MILEY CYRUS – Liberty Walk Tribute to Occupy Wall Street

“Don’t Live a Lie. This is your one life” - Miley Cyrus on Liberty Walk.

I never thought that the day would come that I would even remotely consider quoting, listening to or making statements in support of Miley Cyrus ‘art form’ and that is itself not my being dismissive. I simply did not think she had anything of import to speak to my generation. Miley Cyrus’ latest creation is a rather effective pairing of a remix of her 2010 song Liberty Walk with footage from the Occupy Wall Street protests.  It makes a statement.

I am not saying that Miley Cyrus’ Rock Mafia will replace my affinity for rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Queen or the Smashing Pumpkins anytime soon.  Hannah Montana, however, brought her Party in the USA straight to the OWS movement with the opening statement on her video that: “This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.”    Sure I noticed that the teen idol was  adorable, insightful and funny playing Justin Bieber while hosting  Saturday Night Live, but as a middle aged man though I did notice she seems to be growing into a rather fine looking young woman, it did not occur to me that she would be capable of this type of artistic expression. Nevertheless, from a civic minded perspective, her exhibition of a social conscience  at a time where far too many are afraid to undermine their stature with the powerful, in any way, is refreshing.

I am not sure whether to be surprised that many mainstream media analysts have offered their hip, snarky critique aimed at dismissing the relevance of Miley Cyrus’ latest creation. As some mainstream media pundits ponder the sincerity of the ’slick corporate pop star’s’ controversial expression of solidarity with the Occupy movement, most failed to comprehend that the uprising in this country has been brewing for some time and that Cyrus has been in tune with it as this song was written a year for the uprising at Zuccotti Park. The simple lyrics to Liberty Walk very much match the bubbling soul of a nation that was rising to the surface despite efforts to snuff it out.   The Occupy movement did not rise up in a vacuum. In the Post 9/11 world as rather clearly laid out in the Zeitgeist movie,  the culture of distraction has been intentionally ratcheted up in high gear in America for the sole purpose of holding back the inevitable, stifling dissent with the hope of turning more of the dumb down masses into obedient sheeple, even as the Zeitgeist was shifting in America.

Ms. Cyrus deserves credit for standing on the right side of human history, regardless of what you think of her art form and regardless of the contempt for my . As was stated in the comments section on a rather odd, strangely Propanda’ish piece in the Village Voice:

“I’m no Miley Cyrus fan, but to my mind it’s a bit elitist to even criticize this video.”

I concur with that statement. Accordingly, I give her credit for taking a stand. Notably, as stated by one thoughtful individual who commented on the Village Voice piece:

“The only thing I’d like to question here is the move to examine the song via Cyrus’s possible sincerity, because ultimately, I think the question is besides the point, and would guess that 95% of that co-option of dissent was totally sincere; as was, say, the Third Eye Blind song ['If there ever was a time'] and Jay-Z’s Occupy All Streets t shirts. And while Miley Cyrus may not personally profit from this song, it remains opportunistic when considered structurally, as an attempt (albeit totally sincere) by—whatever you want to call it: the culture industry, the 1%, Disney, etc.—to enter a space from which it had been deliberately excluded.’

So many mainstream artists, who are well paid contributors to the culture of distraction, have literally NOTHING of import to say. And that says more about where those selfish whores stand. Obviously they want to continue to get paid.  I do, however, expect more critical analysis from the Village Voice than to dismiss her as an artistic simpleton whose creations in this case were likely motivated by rather  ‘vague, ill informed leftist beliefs.’  Norman Mailer would have wiped his rear end with that piece of mainstream propaganda and told the writer to go f$#!k yourself, likely right to his face.  My critics be damned, even the Young Manhattanites. If most of the people who read this page truly understood how deeply corrupt the unholy alliance is between Wall Street and Government, there would be people hanging in the streets of Lower Manhattan and Police would be storming the Capitol in Washington, D.C. with riot gear to rip the immoral charlatans from their smug indifferent perches of power where they piss all over the hopes and dreams of the American people.

