U.S. SENATOR SCOTT BROWN: “Now More Than Ever.”

Senator Scott Brown Has A Duty to Come Forth In Support of Parents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

NO, I did not just attach Richard Nixon’s campaign slogan to the title of this blog as a statement in support of Scott Brown’s candidacy for re-election as Senator of Massachusetts. Read on patriots of truth, justice and  the American way for more about this Tricky Dicky and why it is more than just a political sideshow playing out in New England.

The Associated Press has reported that Camp Good News (CGN), a Christian summer camp based in Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod has been closed pending investigation, after numerous allegations of child sexual abuse and the suicide of long time CGN employee and suspected pedophile Charles “Chuck”  DeVita on the camp’s grounds this past week.

SANDWICH, Mass. (AP) — The national accreditation of a Massachusetts summer camp attended by a young U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has been revoked while state authorities investigate allegations of child sex abuse.

The American Camp Association says Camp Good News in Sandwich can reapply if the allegations are proven false. The camp said Friday it “understands and respects” the decision and won’t open this summer. Read more here

I have been taken to task by some friends on the right for the blogs I have written, which were republished on Cape Cod Today, questioning the veracity, truthfulness and character Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. The ‘Fairy Tales’ in his book, his posture in his 60 Minutes interview and his unwillingness to subject himself to any legitimate or thoughtful inquiry about the nature, extent and identity of his alleged sexual molestation at CGN, in my estimation, exhibit a profound insincerity and opportunism, the effect of which I surmised would likely be the writing of his own ‘Political Obituary’. I may have, however, underestimated the power of a mainstream media which refrains from asking questions during his Harper Collins fueled campaign run. Lest there be no doubt, this is no critique of Harper Collins as they are in the business of selling books.

Whether the latest news vindicates Scott Brown, allowing him to continue to “Enjoy the Silence” and absolving him of the duty of any further inquiry regarding his claimed sexual molestation and the identity of his abuser will be determined in the court of public opinion if not the subpoena power of investigators.

Cosmo Poster Boy to GOP Poster Boy

There is something so Julian Kaye about the American Gigolo like swagger of the Massachusetts Senator’s political re-rebranding effort. As stated by a reader on the Cape Cod Today (Richard) news site:

There’s an interesting parallel here, between Brown’s early success as boy-toy for the coke-snorting New York City glitteratti [at Studi0 54], based on youthful erotic glamour while posing in varying states of deshabille, and his present-day appeal to the GOP faithful based on ruggedly mature, macho handsomeness while posing in off-the rack work clothes.

In both cases, it’s obviously just a pose, but it raises the question whether there is really anything of substance beneath the image. As Gertrude Stein observed about L.A., it doesn’t seem as if there is any there, there.

Camp Good News Faces the Music

My experience as a camper at Camp Good News in the 1970’s was largely a positive one from a developmental standpoint. I found the Willard-Brooks clan, descendants of founder WW II HeroW. Wyeth Willard, Chaplain 8th Marines, to be a wonderful, salt of the earth people, dedicated to their Christian beliefs and otherwise truly committed to serving the Cape Cod community and much wider community at large. Their Christian beliefs maybe to some that makes them ‘weird’ or more easy to target as hypocrites if child sexual abuse went on at their Christian Camp and even more so if they had knowledge or were otherwise complicit or negligent in covering it up. Given the service of their family to this country, however, I say they are entitled to their days in court(s) before we stain the entire clan with the actions of some rogue characters who may have operated in silence or in a manner which was not clearly understood at the time.

Have no doubts, the legal process will ultimately determine their criminal culpability and civil liability, especially given the track record of victim’s rights attorney Mitchell Garabedian in holding sexual abusers accountable. To quote or paraphrase CCT reader (sandyshoes):

“If there are molesters within the CGN organization I say seek them out, prosecute them to the fullest and impose the most severe sanctions upon those who knew and turned away. But don’t condemn the Brooks family with a wide brush”

The Willard-Brooks clan ought to be afforded an opportunity to defend themselves after a full and fair accounting of the facts is brought forth in a public forum.

Child Sexual Abuse: The Popular & Powerful Must Assist In Its Eradication

Child sexual abuse is a serious issue that occurs in the shadows of society, often going on undetected for years with many pedophiles living successful lives without ever being brought to justice.  Scott Brown’s testimony and agreement to assist in the criminal and civil investigation of Camp Good News and abusers who may remain at large is absolutely necessary.  This is true now more than ever, given that ordinary citizens, those with little power and standing but the wisdom and experience of their counselor victim’s rights attorney Mitchell Garabedian to pursue the truth and hold accountable those who were complicit or negligent, in what appears to be a  pattern of sexual abuse, are coming forward.

What kind of example does a powerful and popular sitting United States Senator set for his fellow citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when he will not assist in making parents of children more secure from a risk which may still exist and supporting the damage already caused to his fellow citizens? Senator Scott Brown, ought to take a break from his book tour and come forth with fuller details of his sexual abuse and the identity of his sexual abuser as that will likely lead to a broader and more conclusive analysis of what went on at CGN and for how long.

You will have to excuse me if I vomit just a little bit when I read the statement of Boston attorney  Mitchell Garabedian that “Senator Scott Brown’s admission has helped other victims step forward.” As if that somehow alleviates Scott Brown from any further responsibility to citizens of the Commonwealth.  Really?  Given his stature, power and popularity and that he is an officer of the court and Lt. Colonel, Army JAG Corps.,  does not Scott Brown not owe something more to the other victims and to the parents of children in the Commonwealth?  If he does not come forth in support of ongoing investigations, and revealing the identity of his alleged his abuser, but  seeks only to capitalize on this scandal for his own personal political gain and selling his Horatio Alger story, whether he gets re-elected or not, he is in effect, the new ‘Tricky Dicky’ and far from heroic.

If Scott Brown continues to  ‘enjoy the silence’, then this all seems rather convenient.  I will want to know, and many other citizens should want to know, whether  Scott Brown had a close personal relationship with anyone at the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian or otherwise received  ’inside information’ from other source(s) about brewing investigations or complaints made to the District Attorney’s office against CGN and potential civil suits being pursued by Garabedian’s office when he ultimately decided to include the sexual abuse allegations in his book.  If so,  then you can place this scandal somewhere between Watergate and Chappaquiddick, making  Scott Brown a straight up American Gangster.

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