BEST COAST – Indie Artists & Hope For the American Music Scene

And I don’t want to be how they want me to be
I don’t want to be how they want me to be
You don’t want me to be how they want me to be
I don’t want me to be how they want me to be
-Best Coast, ‘How They Want Me to Be’ (2011)

In recent months, I have been listening to a group called Best Coast. I am hardly one of their earliest fans. Truth is that I had become weary of the American music scene over the last decade, or at least that being proffered by the Illuminati controlled music business which has served as the culture of distraction as our people have descended into the economic abyss. What was once a vibrant hip hop movement that dared ask questions about the course of humanity, the elevation of the righteous, the empowerment of and elevation of the humane and decent rather than the satanic, was hijacked by the hip-pop movement. The music no longer matches the times as it once did in other era’s like the 1960’s.  It seeks to mask the pain of the present human condition, not to soothe it but to disable the creativity and evolution of the human spirit.

Best Coast has an addictive sound that is so present day but yet makes me teary eyed for the alternative music scene of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and for the experiences that I had during America’s last great decade before George W. Bush became President and all hell broke loose in America. Best Coast brings back my nostalgia for that bygone era of musical creativity where we could sit back and listen to talented folksy artists who weaved poetically a portrait of the American experience that was like a veritable slice of modern day Americana or a Norman Rockwell painting. When I listened to the lyrical poetry of California based singer Beth Cosentino on ‘When I’m with You’ the vibe was reminiscent of what seemed like a lazy mexican summer in the go go 1990’s, driving to the beach in East Hampton, New York with my own little Go-Go by my side. Her smiling face framed by her golden locks, Persol sunglasses and pearly white grin is forever etched in the historical files of my life, forever ‘wishing I was [her] boyfriend.’ “I wish [s]he was my [girlfriend] I wish [s]he was my [girlfriend] I’d love her to the very end But instead [she's] just a friend.”

Many will recall that period before innocence was lost. The darkness which the mainstream illuminati controlled music industry brought over our land through the endless marketing of and control of the airwaves with music devoid of any soul, cultural insight or humanistic reflection masked our descent and the camouflaged for many what was truly happening in America. The emotional and intellectual bankruptcy of this so called ‘artistry’ only served to shield the people from the similar hollowing out of America’s soul at a higher level.

If the Cranberries, the Breeders and the Pixies had children who grew up at the beach they would be Best Coast. Their sound is classic yet original with a melodic wizardry that never grows old and seems otherwise timeless. I am no music critic, nor do I mean to suggest that there are not many talented in America’s music scene today, but that maybe perhaps we might need to evolve past the glorification of hip-pop mogul Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye et al etc. and look to the voices and sounds of the truly independent artists who seek less to whittle down  American consciousness as they attempt to ‘Run This Town’ and likely run you down for the sole purpose of fattening of their own bank accounts and inspiring you to pledge your allegiance to their cult of greed and indifference and  get ‘all black everything, black cards, black cars, black clothes’.  F$%@k that!

Best Coast and the rise of alternative and indie artists like Jenny Electrik (Facebook Page, Green Bus Tour), who I discovered through my nephew,  is what makes me hopeful about the American music scene, so hopeful that maybe I too can inspire you to seek out the positive independent voices in contemporary music, use your disposable income on iTunes wisely and get off the crack idol worship of Satan’s children that has for too long now been  force fed into our stream of consciousness. Get off ‘The Feed’

THE MADOFF CLAN: Still Peddling Fiction

The Mainstream Media Offers More ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

Mainstream media continues to proffer stories seemingly designed to evoke sympathy for the lives of  Bernie Madoff and members of the Madoff criminal family enterprise (’Madoff Crime Family’ or ‘MCF’), many of whom are still at large, leading lives far better than the average man or any of his defrauded investors in what Paul Krugman has referred to as ‘the Madoff Economy’. Do you ever stop and wonder why in these tumultuous times, where the financial fortunes, if not basic economic security of so many in the middle class and the aspiring upper middle class has been undermined, destabilized if not destroyed by Ponzi schemes and  Crony Capitalism so severely that ‘the pitchforks’ now Occupy Wall Street, why the media continues to offer up these stories?  If Barbara Walters’ interview with Bernie Madoff behind bars and discussed on ABC News did not disgust you enough then maybe the one by Morley Safer on 60 Minutes with Ruth Madoff and Andrew Madoff and his Black Umbrella might literally make you throw up.  They were there promoting their con job and the book ‘Truth & Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family’ written by author Laurie Sandell, at the direction of Catherine Hooper and Andrew Madoff based upon interviews with each of them as well as Ruth.