Too many Illuminati Artists dare not criticize the very corporate elites who enable or fund their continued existence with their elaborate networks.  The rise of the Police State is the civil rights issue of our time but some folks like Jay Z have nothing to say because he is an insider with the very people that this movement attacks.   He is too freaking busy gettin paid to say jack shit.  So even as she brings her Party in the USA to the Occupy Movement, Miley may wish to note that while many have their hands up, it is not because “a Jay Z song is on.”  Miley Cyrus may be opportunistic but she may also have bigger balls than a whole class of Illuminati Artists who linger in silence. TUPAC would never have been as silent as Jay Z which tells you all you need to know about the dark agenda of the forces pulling the strings behind the scenes.

That’s Just the Way it is: Tupac’s Message Still Reigns

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”–Genesis 4:9
“Yes I think so.” — Chris London 11: 23: 20111

I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere
unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin’ changes.
Learn to see me as a brother ’stead of 2 distant strangers.
And that’s how it’s supposed to be.
How can the Devil take a brother if he’s close to me?
I’d love to go back to when we played as kids
but things changed, and that’s the way it is
-Changes by Tupac Shakur (1998)

Occupy Love

The pain of this universe fills my soul. I see it. I hear it. I feel it. Especially tonight, there are people out there all across America, here in my hometown, in your neighborhoods who are suffering, crying alone, without work or a home, wondering, perhaps even hoping, that tonight is the night; the last night they will be in this pain as they get pulled into the abyss, no longer having to fight for their survival in a world that seems not to give a damn about them. We turn away from them because we fear that they may pull us down with them. They remind us all of our rather inherent vulnerability. The bottom seems endless to many, while the middle seems illusive and insurmountable. The revolution is love.  ’What the world needs now [more than ever]is love, sweet love, its the only thing that there’s just to little of.  Can you imagine a world without more love and less pain and suffering? ‘ It’s easy if you try.’

Occupy Wall Street – The Revolution is Love by Occupy Love

Some are even tempting fate, providing assistance succumbing via the tools of addiction generously provided by society to demoralize the weakened further into a downward spiral of decline; a process which truly needs no help to pull you down by the way. Because they are alone, in pain, in a world that seems not to care about them as much as it cares about perpetuating the demonic interests of a set of greedy motherfuckers hell bent on enslaving what remains of humanity, they give up.

My brothers and sisters, the only reason, I am not there with you giving up, is that in my heart and soul, I truly believe that these SOB’s need a challenge here on this planet, in this life, NOW! Maybe I am only one man, a middle aged one at that. But maybe there are more of you like me who understand. Understand that these demons need a challenge from someone, maybe even more than one of us willing to go the distance until we strike them and their barren system down. Maybe those someone’s are you and me. And so on. My movement is the preservation of humanity and restoration of the dignity of man. What’s yours?

To those of you who must know, tonight, I will cry like a baby girl for the pain and suffering of those I love and those I ought to love but still don’t know. The tears will be mine but they flow for you, not for me. At a time of Thanksgiving, to walk the streets of this town and to see the emptiness in the hearts of even one human, is too painful to ignore without recognizing first that which must be righted. We must work to sustain and perpetuate the righteous among us as opposed to idolizing and worshiping those who are less so.

Even putting aside the Illuminati in the music industry, it should be readily apparent who are those serving as the agents for the culture of distraction, helping to deceive, dis-inform, manipulate and numb the minds of our citizens. The music clearly does not match the times. It is barren of spirit, hope and humanity.  ‘They’ intentionally extracted or removed America’s heart because they really don’t want you to think my brother. Hell no. That’s just the way it is. Its time to let these false icons go and realize that they are a bunch of artistic I-Con Men and women. They con you out of your souls with their rhythmic beats.  And that’s also the way it is.

To those agents of distraction who dare think you have ascended to the throne, let me say this: you could take all of Jay Z’s, P Diddy or Puffy whatever his name is (who will always be too small to fill The Notorious B.I.G.’s shoes no matter how many bottles of Ciroc he sells in the hood)  half hearted artistic smegma and they do not add up to what TUPAC wiped off his rear end much less this one song called ‘Changes’ written by a rapper, poet and social justice activist .  I take a pass at Kanye West (for now) and Eminem cause at they seem  willing at times to examine the state of humanity. To the former two sorry bitches you never ascended to the throne. Ass clowns may be  ‘Running this Town Tonight’ with Rihanna or  be ‘Watching the throne’ but the one you think you are sitting on is actually the TOILET.

