Its quite the venue for Romneys speech @MaeveReston

"It's quite the venue for Romney's speech" @MaeveReston

Yesterday in the America’s heartland, the epicenter of the auto industry, Detroit, Michigan at Ford Field (home of the Detroit Lions) a hollow man with no core principles or values and clearly without a vision gave an awkward gaffe ridden speech to an empty Stadium in his hometown. In this address to the Detroit Economic Club, there was a once in a lifetime opportunity for a man to rise to the challenge of the times and present himself as a serious alternative to the existing administration in the White House. By all accounts he not only failed and fell flat but the ‘Detroit Debacle’ may have stalled whatever momentum had been building over the last few days in his campaign. Mitt Romney’s Ford Field Fumble was not only a missed opportunity to dismiss his under funded rivals for the nomination but raised serious doubts about his viability against President Obama. As reported in the Daily Kos, “Mitt Romney’s speech to a nearly empty Ford Field [was] roundly mocked on Twitter.”

As further stated by the blog Outside the Beltway:

“The real problem for Romney, though, is that unforced errors like this — and by that I mean the bad choice of venue, the lackluster speech, and the line about the Cadillacs — chip away at the only real argument for his candidacy, the argument that he’s the best candidate to beat Barack Obama in the fall.”

The native son of Detroit and perceived candidate of the 1%, in the heat of battle for the Republican nomination, and in a must win situation in his home state outlined his plan to restore American exceptionalism and economic opportunity to a cavernous Ford Field which was not so ironically 99% empty. The symbolism of Romney delivering “a big speech about nothing to an empty field” was not lost on anybody and neither should it have been lost on Romney and his handlers. Sometimes less is more and sometimes what is billed as more is often less. Mitt Romney never fails………to disappoint. His pseudo conservative rhetoric often results in his speaking to crickets. The only question left for Michigan voters to decide on Tuesday maybe whether the ‘empty suit’ and lying Clown Prince of of the LDS Mormon Cult (Mormonism was founded by 19th Century convicted con-artist and fraudster Joseph Smith) who famously opined ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’,  is a cold hearted prick, a jerk,  an out of touch elitist douche or maybe even simply an elitist freaking a-hole. Now that’s a problem, don’t ya think??

In terms of full disclosure, I enthusiastically supported Barack Obama in 2008.  As an American patriot, while I believe and have come to expect that there is always a thoughtful and perhaps even persuasive critique of any sitting leader, including President Obama, I do not believe in any way that the demonic caricature of him and the endless stream of lies by Mitt Romney and forces on the right is at all helpful or constructive to advancing our republic.   We should always have a reasoned debate about the performance, accomplishments and failures or our elected leaders.   I welcome the opportunity to consider perspective from enlightened individuals and thinking voters from across the political spectrum.  Every incumbent deserves a challenge that amounts to something more substantial than replacing them with a better looking empty suit or even a plastic Ken Doll. There is a joy that comes from enlightenment that allows you to recognize a better path to the one you already know.   I am not at all threatened by being awakened to that realization, whether it is in my politics, my morality or my sensuality. Learning and evolving are good. The current debate does not contribute to my enlightenment or increase the likelihood that I would ever vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is a tool.

Mitt Romney and the RNC establishment had a unique opportunity in this election cycle. But they have thus far put forth a rather uncivilized non factual critique of this President, hoping to engage voters in a nonsensical dialogue. They assume you will buy into it and join the opposition to  President Obama because of the relatively unstable and uncertain times we live in, blaming him for the creation of every misery you can think of or that one may be experiencing. They are half right. But the debate truly borders on the absurd and is an insult to the American voters of all stripes. Frankly we deserve better.


In contrast to Romney’s inconsistency,  Rick Santorum is a principled conservative who does not waiver in his core beliefs to seek greater popularity, to his credit and also to his detriment as a politician.  His focus on moral issues makes some uncomfortable, including those in his own party.   Rick Santorum does not, however,  have the authenticity problem that plaques Romney as he attests to his conservative credentials and thus Santorum is is able to better connect with voters one on one.  Likewise, this is the reason perhaps why during his barnstorming of western Michigan in the closing hours before the upcoming Michigan Republican Primary that ‘Rocky Balboa’s’ calls upon Michigan voters to ’shock the country’ ring true and give his low budget underdog campaign the opportunity to upend a native son.