Then there is Mark Madoff’s widow, Stephanie Madoff Mack’s memoir on the effects of her father-in-law’s conviction in her new book “The End of Normal. A Wife’s Anguish, A Widow’s New Life” and her interview with Chris Cuomo on ABC.  These selfish book worms seem to have rather ironic if not coincidental timing doing their TV and book tours the same week.

Is the media being pitched by the  public relations representative and their personal lawyers operating in the shadows  in an effort to rehabilitate socially members of the MCF who thus far have evaded prosecution, avoided being suicided just like Deborah Jeane Palfrey or ‘found hanged with a dog’s leash from a living room pipe’ ? Or is there something more sinister at play?  How do you think this plays with Madoff Victims and the general public?  I am sure many of them wonder Why is the Elite Class [being] protected [still] under America’s Justice system?

What I find most troubling is the mainstream media’s continuing need to sell public empathy for a despicable man and a criminal family enterprise with leadership of that enterprise still at large, largely evading prosecution. Andrew Madoff, a Wharton MBA and his ’suicided’ brother Mark Madoff, a highly educated duo who ran the firm’s trading operation never noticed their father’s lack of a foot print in trades on the street? Despite the ignorance claimed by the Madoff sons,  more significant commentators than me have raised issues about the surreal bonuses and overall compensation packages that these two received and raised very real issues about their responsibility and complicity in the Madoff family fraud. And yet that they never stopped to consider what was funding their lavish lifestyles? It certainly was not the profits that they generated.  In the not so distant recent past, the Wall Street Journal offered up a puff piece on Andrew Madoff’s challenges in his new life ‘after the fall’. The ‘poor guy’ is  holed up in a luxury apartment in a fancy doorman building in one of the most exclusive zip codes on the Upper East Side working under the Black Umbrella with the hot young girlfriend, Catherine Hooper, he dumped his wife for. Further he has to weekends cycling around Greenwich, CT. I feel for the poor chap.

Peter Madoff, brother of Bernie Madoff, who served as the chief compliance officer for its investment advisor and broker dealer businesses is reportedly the target of a criminal probe. Peter has been selling off assets in recent months, including his estates in Old Westbury, Long Island and Palm Beach. Meanwhile Shana Madoff, Peter’s daughter and Bernard’s niece, the formerly fantabulous socialite shopaholic was a rules-compliance attorney for its market-making arm on the broker-dealer side, is now living a less ostentatious life some where in Lower Manhattan in another exclusive enclave in Soho/Tribeca with her husband a ‘Veteran SEC Attorney’. The media informs us that the former rules-compliance attorney who is reportedly represented by attorney Mark Smith, lost a substantial portion of her assets. Gee, that really sucks. That makes her just like those defrauded by their family right? She is just another victim. Oy vey!  And then there is Bernies wife poor Ruth Madoff getting buy on the good will of friends/family in Palm Beach with only $2.5 million left to her name.  Shall I go on?

Madoff complicitor or ‘Frenemy’, “Philanthropist” Jeffrey Picower who was in the Forbes 400 Mad[e]-off with over $7-8 Billion dollars and was found just a couple of years ago in what a appears to have been a mysterious drowning in the pool at his Palm Beach mansion. His poor wife, in a complex deal struck by Jeffery Picower’s long time personal attorney, William Zabel of Schulte Roth & Zabel, agreed to forfeit $7.2 billion to the Department of Justice.  Picower’s ‘poor wife’ was forced to return all but $200 million that was earned in her husband’s involvement in the Madoff Fraud, to the Department of Justice so that Barbara Picower could continue on in her “Philanthropic” works.  Really, many individuals and family members lost their retirement savings and were bankrupted, despite the media created appearance that most Madoff victims will receive restitution (not  true), but the widow of a suspected criminal is left in tact so she can host luncheons with her gals in Palm Beach? How charming. Any institution with the name Picower on it ought to change the name of that entity to the ‘Victims of Bernie Madoff and Jeffrey Picower Center for Medical Research’ because that’s whose funds he used to extend his own false philanthropic brand.  Bernie Madoff and his criminal family enterprise make  OJ Simpson, an un-convicted murderer seem like a relatively sympathetic figure.