The one who is still holding the real throne is six feet under. RIP Tupac. You could release a song from the grave and smoke all these fools, running their asses straight out of town. Real art stands the test of time, the other crap is just a damn crime. To Lady Gaga let me say while I feel your glory,  understand in terms of oppression that the civil rights movement does not end with gay marriage. Open your eyes, many of your little monsters are living in a world where increasingly their only cause of optimism is the release of one of your CD’s or a chance meeting with the Italian Stallion of the music industry, herself. For real. And that’s just the way it is. Maybe some things will never change.

Tonight as I once again listened to one of the greatest songs of all times by the late Tupac Shakur, I am reminded of those of you who feel forgotten and pushed aside. I wish we could live in a world where you each had your own personal Jesus, “someone who is in your prayers and someone who cares.” I wish I had the power to alleviate all the pain and suffering tonight of my countrymen in these incredibly challenging times. I am sorry I am not more than what I am.

And there is a special someone out there in this world tonight, who knows who he is, brother I would gladly trade places with you because your life is far more worthy than mine.  In my prayers tonight I would offer up myself to replace you and hope that my prayers are answered by our maker by morning. Spare you. Take me. Please dear Lord.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9). “Yes I think so.” (Chris London 11: 23: 20111)


Defending my passion is not always an easy thing to do. There is a danger in my passionate crusades against perceived injustice that I will alienate as many as I take along for the ride. When I choose to act on rather powerful gutt instincts, I risk  ruffling feathers  pursuing an angle which at my core seems intellectually and morally defensible, before reflecting on the the implications  to my branding or social standing by unnerving those rather comfortably ensconced on their perch, in many cases somewhere above mine. And then I realize  this is why perhaps I have the luxury of not being a mainstream media journalist or commentator, even if on occasion they give me a platform to pontificate or espouse my point of view. Nevertheless, maybe I need to re-read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, especially in an era where the forces of style often eclipse the logical voices of reason. If you take a look at me, one can easily see why folks like me are not often in Vogue.  Below is a piece published today in Scallywag & Vagabond defending my passionate stance against the use of excessive force by paramilitarized police forces against our citizens which  is the ‘civil rights issue of our time’

Scallywag & Vagabond Publishes A Defense of ‘My Passionate Stance on the ‘Civil Rights Issue’ of Our Time. Who Said I am Jealous of Peter Davis?!’

Chris London on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan

Chris London on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan

Accusation: “Chris London you are attacking Peter Davis because you are not as stylish or as good a writer as he is.”

Take a look at me. Go ahead. Do I look like I really care about being one of the “Fashionable Elite”?  My heroes are people like Jane JacobsNorman MailerLenny BruceJack Kerouac,Jimmy BreslinChris HedgesJoseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman to name a few.   Word Up, with all due respect to Peter Davis and his talents, he is not one of my heroes or a source of intellectual inspiration, even if I do have a personal affinity for and respect him.

Peter Davis is, however, a stylish, attractive gentleman about town who garners looks from both men and women, and he is rather appropriately the Avenue Insider because of his connection to the life of Upper East Side privilege, while I on the other hand must be a ‘bridge & tunnel’ savage. Peter Davis is always the right guest while I might be the one you have to think about.  Peter is by choice a top notch “Fashion Writer” whose role is to cover and write about who or what are in Vogue. And he does it rather well. Some would say he lives the life of a Bon Vivant, hob-nobbing with those he covers. Mazel Tov!

I have always given Mr. Davis props for his manner, style and grace. In fact, had you actually read my piece in Scallywag you would understand that my narrow critique of Mr. Davis and his ilk was not one born of jealousy or resentment towards his accomplishments in the world of fashion, but rather an acknowledgment that because of his status and platform which he utilized to great effect in support of the anti bullying movement, and also because he is perceived generally as a civic minded NewYorker that he might want to lend his voice to the civil rights issue of out time:The rising Police State and the use of excessive force by hypermilitarized police forces against unarmed citizens, of all walks of life, including members of the LGBT community.

