MITT ROMNEY: The Soulless One Battles For The Soul of America in Iowa

A Brazen Liar without a Soul Poised for Victory in Iowa?

Willard “Mitt” Romney has risen in the polls in Iowa of late. Some polls have him neck and neck with Libertarian Ron Paul, others suggest that he may be poised for a victory in the Iowa Caucuses as well as the 2012 New Hampshire Primary. In his speeches across Iowa Romney claims to be battling for the ‘Soul of America’ while through PACS technically unaffiliated with his campaign slaughter his opposition. The irony of Mitt Romney, the shape-shifting Mormon fraud, a man who has  no soul, battling for the ‘Soul of America’, should be lost on no one. Say what you want about the other contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination, no candidate has been as singularly and fundamentally dishonest with Iowa’s voters as has Mitt Romney.

This guy is a pathological liar who will literally say anything.  He will not even be completely candid about the peculiarities of his faith which was founded by a fraudulent opportunist, Con- man, Joseph Smith.  Romney essentially equates Mormonism with Christianity, which it is clearly not.  As I have stated previously in a post on Cape Cod Today:

All ideologies, political, religious and spiritual are NOT created equal. Let’s get that out of the way.  Private Citizens are free to belong to whatever CULT they wish even those which have a rather bizzare belief system that resembles something out of Stephen King’s ‘Children of the Corn’. But should that ‘Private Citizen’ seek high national office, the highest in our land, it is fair to ask whether and how the peculiar tenets of his CULT membership will impact his leadership.

Arianna Huffington may nevertheless be right. We ought perhaps to put aside the issue of Romney’s faith and instead focus on the brazen dishonesty of the Mormon deception otherwise known as Mitt Romney, which the mainstream media glosses over.  As Arianna points out the media would be better served focusing (as would the entire American electorate) on whether out-and-out lying should disqualify Romney with all voters. The foregoing being said, it is Romney’s ridiculous posture and complete and total indifference towards telling the truth that only lends credence to the shape-shifting label that the man with ‘no core beliefs’ has been anointed with. It  has rendered him not worthy of the trust of many voters, including those in his own party who have rather effectively pointed out his lack of core values or guiding principles.  Mitt Romney definitely has a major truth problem. In short,  Mitt Romney is a ‘Big Fat Liar’.

Romney LIES and changes his positions on a dime with a shameless proficiency literally unrivaled in the history of American politics.  Romney’s con-artistry would, however, make Joseph Smith proud.  The man is so hollow he would give the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz a run for his money.  It has been often stated that the most exciting debate would not be Mitt Romney against any of his Republican counterparts but rather Mitt Romney against himself. That should tell you all you need to know.


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