Anecdotal Evidence of Ruth’s Complicity in the Fraud

Andrew Madoff’s choice upon the exposure of the Madoff criminal family enterprise and what many still believe is his complicity in the crimes of his father was to ‘Take a long hot bath like Frankie ‘Five Angels’ Pentangeli’. Ruth may want to join him if they intend to go to the grave with the family secrets. For if they do, in my estimation they cannot get there fast enough.

Ruth Madoff and Andrew Madoff tipped their hand in their 60 Minutes interview.  Ruth allegedly asked her son Andrew Madoff  ‘What’s a “Ponzi scheme?’ Ruth was a math wiz who graduated from Queens College where she majored in Business Administration & Finance. She was working on Wall Street before Bernie Madoff. Bernie was studying law at Brooklyn Law School before he dropped out to join his ambitious young wife on the street.  Ruthie went to Wall Street because like Willie Sutton who was once asked why he robbed banks, famously answered, “Because That’s Where The Money Is.”  Let’s just say Ruthie knew where the money was.  According to reports, she was her husband’s bookkeeper, which it turns out required one to be a Chef as well.  Queens College may not be Harvard but it is a fine institution, hence I find it very hard to believe that the little mathematical wiz managing/cooking her husband’s books had no idea what was a Ponzi Scheme.

Full interview at 60 Minutes website

The attempt to socially rehabilitate rather despicable figures makes you wonder, especially in these times, do Insiders in the MCF have knowledge of or information about individuals more powerful than themselves pertaining to the economic crisis?  If not, then why else are elements of our corporate owned media expending so much energy trying to smooth over rough spots in how the criminal clan is perceived by the public at large?  If you are at all cynical, you may consider or perhaps recognize that  the Madoff Family Fraud did not end with the sons ‘turning in’ their father who confessed to be solely responsible for the fraud, but that only commenced the second chapter of that fraud in earnest, a fraud that continues to this day and which the mainstream media is complicit in fostering. Why?

THE COMMON GOOD: Our Individual Purpose

-Billy Joel performing “Summer Highland Falls” at The National Press Club on C-Span

My friends, I have tried in my postings to report, analyze, enlighten, support and otherwise do my part to provide a perspective to move forward the evolution of our society, of our people and our nation.   I must humbly acknowledge that I have not and will not always succeed in doing so even though I believe it is necessary to try if we are to have a real chance to ‘Rebuild the American Dream.’ My brain is filled with many mixed emotions and contrary perspective on nearly every issue of import from our economy to our national politics; and then there is always ’self interest’ — for many who are comfortable, it is the fear of aligning yourself with a movement that the mainstream media tries to persuade you that it is Un-American, anti-business, anti-capitalist and filled with people who truly hate America, even if nothing could be further from the truth.

Things get confusing, I find myself torn between competing orthodoxies, deciphering authorized truths and my own sense of who and what is righteous. I half jokingly refer to myself as a Progressive Conservative.  I want progress for our people, a greater degree of equity to go along with efficiency and I want to conserve what is precious in America. That includes our natural resources, the environment, the people and the spirit within us that made this country great.  And that is perhaps what makes me most of all, like many of you.  Moreover, like every man, every citizen, I am truly imperfect.  I have anger. I have frustration. I have a deep sadness about the state of our country but I have a belief that I cannot simply stand by passively and leave it to other citizens to do the heavy lifting or to count on some of the misguided sheeple among us to weed through and discern from the propaganda, disinformation and acceptable truths. That is of all things what is most Un-American. Whatever your political persuasion the folks at Occupy Wall Street are Patriots for seeking to preserve what is righteous or what was once righteous about our country. You know what is truly radical? Ignoring that something is wrong, that our system is broken and the social contract in breach and that the 99% movement does not matter. That is more than fundamentally naive, it amounts to gross negligence.