Truth told, I am not GOD nor am I Santa Claus. Hence, how naughty or nice one is, is irrelevant to me. Our humanity and/or philanthropy are private matters. I did not render an indictment of Peter Davis’ compassion for his fellow man or whether or not he possessed a philanthropic bent or even whether or not he chooses to support Occupy Wall Street. Notably over 72% of New Yorkers support OWS and the pervasive movement is far more diverse than the mainstream media gives credit. The movement contains men, women, academics, intellectuals, writers, professors and teachers, professionals (including former finance people, lawyers and accountants), community leaders, union members, farmers and farm workers, the poor, the indigent and the homeless,  the unemployed and underemployed, so many nationalities and yes even members of the LGBT community are included therein. Undoubtedly someone who may indentify as gay, queer or transgender may have been impacted directly by the unnecessary violence administered. The dehumanization of any of our people based upon their being part of some undesirable sub-sect of humanity whether it is being poor or working class, gay or transgender or being less than fashionable and even unkempt, is beyond troubling. It is unacceptable.  This is what America looks like.

My expression of concern was rather narrow. As the so called “cool kids” at least in an urban metropolis in New York City, the Fashionable Gay Social Media Elites have an impact on what a wide swath of folks see as trendy, cool and even important. Truth is more people know who is Andy Cohen of Bravo TV than they know who was Walter Cronkite or Tim Russert and they likely listen to Andy Cohen more.

And while I understand that the editorial mission of neither Paper Magazine or Avenue Magazine is to cover movements contrary to the existing social order, media personalities such as Peter Davis (but not exclusively Peter Davis) have used their Facebook and Twitter accounts rather extensively, if not prolifically in the case of their support for anti-gay bullying legislation and gay marriage, while not offering similar concern or commentary when the evidence was overwhelming of the rise of Police brutality from Wall Street to UC Davis’ campus. Many have been all over the mainstream media elite already. And perhaps this is an unpopular angle to come after media elites, but I do so because I hope and expect more from those who have been themselves victims of oppression and a system that sought to marginalize their interests and their contributions to society. And yet even so I almost understand that espousing protections for a class of folks that the Corporatocracy seeks to marginalize and diminish, is not exactly helpful to holding on to one’s writing job, much less to gaining luxury sponsors for your Publisher.

The dehumanization of citizens is neither a gay or a straight issue, nor is it a Republican or Democratic issue, it is a human issue and we cannot stand by and allow for our fellow man to be dehumanized, not in America. As for me, in the word of Jane Jacobs:

“I do not know who this celebrity called Jane Jacobs is. It’s not me. You either do your work or you’re a celebrity; I’d rather do my work.”

I do not see myself as a celebrity or socialite. All I am and aspire to be is a citizen. And for that matter, attacks on the  self made publisher of Scallywag & Vagabond, Christopher Koulouris for his publishing my initial piece, are also misplaced,  even as it pertains to the preferred policy of  ‘Don’t Insult me without consulting me.’ For he aspires to be something else entirely, which is why he is a bit of a lone ranger out in blog land, and ironically we do not always find commonality on issues but only commonality on the need to discuss them.

Citizen Chris London.

BLOOMBERG’S MISHEGAS: Exposes Terrorist Plot by ‘Lone Wolf’ Living with His Mom in Hamilton Heights.

Wall Street Mayor & Bloomberg LP Super CEO Finds Suspected Terrorist at His Mom’s House in Hamilton Heights

