Rabbi Fame Whore Shmuley Boteach Takes Politically Expedient Cheap Shot at Whitney Houston on Eve of Jersey Girl’s Funeral Service

This week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his decision to have the flags lowered to half mast at government buildings in New Jersey on the date of Ms. Whitney Houston’s service at the New Hope Baptist Church where Newark’s own Whitney Houston got her start as a gospel singer. The publicity mad and egomaniacal Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, otherwise known as “America’s Rabbi”, a man who many consider a spiritual huckster in the same vein as some of America’s prosperity preachers, albeit the Jewish version, adept at ‘Hakn a tshaynik’ to stir up controversy to sell books, posted some ill timed commentary on the Huffington Post that flags should not be flown at half mast for ‘a pop singer’ but only for soldiers and then highlighted Ms. Houston’s battles with addiction.

In taking a shot at a Jersey Girl on the eve of a funeral service in her honor,Schmuley exhibited only his own moral irrelevance as a spiritual man relative to the moral clarity of a suited man, who happens to sit in New Jersey Governor’s office — on top of a big pair of balls no less. The Rabbi may want to remember that, in the words of Tony Montana (Scarface):  “Amigo, the only thing that gives order is balls. “  Governor Chris Christie has them. The Rabbi clearly does not. He joined the chorus of the small minded for political gain. Rabbi Famewhore should have remained silent and observed the love given by Kevin Costner at her service.

Ok, I will say it. If Whitney Houston were a prominent Jewish man rather than a gospel singing Christian black woman who battled with addiction, would ‘the fameball‘ and Orthodox Jewish Rabbi have issued a different opinion or insulted her family while they were sitting Shiva? Did he consider first the feelings of those who would come to honor and pay tribute to Whitney, both friends and family, at the New Hope Baptist Church? I do not think so, he thought first of distinguishing himself in the public eye on the eve of his upcoming congressional race in New Jersey before exhibiting humanity to a woman who was a local treasure and rose out of Newark’s church community.  This is what happens when a fame seeking rabbi, posing as a  spiritual man who never met a microphone that he did not want to slobber on,  aspires to political office, as a Republican Congressional Candidate in New Jersey,  he is tempted to engage in this type of verbal mishagas undermining the stature, dignity and humanity of a black woman.  In such case he must trot out the cliche that only soldiers deserve a certain kind of honor and maybe perhaps those who are black pop artists who suffered from addiction are somehow less entitled to our humanity.

Are those who go through the journey of and through ‘the dark night of the soul’, who suffer from addiction, and who meet their maker sooner than expected somehow less worthy of honor, humanity or dignity?  Let me assure you, they are no less worthy.  You need not be a rabbinical scholar or study the Torah to know that.  In this world, we crush, kill and destroy with a vengeance but love, adore and admire with reluctance. My friends that must change.  Houston was in effect gunned down on the battle field of life. Would she be more worthy of dignity had she died in an unrighteous war, gunned down in the hills of Afghanistan?  Governor Chris Christie’s courageous and righteous decision to honor Whitney Houston who was arose from humble gospel singing Newark roots to international prominence, was not only bold and brave but also exhibited moral clarity whereas the ‘Publicity Mad and Egomaniacal Rabbi Schmuley Boteach’, the allegedly spiritual man, offered precisely the opposite, verbal DREK or what some might consider pseudo intellectual indifference.  You expect more from those who pose as learned men of the cloth but then again you understand when said individual is one who morally pontificate’s for profit and aspires to the halls of Congress.  Many of our prized and forgotten citizens can use a little more love free of rationalized judgments, especially those of an opportunistic rabbi, one whose favorite charity seems to be himself.

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  1. JakeM Feb 19

    Hi Christopherlondonblog,
    This question may be a little off-topic, I heard she drowned in the tub,but I wanna know how did she drown
    I also heard she died from a drug over dose of prescription drugs and I read that she knew she would end up dying because of the drugs.

  2. Sandman Feb 21

    Bravo for saying what desperately needed to be said. I’ve been hearing nothing but the most horrendous commentary on facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere from people who don’t understand the disease of addiction. They make surface judgments about it, claim it’s a choice on the part of the victim, wishing her ‘good riddance.’ It’s no wonder we can watch a war unfold before our eyes and cheer it on as though we were watching a video game. Compassion is becoming a dying virtue in this world

  3. Chris Feb 21

    The dehumanization of individuals suffering from addiction is a common theme unfortunately in the mainstream media. Individuals surely must ultimately bear responsibility for the consequences of their decisions. Many pay a painful price, often with their lives as in the case of Whitney Houston. While I have no idea if on that particular day, her addiction was the direct cause, one gets the sense that a breakdown of the structure of her life may have had something to do with it. Too may mainstream media moral pontificators with no meaningful training, experience or understanding in medicine, psychology or addiction used this tragedy to promote themselves rather than to promote compassion and healing. Surely, we ought to ask, what kind of society are we promoting that leads to the destruction of so many of our fellow citizens. Dare not we question an increasingly inhumane society. You expect more from a so called ’spiritual man’ in Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, but instead we get all the sensitivity of a charlatan, a political opportunist looking to position himself in New Jersey on a wedge issue and in the process smear a black woman and her family on the eve of her funeral. This is the reason why I find Boteach to be a cancerous tumor and of a spiritual huckster that needs to be extracted from our media.

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