ROMNEY’S HOMECOMING: Happy Halloween Mitt Romney, Meet Michael Myers


On the eve of the Michigan Presidential Primary, Mitt Romney was desperately trying to hold on to victory, real or perceived,  in his native state.  In order to manage expectations, in the case of a close win or close loss, so he could render himself triumphant in either case, the ’severely conservative’ candidate, was even heard to be  channeling Bill Clinton in New Hampshire Circa 1992, anointing himself the ‘comeback kid’.  Let’s be clear, Mitt Romney is as much of an underdog in Michigan as I was one to get fed at my mom’s dinner table. This is yet another a desperate ploy by the shape-shifting con-man  to cast himself as the underdog in his home state. The following day, actually today he  explaind his reasons for voting for Paul Tsongas in 1992 was to stop the real ‘comeback kid’, Bill Clinton.  According to the Chicago Tribune:

“In my case, I was certainly voting against the Democrat who I thought was the person I thought would be the worst leader of our nation. In this case, as I recall, it was Bill Clinton. I wanted someone other than Bill Clinton,” he told reporters during in his first news conference in several weeks.”

Then this morning with polls too close  to call, Romney decided to call Santorum’s appeal to Reagan Democrats a ‘dirty trick’ complaining about tactical voting in Michigan despite the fact that he engaged in it himself by voting in the ‘92 Democratic primaries to support Paul Tsongas.  Clearly Willard Milton Romney was hoping the 1% he ‘filled’ Ford Field with would be the only voters on Tuesday in Michigan. Shucks, Santorum ruined that for him by attracting other voters, from the 99%.  You know the ones Willard Milton Romney hoped to send to the street permanently with his ‘Delusions about the Detroit Bailout’ when he said ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.’ No wonder President Obama said “Romney’s Shoveling A Load of You Know What.” Oh the sweet  irony of the Manchurian Mormon Madoff whose billionaire backed PACS have employed a $55 million dollar negattive attack machine to discredit and dismantle the under financed message campaigns of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich now claiming dirty tricks because Santorum solicited the votes of Reagan Democrats in an effort to ‘Kidnap Michigan’,  the ones Mittens might need should he ever hope to ascend to the Presidency. You see if Romney should lose, its all due to ‘Democratic Mischief’ to keep the ‘clown show’ going, not his own incredible inadequacies as a candidate.

Mitt Romney is called the Mormon Madoff for a reason. For all his millions and rugged good looks, resembling a plastic Ken Doll,  you think some where along the line he would have stopped to buy a personality or a soul.  The soul less, shape-shifting political chameleon is truly one of the inauthentic, insincere, fraudulent, duplicitous, fundamentally dishonest and utterly hollow men to ever seek the Presidency of this country. Up close and personal, Michigan voters may see Romney a lemon posing as a Cadillac STS.  The only issue left for voters to decided about Romney is whether his odd persona is indicative of his being a dork, an out of touch elitist, a douche, a total tool or an outright elitist prick.


One can only hope that Rocky Balboa drops this Ivan Drago in a suit to the canvas in Michigan like a dirty sack of potatoes.  Oh the horror of the prodigal son returning home only to get an ice pick in his head from Michael Myers. Happy Halloween Mittens.

-Detroit Free Press: Romney Santorum likely split GOP delegates from Michigan congressional districts
-Michigan Republican Party Presidential Primary Preliminary Results
-The Detroit News: Detroit-born Romney victorious on home turf

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