It took the United States Military 10 years to track down an Islamic nomad living in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan.  It took Mike Bloomberg and the NYPD 2 years to track down/pick out a Dominican American by the name of  Jose Pimentel with questionable mental health issues (perhaps suffering from depression due to divorce and unemployment) living with his mom in Hamilton Heights, who the FBI determined did not have the predisposition to commit a terrorist act.  Congrats for that stellar undercover work boys!  Good thing Mr. Mayor that you and Ray Kelly found this troubled soul who may have been about to consider leaving his mom’s house at some point in the future to reek havoc on a pack of smokes.  It is so convenient that you uncovered this potential plot by a guy who may be at risk of accomplishing a crazy idea at some point in his life, just as you were running out of options to bring an end the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Bloomberg came well equipped to the press conference with a rather dramatic demonstrat­ion of what the bomb, Jose Pimentel was thinking about building…..’someday’, would do. The chutzpah of this charlatan! If that was not over the top sensationalism and completely unnecessary dramatic bullshit,  I do not know what is. It makes for good theater, or television, television you will get a heavy dose of on all the Monday morning talk shows. As stated by one Huffington Post commentator, “Bloomberg really came in heavy handed with this overblown terrorist story. The media has to come down on him for it. Very disturbing­!” To put in layman’s terms, this one does not pass the smell test on its face. It ranks high on the  bullshit meter. Trust me, I know, I watch NCIS, the original one with Mark Harmon.

A Conveniently Timed Case of Entrapment?

I am not saying I do not believe that this guy is a terrorist but let’s just say your name is AL and you cater at all to the Occupy Wall Street movement, in the eyes of Mike Bloomberg you just might be an AL Qaeda sympathizer.  In terms of whether the people believe the Mayor, consider some of the following comments by your fellow citizens  this morning on the Daily Beast in an article about the arrest:

-Their [NYPD] “job” was to follow this supposed “lone wolf” with an informant and keep poking at him until he did something or it was politically propitious to arrest him? This is police work all right, but the most cynical kind, like arresting hookers or gamblers. Strictly public relations.

-The timing could have been coincidence, but something tells me this is going to be one of those messy, drawn out cases where the defense attorneys point out entrapment, sloppy police procedure and the rest.

-Asked why federal authorities were not involved in the case, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said there was communication with them but his office felt that given the timeline “it was appropriate to proceed under state charges.”

-”Given the timeline” of how it was such good timing to make Bloomberg look like he is “protecting” New Yorkers, not curtailing their freedom.

Wake Up Sheeple!

Sunday’s alleged “foiled terrorist plot” involving a lone wolf, is precisely why Mike Bloomberg needs to go. A wide swath of New Yorkers at this point do not and will not trust Bloomberg on the convenient timing of the revelation of this alleged terrorist bomb plot, absent clear and convincing evidence without the theatrics.  Furthermore, it is a stretch to call a lone wolf a “terrorist conspiracy.”  Whether or not a real terrorist plot was actually foiled, what is problematic is that Bloomberg is now perceived as disingenuous at best and an abject liar at worst for his willingness to do anything to protect the interests of Bloomberg LP clients; and that is a position held by many who voted for him multiple times. If that is what he wishes to do, he should resign and return to serve as the company’s CEO.  If Bloomberg is being misjudged than therein lies the rub, many citizens think that he is capable of making this stuff up and that this is arrest of Jose Pimental is a grasp for straws, a means to an end.

As I listened to a repeat of the press conference held by  Mayor Bloomberg along with his likely successor, Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly,  all I could think is that I was watching a Keystone Cops comedy. Only its not funny if this act will likely be followed by yet a further clamp down on the Occupy Wall Street movement under the guise that anyone who is not willing to continue to take it in the keister from their government and the financial community must in fact be a potential terrorist threat.  With the rising Police State, the upswing in the Occupy Wall Street movement and given the recent crackdown on Zuccotti Park that backfired against the Bloomberg Administration and the NYPD, the wider media, mainstream and independent media must be given exhaustive evidence of the real details of who this guy is and what he was allegedly planning before we can be expected to digest the convenient timing of this exposure.

Bloomberg’s Credibility
“[Bloomberg is] a smaller, more embarrassing version of the tin-pot tyrants who have fallen around the world in the past year.” – Keith Olbermann

The Bloomberg administration has taken a major hit. Bloomberg nows lacks credibility, even with an increasing number of a core constituency of folks who voted for Mike Bloomberg multiples times.  In the eyes of many of his former supporters who have spoken to me off the record, Mike Bloomberg is “a fu?!king liar who is willing to do and say anything to protect the interests of Bloomberg LP clients at the expense of the 99%”.   Rest assured that is this is followed by a further clamp down on Occupy Wall Street movement then it will only confirm what this maneuver is all about.    ‘The King of New York’ has no clothes. Welcome to the Neocon Shell Game round II.