Every single person has to do their part to effect the Zeitgeist if our country and the world is going to grow into a better place and if the future of humanity is to have a fighting chance. The truth is that you cannot sit back and let others do your bidding in a Democracy. Leaving the heavy lifting for others in matters of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of our shared Happiness and greater Equality in our country and on this planet only creates risk that the right and necessary movements may fail, but for your voice. Look within yourself, align with and elevate others with your dialogue and your wisdom. Choose to be informed the best you can be. Do not allow false mainstream media narratives pervert what your know in your bones: that something is not quite right in America. You know that you have a purpose and a role in all this.

I am fortunate, my passion is channeled by a force field of intellects and higher life sources which surround me, many of whom guide, motivate and inspire me to be a better citizen than I might otherwise be. I have the lessons of my mother, father, University Professors and all of the enlightened souls that have crossed paths with me in my evolution as a human being and who stand by as sage counsel when I veer off course. Those of you who are familiar with “The Passion of the Chris” know exactly what I am talking about.

And yet, for all my failings, many of which are so obvious and plain to the naked eye, I do not and will not ever think that this is all about me. It is actually about my nieces, my nephews, your kids and the children of your friends and family.  These days my own nephew is the source of his proud Uncle’s inspiration.  What kind of America do we live them with? We complain about the complacent younger generation. Now they rise up and are providing a lesson in what Democracy is all about. We must support them.

Neither of us can afford to sit back and behave cautiously in these uniquely uncertain times, unless it is to preserve your self for the fight in a more creative way on another day. My only concern is that in order for a revolution to create an evolution, it must be sustained with the commitment of a marathoner. And while patience, thoughtfulness and persistence are a priority in that regard, you can, however, wait too long to get into the race. The race has already started.

Know and accept there is simply no dignity or honor in being on the wrong side of a revolution and standing against your fellow citizens and the rights, hopes and dreams of the individual vs. the greater collective or The Common Good. Not Yours. Not Mine. Ours.

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WEALTH – The Gospel of Wealth

Andrew Carnegie, “The Gospel of Wealth” AKA “Wealth,” North American Review (June 1889): one of the great financial giants of his era, published an essay titled The Gospel of Wealth in 1889, in which he acknowledged that “the problem of our age is the proper administration of wealth, so that the ties of brotherhood may still bind together the rich and poor in harmonious relationship.” Carnegie argued that the accumulation of wealth was beneficial to society and the government should take no action to impede it. Carnegie believed the rich were trustees of their money, holding it until proper public uses could be discovered. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Carnegie practiced what he preached and spent his last years giving away his vast fortune. One of his many charitable ventures was the funding of more than 2,800 public libraries. Carnegie wrote, “The man who dies rich dies disgraced.”

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NAOMI WOLF: Arrested at Occupy Wall Street

White Shirted Gorilla’s in the Midst ….of protecting the Plutocracy

I never thought I would see the day I had to watch Russian TV to know what was going on in my own country.

Author, social critic and political activist Naomi Wolf was arrested last night at Occupy Wall Street after attending the 2011 Huffington Post Game Changers Awards, even though she is as reported, a regular Huffington Post contributor and attended the event as a guest.  Naomi’s crime? Coming to the defense of protestors’ who were ordered off sidewalks. Ms. Wolf calmly questioned the police permit which  allegedly made New York City sidewalks outside the event private for the evening.  Those who have read her book Give Me Liberty; A Handbook for American Revolutionaries would know that  Sidewalks are public spaces and can’t be leased by private entities. To those of you who do not know who Naomi Wolf is, according to Wikipedia, “with the publication of The Beauty Myth, she became a leading spokesperson of what was later described as the third wave of the feminist movement.” She is also the author of  “The End of America”Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, and was a consultant to Al Gore in his 2000 campaign for President (which ended in the installation by the Supreme Court of George W. Bush as America’s 43rd President).

