneously pursuing a Southern Strategy seeding white anger and attempting to undermine the Jewish vote which traditionally has gone to Democrats in an effort to regain the White House for the Republican Party.  They are also I suspect hoping to provoke a cautious but determined Democratic President with bonafide military credentials into a premature war with Iran, not on his terms or at a time that is in the best interest of the United States of America but on those preferred by AIPAC and Israeli President Bibi “Nyet and Yahoo!”

In conclusion, my response in short is to stand down and piss off. President Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief. So yes little boys, a black man (partially to be exact since he is also half white) is in the White House and as far as anyone can tell, he has not done anything radical yet except engage in critical thinking. For some, that is truly radical indeed.

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