I suspect that a RECALL EFFORT against NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg may gain traction. I voted for this man three times. But even now, I am willing to concede that it is rather clear that Bloomberg has a major conflict of interest. He is attempting in effect to serve as a Super CEO for the interests of Bloomberg, LP (in which he holds all the stock) while pretending to be Mayor of all of the people of New York City. 72% of New Yorkers support the Occupy Wall Street movement. The people are well aware of the  U.S. Constitution which protects our First Amendment rights.   Mr. Bloomberg should consider himself forewarned, the people are waking up to his mishegas.  If the Mayor decides to engage in a further clamp down with the arrest of suspected terrorist as a pretext for the need to increase security with his already para-militarized police force, make no mistake, many will see this is straight up page out of the Nazi playbook leading many more to go to the streets.  How many more times will the sheeple fall for it and how much longer will the press protect our leaders from critical inquiry?

EPILOGUE: TPM Muckracker reports today that Feds Passed on NYC ‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Case. The ‘FBI was concerned NYPD’s ‘Lone Wolf’ Case raised issues of  Entrapment’. A law enforcement official told Tom Hays of the Associated Press that after reviewing the evidence, the FBI (which takes suspected terrorist threats very seriously) found Pimentel did not have the “predisposition or the ability” to carry out the terror plot. According to DNA info ‘Role of NYPD’s informant Led to FBI to Drop Jose Pimentel Terror Case.’

NYC PRESS PASS: Is the NYPD the Appropriate Licensing Authority?

In terms of full disclosure, as a citizen of New York City, I voted for Mike Bloomberg three times. Until very recently,  much for the same reasons as Mike Lupica of the Daily News, I would have seriously considered supporting Ray Kelly to become the next Mayor of New York City. Recent events surrounding Occupy Wall Street, including some and a re-evaluation of deeply troubling circumstances in America and in my hometown of New York City have caused a re-evaluation of long held positions and are forcing me now  to reconsider my political allegiance and those who I would not only be inclined to support but for those who I might also be inclined to revoke my support.

Bloomberg’s Police State

Of special concern is the rationale or basis for the  the rising ‘Police State’ in New York City under the leadership of Mike Bloomberg.  In the video referenced above Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks breaks down rather  effectively the real reasons for raids on Zuccotti Park and why Bloomberg must by any means necessary do what is necessary to destroy the Occupy Wall Street protests. For all intents and purposes, it is becoming even more clear by the day that he is the Mayor of Wall Street and the guardian of the 1%. As further  stated by Robert Scheer on Truthdig:

What is so offensive is that someone who abetted Wall Street greed, and benefited as much as anyone from it, has no compunction about ruthlessly repressing those who dare exercise their constitutional “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” that he helped to create.

Given the recent crackdown, the arrest and the assault of licensed journalists (including one I know ,at least superficially, Julie Walker),  and especially in light of the NYPD’s attempted media blackout  during raids on Zuccotti Park which included the Mayor restricting the airspace over Lower Manhattan, as part of the  ongoing efforts to contain and dismantle the Occupy Wall Street movement, it is time for citizens to consider whether the NYPD is in fact the appropriate licensing body for NYC Press Passes or to determine or set eligibility guidelines.  Of even greater concern is that media forces more friendly to the rising police state, if not working directly in concert with the police state are distorting the import and character of the citizen led movement.  As aptly stated by one citizen in a comment on the NY Observer:

“Giving control over the flow of information to a paramilitary group with demonstrably selective interpretation of the rule of law (do you honor Temporary Restraining Orders signed by a Judge or not?) is a recipe for a poorly informed populace and a weaker democracy.”