Americans and New Yorkers may not in fact be safe, safe that is from those who have pledged an oath to “serve and protect” them are denying American citizens the constitutional right to peacefully assemble. The reasons seem unclear, yet much of the disturbing evidence is out there in plain view on the streets of Lower Manhattan, YouTube and sites like TruthoutTruthdigThe Guardian and RT News.  Is it the massive donations that the financial community has given to New York City Police Foundation and related charities? Is it how the NYPD has been restructured and recomposed in the post 9/11 world to create a shield against terrorism? Or is it something more sinister? America has been headed towards this day.  If journalists could foresee the day when the vast growing inequality in America would lead to the day when Americans would take it to the streets, you can bet you ass that the ruling class, government leaders and many within America’s ‘Financial Oligarchy’ surely saw it coming. After all they have been fortifying themselves in their mansions secure  inside gated communities as well as investing in the procurement of expensive private bunkers. And now that it has commenced in earnest, they use false narratives in an attempt to diminish the awakening.

The NYPD has had their ranks infiltrated by a higher order, a not so secret police that are in effect ‘Super Police’ with seemingly unlimited powers. The NYPD’s White Shirted Stasi’s role is to stamp out any revolution. It is increasingly clear that they are empowered by an agenda, not by the rule of law. The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are irrelevant to this unit within the NYPD. And that was clearly in evidence in all the cases of excessive force and police brutality against New York and American citizens in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Until proven otherwise we must acknowledge them for what they are servants of the plutocracy. Last night’s arrests of author, political activist and social critic Naomi Wolf serves as evidence thereof.

The issue and question to ask that all American Citizens must ask is has the NYPD had their ranks infiltrated or installed within it a higher order, a not so secret police that are in effect ‘Super Police.’ Who are these men in White Shirts? What is their role and who do they serve? If the answer to these questions is not clear and addressed by the NYPD and the American media in short order, than Naomi Wolf’s “The End of America” is more than a book or movie, it is prophecy.

According to the Guardian which reported on Naomi Wolf’s arrest:

“Then, a huge group of men in white shirts, who seem to be affiliated to the New York police department, but who are not self-evidently so – bigger and fitter than the rank-and-file blue-shirted officers – came in droves. About 30 or 40 of these men appeared.

“They got a megaphone – which the protesters are told is illegal – and they started shouting that we were illegally disrupting an event and we should disperse.”

Wolf said she “calmly” disputed the order with one of the officers in white shirts, who are more senior than those in blue shirts. “By this time I was surrounded by them. One of them asked me if I was going to get out of his way. I didn’t think consciously that I couldn’t step away, but I froze. My conscience froze me.”

Officers then arrested Wolf, and took her to a precinct where she was issued with a summons for “refusing a lawful order”. Wolf said she spent about half an hour in a cell. Her partner, the film producer Avram Ludwig, was also arrested.

As reported in the New York Post, Naomi Wolf took to Facebook to address the arrest this morning:

“The protesters were being told that they needed to leave the sidewalk outside of the Huffington Post event because ‘HuffingtonPost had a permit’ to control the use of the sidewalk. I have a chapter in Give Me Liberty on NYC [on] permits so I knew that could not be accurate. Sidewalks are public spaces and can’t be leased by private entities. I asked for a copy of the permit,” she wrote. “Some press reports say that I was arrested because I ignored police warnings to get off the sidewalk or that I was arrested for using a megaphone without a permit. Both of these are untrue. I told the protesters that the NYC permit requirement that states that using a megaphone is illegal.”

The End of America‘ is clearly up on us unless more of those who are comfortably ensconced in their private, upscale America do not start doing more to support OWS and call for massive reforms on Wall Street and within our government.  A journalist being arrested outside an event that she attended as a guest at an event hosted by a publication she is affiliated with is not something that should ever happen in this country. But then again the Special Police Unit with White Shirts have no issue pepper spraying or elbowing in the head petite young women. These men in white shirts are not just engaged in illegal activity but they are in effect diminishing the American brand worldwide.  How do we as a people and as a nation have standing to criticize Human Rights violations in other parts of the world if we allow them to continue in order to secure a certain social order in America; to protect the plutocracy?