And to those who fear that Rick Santorum seeks to  impose some kind of theocracy, I simply do not think America will go backwards in that regard, and even he knows it. He is on some level playing Machiavelli.   In fairness to Santorum he has spoken earnestly and sincerely about the collapse of the middle class, a break down in the family unit and tied his economic policy to restoration of a cohesive and functioning family unit without in any way threatening to impose his some of his unpopular personal beliefs into policy. In my estimation that is a function of media drama queens blowing his moral stance out of perspective for ratings and to sell newspapers and for individual writers and activist to preserve their stature within the liberal community; ironically it is those who I most often see eye to eye with. Santorum has been a convenient punching bag for the progressive and gay community ever since gay activist Dan Savage gave him a google problem redefining the name Santorum with a byproduct of gay sex. There are far better ways to advance a dialoque between the faith community and gay activists.  The google problem remains. We have gone so far that a man who talks about faith, family and freedom seems like a throwback to a bygone era. And frankly that frightens me. It used to be the aspiration of every middle class kid to obtain a good job, save money, marry the man or woman of their dreams, buy a house and build and nurture a family. Now I suspect, it is to get a gig on a reality show, become famous and have endless sexual partners and a nice shoe collection; a different form of life if you will. I am not sure how that it is necessarily better.   Santorum is not the demon here. Of that I am confident.

Rick Santorum has no choice but to play Macchiavelli because he does not have all the advantages that does Romney with the media illuminati, Wall Street and RNC establishment firmly entrenched in his corner. The media has thus far has seemed to try to spin every positive for Romney into a water shed event and every misstep by his opponents as catastrophic to their candidacy. Even with all these advantages the Mormon Madoff cannot break free of a relatively weak and under financed field of competitors. This is quite telling of Romney’s fundamental flaw as a candidate and as a human being. It is thus no wonder why many see him  as either an out of touch elitist douche,  a callous cold hearted prick or simply an asshole.


“I’m not a big-game hunter. I’ve made that very clear,” he said. “I’ve always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. Small varmints, if you will. I began when I was 15 or so and I have hunted those kinds of varmints since then. More than two times.” –Mitt Romney, Avid Hunter of Small Varmints

Mitt Romney’s problem is the “vision thing’’ – an inconsistency which has contributed to the fair perception of him as an ‘empty suit’ and more than justified the references to him being a shapes-shifting, political chameleon, soul less opportunist and an otherwise veritable hollow man with no core principles or values. Without question Romney may truly be  one of the most fundamentally dishonest, fraudulent and duplicitous men to ever seek the presidency of this country.  His reckless disregard of the factual truth combined with the weird and sinister beliefs and practices of his LDS Mormon Cult, belie even something more troubling about this man, his disconnection from reality on this planet and the average human being.  Romney’s campaign gaffes have become the stuff of legend. Playing to an empty stadium is right up there with Dukakis riding in a tank.  Romney has certainly had more than his fair share of Dukakis moments in this campaign. Not surprisingly, George Will has stated that “Romney is their [Republican] Michael Dukakis”. His response in 2007 referenced by the quote above about his hunting can only make you wonder how seriously out of touch is this man; a perfectly manufactured nothing is Mitt Romney. Or as Jon Stewart theorizes he is either a pixar character or alien pod person. Maybe he’s just a tool in a bad romance with Wall Street.

Romney is a political Elmer Fudd, a big varmint in an empty suit with a small vision at a time in American history where we need big game hunters. Even some powerful voices in his own party who “hate his gutts”, seem rather concerned about a guy who hunts little varmints as their standard bearer. In a piece by John Heilemann entitled ‘Lost Party: The strangest primary season in memory reveals a GOP that’s tearing itself apart’, a loss in 2012 is what the GOP’s political class now expects:

“Six months before this thing got going, every Republican I know was saying, ‘We’re gonna win, we’re gonna beat Obama,’” says former Reagan strategist Ed Rollins. “Now even those who’ve endorsed Romney say, ‘My God, what a fucking mess.’”

The True Conservative, Rick Santorum, regardless of what one may think of him has actually put together a more visionary campaign, a cogent economic message, one that even this President now seems to be listening to. If Romney did not look like the guy on top of a wedding cake, his candidacy would have imploded long ago. There is simply nothing there but hubris, entitlement and ambition for the brass ring.


Romney is a lemon posing as a Cadillac STS.  Michigan voters can recall Romney under the Michigan Lemon Law this coming Tuesday in the Michigan Presidential Primary. My hope is that voters of all stripes flood the polls and vote for his  strongest opponent, Rick Santorum, to send a message that Michigan cannot and will not be bought off by a soul less opportunist and a blatant con-man.  ‘Credit for the auto industry recovery [can be] debated’ but frankly it worked and Romney’s delusions and his candidacy should be brushed aside for his willingness to stand against Detroit in its darkest hour.  ‘Let[ting] Detroit go Bankrupt’ as Romney postured was not an option. At the height of the financial crisis, government was not a lender of first resort, but of last resort and the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy process would have fed vultures like the King of Bain, but led to the collapse of the industry as a whole. Bush and Obama did the right thing. Romney is still wrong and should have offered an apology and a mea culpa for being a douche.   This elitist a-hole does not deserve to be rubber stamped as Presidential material.

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