The Citizens Union, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Human Rights Watch and other similar organizations including the Committee to Protect Journalists themselves can now clearly make an effective case that the NYPD has in effect unlawful and unhealthy control over freedom of the press. Even if there are concerns over security and safety in crossing police lines, requests for NYC Press Passes as well as renewals should also be reviewed by an independent licensing body whose mission should be to safeguard liberty and freedom of the press as a counter balance to the NYPD’s heavy handed tactics. As one commentator on stated, ‘Maybe It’s Time to Occupy the Police State.’

De-humanization of Citzenry Enables  & Sustains Fascism

Contempt for the 99% is surely quite diverse and extends well beyond journalists. Among the many  subject to dehumanization for their participation in the Occupy movement are:  poor people, college students, the unemployed, the underemployed, professionals, lawyers, professors, journalists, liberals, hippies (do they really event still exist?), anarchists, heterosexuals and now presumably gays or ‘faggots’ (e.g, members of the LGBT community).  Ironic that this broad net of undesirables cast by forces in the mainstream media sympathetic to the Mayor and the NYPD’s tactics, would seem to include approximately the 72% of New Yorkers who support OWS.  I can only wonder what’s next. How soon before they pepper spray, baton or wrestle to the sidewalks someone they refer to as “a commie Jew?”

Fascist states always begin with de-humanization tactics. They always start looking for someone else, someone who is so unlike you, not a ‘responsible’ member of society. In the end, they always come around to look for folks of your ilk as well. Trust me it is inevitable. First it is people you do not care about, then it’s the ‘faggots’, the ‘niggers’ and then ultimately the ‘Jews’. It’s coming. Don’t say you were not warned.

The Illusion of Bloomberg’s ‘Independence’

Those who point to Mike Bloomberg’s independent status and who might be comforted that he “can’t be bought” need to re-examine the facts. While Bloomberg may not be Satan, he is an opportunist and a businessman, first and foremost.  Bloomberg has increased his personal wealth five fold since he became Mayor of New York City. This is especially convenient given the collapse of of the relative wealth of the 99% during that same time period.  It’s good to be the ‘King of New York’. Bloomberg is the sole stockholder of Bloomberg, LP, a veritable ‘money machine’ which has increased its operations as a media outlet in  recent years. In a series of maneuvers before the financial crisis he bought back the stock in his enterprise that was held by leading investment banks. According to,   Bloomberg is now the 8th Wealthiest man in America.

Furthermore, one might also consider the fact that Boss Tweed’sTammany Hall Machine was never so profitable or generous to its inhabitants as has been the reign of Bloomberg for his minions in City Hall, Bloomberg LP and those safely ensconced in the cities charitable apparatus or infrastructure via the Bloomberg Foundation. Going against the Mayor involves taking on a huge multi-headed beast with many voices who are deeply vested for life in the Bloomberg Machine.  Doing so may ultimately contribute to your own social demise.  Now the man even has his own mainstream media enterprise in Bloomberg TV

Critics of the Mayor condemn the Mayor with the indictment that Mike Bloomberg is the Mayor of Wall Street masquerading as the Mayor of New York City, a job he clearly prefers that his multiple overpaid deputy Mayors do for him while he is visiting his Bermuda Estate in Tuckers Town on weekends, unless there is a favorable media opportunity. Occupy Wall Street may or may not be cutting into his weekend time in Bermuda, perhaps that is the reason he purchased a $20 million Hamptons mansion.

The Commissioner of the New York Paramilitary Department (NYPD) is Ray Kelly, a nice enough man for sure. Solid as a rock and deeply loyal to his overlord is the charming and personable man who is affectionately referred to by many as Popeye. He stands stoically in crisp fitted suits and $200 Charvet Ties. Kelly makes a fashionable statement simply standing there, even while his NYPD is ’spinning out of control’.

New York City under the stewardship of Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly is however, quickly starting to resemble a police state. In a Police State, the ones doing the policing ought not to be the ones deciding who qualifies for a NYC Press Pass. Is that not sort of a conflict of interest? It is like asking Il Duce, Hosni Mubarak or Adolf Hitler what aspects of their brutality are permissible to document for public consumption.

The solution: New York City and perhaps other major cities should create independent licensing authorities to determine who should qualify for a Press Pass. Otherwise the integrity of the first amendment and the security of citizens will be irreparably jeopardized.

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