Lady Gaga – performs ‘Bill Romance’ LIVE at the Decade Of Difference Concert (HD)

“We have to position ourselves to lead in a world where security is shaped in boardrooms and on trading floors — as well as on battlefields,”
-Hillary Clinton to the Economic Club of New York (Reuters)

The gossip that has made the rounds over the last year and that has increased in recent weeks has been that Hillary Clinton will be joining President Obama and replacing Joe Biden as VP on the 2012 Democratic Ticket. Despite ‘the allure of an Obama-Hillary ticket’, it seems conceivable to me under the circumstances — “Obama Fatigue” that Obama could do more than simply ask Hillary Rodham Clinton to be his co-pilot in 2012 which would be a wise move in and of it self. But take this a step further and what makes you think Barack Obama won’t pull an LBJ and withdraw from the race entirely, allowing Hillary to be installed as the Democrats standard bearer?  Yes, I know he is poised to raise a billion dollars for his re-election effort. Even so, how often have you heard “Hillary would have been a better President?” Better still, did you see Lady Gaga channeling the love to President Bill Clinton at the Decade of Difference Concert (celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Clinton Foundation)?  Nevertheless, I bet you all of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters did.

Maybe it is far fetched.  But we are living in uncertain, unstable and rather perilous times. The mainstream media is barely covering the second American Revolution. Occupy Wall Street has spread well beyond New York City, well beyond our own borders  even, becoming a truly global movement. Times like these present opportunities for real leadership, decisions that will shape the face of a nation and the history of the world for decades, if not centuries to come. Who else has the credibility and global standing right now than does the House of Clinton?  This is not a time for band-aids and other narrow policy measures.  Such a governing posture contributes the perception of the increasing irrelevance of the Obama Presidency and the sense that he needs more than ‘a makeover.’

In the face of the growing inequality, instability and the resulting adversity in these tumultuous times, rather then seizing opportunity, our leaders as some might say are focused on “rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.” In my opinion, they are not even doing that. They are trying to determine whether to replace salad fork with a fish fork for a crab salad.

There is a tremendous opportunity for a leader to react in an FDR like manner, grab the bull by the horns, insist on reform of the Wall Street Casino, abolishing the present tax system and replacing it with a more simplified code,  direct the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure to Build America’s Future, effectuate a retooling America’s education system and a massive restructuring of American educational debt to liberate the class of educational debt servants who are no longer consumers and stuck in pursuits that will not grow opportunity for them or elevate this nation in the global economy. Who has the credibility with voters to expand economic opportunity for all? Obama with his nearly irrelevant jobs bills that won’t even put a dent in America’s overall picture? I don’t think so. For many Americans the gig is up with President Obama. Many increasingly believe that he managed the crisis, gave America some interim breathing room and provided cover for the elites.  And now that he can no longer do so, it is not clear that the vast majority of Americans trust his vision or that he is truly concerned with the growing inequality in America in a profound way.

America can well afford to pull back from excessive military spending for a few years to get its own house in order. We must fortify our infrastructure and attempt to restore or at least partially this nation’s manufacturing base. And we must use constructively this generation of youngsters that is left with little or no opportunity to do anything but demonstrate against the existing social order. Does anyone have the balls to put forth some big ideas? It may actually require someone without testicles in fact to step up in a mighty and profound way. Enter Hillary. What political family may be better able to unite America and the world than one of the former President who runs a truly global initiative –The Clinton Global Initiative to be precise. Consider that during one of the busiest times in New York City with the U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Fashion Week, the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 and the U.N. in session, the hottest ticket in town and the most talked about event, one where a Wall Street Journalist opined about his ‘Brush with Greatness‘,  despite the rather limited media coverage was The Clinton Global Initiative.  The Clinton’s have never left the stage. Bill is far more than simply a former President and Hillary is more than a Secretary of State, former U.S. Senator and  First Lady. They remain two of the most relevant citizens of the world whose stature has only increased since their departure from the White House.

I have no insider knowledge of any kind on this subject but if I am thinking it, I have to think someone else is thinking it. And while I offer no opinion at this time whether it would in fact be the best and right thing for America at this time, it does not make it any less conceivable that come election evening 2012 we might witness the reinstallation of the fallen House of Clinton.  And I do not suspect that the vast majority of Americans would have  a problem with Hillary and Bill back in the White House. I  am not so sure I would and in terms of full disclosure,  I enthusiastically supported Barack Obama.  Many Democrats and Independents are still like Lady Gaga ‘Caught up in a Bill Romance’ and that does not hurt Hillary.

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