Dateline New York – March 28, 2011

The new HEM DROID phone is designed for this growing Posterior Speak Market in the United States. It will be brought to market by the same folks behind DROID by Motorola.  The HEM DROID PHONE will be especially useful for folks who talk out of their ass. Research has illustrated that an increasing number of folks seem to be talking out of their ass on matters which there are rather ill equipped to pontificate on. The HEM DROID is available as a manual handset as well as a suppository, to be inserted directly into your crack, a feature not yet available with the Crackberry.


Look for the commercials soon featuring HEM DROID spokes persons:  Michele Bachmann, Scott Brown and Sarah Palin.  The phone is equipped with some truly unique features. For example, one feature of the phone is that it will advise you whether you are in position to actually see Russia from your house, hotel room or even you helicopter, although it will not interrupt your aerial hunting of wolves. It has a special Tea Party application that advises you of all the important dates and locations of  the American Revolution so that when you attempt to reference them as part of an effort to tie your Republican establishment candidacy to the genuine Liberty Movement in America you do not mangle your country’s revolutionary history from the wrong location in the United States.  The HEM DROID also has a tracking device to assist in locating imaginary abusers, assailants and other fictitious or imaginary characters from your past, present or future who may  assist you in gaining publicity or establishing your brand or dialogue with the voters so that you do not in effect write your own political obituary. In addition, every time you purchase your own book it makes note of that transaction and provides an immediate balance sheet to help you determine whether you are in a surplus or deficit situation from fundraisers who have enabled your continuing bulk purchases of your own book to give them out at rally’s to illiterates and other imbecile’s who seem willing to buy your fabricated made for the Women’s Lifetime Channel life story.


Wall Street, NY — March 25, 2011
Ayatollah’s who have a special form of love for women, gays and Jews

I am not against Imperialism, its just that imperialists should have clearly defined objectives.

It’s  f’king crazy out there.  Economic disaster may be looming on the horizon. Democracy is spreading like wildfire across the Middle East and Northern Africa in heavily Islamic populated regions.  The impact will be felt widely across the western/civilized world especially in the United States.  Turmoil in Libya and Japan combined with the increasing likelihood that some bat shit crazy motherf__kers will gain control of the world’s oil supply is not exactly inspiring confidence. The monkeys have been let out of the proverbial cage in the Muslim world, and while this revolution of the people may topple dictators, they are likely to replace them with more flexible, considerate and democratic… ‘Ayatollah’s’, who have a special form of love for women, gays and Jews and little regard for western economic interests or global stability.

No Gays? No issue.

Gays should, however, be less of an issue of concern because according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a speech he gave at Columbia University in 2007  ”In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country.”  Assuming that there has not been a mass migration of homosexuals to the Islamic epicenter and assuming that there are no disobedient or oppressed women in any of these other countries either, all should be ok.  Let’s see how that all works out for you, in terms of freedom eh? Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are so concerned for your well being.

If President Obama and the NATO Alliance are planning something other than putting a giant HESS sign atop the ground in Libya, then we may just want to step out of this civil war and let these folks feed on each other for a while, after of course we put a bullet in Muammar Gaddafi’s big head. If Big Government can read my emails can’t we at least whack one rogue leader already? It is embarrassing I tell ya.

I am not against imperialism, its just that imperialists should have clearly defined objectives. Otherwise it is well, less ‘Imperial’.  As far as I am concerned, any society that chooses to be ruled by Ayatollah’s and hate spewing anti-Semitic Islamic Imams who get their spiritual guidance from Adolf Hitler and Muhammad – the ‘Warrior Pedophile Prophet’, are inviting subjugation. At least Uncle Sam will give you three squares a day and a royalty payment for your self inflicted ideological imprisonment.

That’s just my opinion.

NOTE: This is a Crude Report that was also rather crude, but given some minor editing was published by Cape Cod Today, “one of the first hyperlocal news websites in the nation, reporting on all things Cape Cod.”  Cape  Cod Today and its founder, veteran journalist Walter Brooks were recently profiled by Columbia Journalism Review, the bible on high journalistic standards in the U.S. and the world. So to me it is a an honor that my some of my postings have run outside my hometown on his news website.

I have always had a special and fond recollection for Cape Cod and Massachusetts in general. I spent over parts of 15 years in Massachusetts when you factor or consider 6 summers at Camp Good News on Cape Cod, four years of college at Boston University and six years as a legal professional in the financial district.  I can still recall those Happy Hours in my younger professional years, quite often spent in Faneuil Hall enjoying a beer or many beers and a bowl of Clam Chowder at Durgin Park,  Union Oyster House or Legal Seafoods.  Truth told I prefer New England Clam Chowder to Manhattan’s.  And perhaps my favorite place to eat Seafood was casual style at Woodman’s of Essex on the North Shore. While I have not lived in Massachusetts since 1993-4 yet for whatever reason that my Queens & Brooklyn/ Bridge & Tunnel may resonate inNew England or that a internet news pioneer wanted my voice on his periodical is a special honor. Thanks Walter.



Bernie Madoff In A Dress:  Tits on a Stick Hucksterism of Bethenny Frankel

NEW YORK-NOVEMBER 12:Bethenny Frankel attends  Citymeals-on-Wheels 24th annual “Power Lunch for Women” honoring Diana Taylor & Kathleen Turner on Friday, November 12, 2010 at The Pierre Hotel, 2 East 61st Street, New York City, NY (PHOTO CREDIT: ©Manhattan 2010 by Christopher London)

Bethenny Frankel is a rather interesting character.  She is Celebrity Natural Food ‘Chef’ who never worked in the culinary field or a restaurant but does have a certificate from the Natural Gourmet Institute of Culinary Arts in New York City.  The New York Times best selling author did, however, invent the margarita or at least the Skinny Girl variety.  Bethenny is also a ‘Diet Expert’ who is not a certified nutritionist or dietitian.   According to some critics, she has created a fake reality from which to market gimmicks, which either makes her a genius  or “Bernie Madoff in a Dress.”   In the words of Bethenny herself:

“I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nutritionist, and I’m not a fitness expert. And, most important, I am not in charge of you. But I am a natural foods chef, a dedicated lover of delicious food, and a healthy, thin person.”

Great, I have been to many hospitals, observed medical procedures,  have many friends who are doctors, I appreciate their work and am in good medical condition, yet I am pretty sure you don’t want me performing your open heart surgery.

A byproduct of the SAG strike early last decade which led to the the reality series genre is that instead of watching actors practice their craft on creatively conceived but rather expensive to make programming is the emergence of the single-minded reality series entrepreneur who preys on the American consumer. You see paying writers, actors and other production costs is far more expensive than putting fame seeking whores on camera and letting them run wild.  It has led to the 24/7 infomercial for ill conceived products of rather limited or inconsequential value to the American consumer, pyramid marketing schemes (e.g, Jill Zarin’s Diet Chocolate), book deals for people who can’t write marketed to folks who can’t read and record deals for women who although attractive and sexy in their own right like Countess LuAnn de Lessps, really have limited perspective to instruct on manners no matter how many Counts they have bedded, even if she sounds like Barry White’s transexual sibling or one of Kelsey Grammer’s cast mates on Broadway.

While I am certainly no Ralph Nader or other consumer advocate, I recognize that these economic times have given rise to rampant hucksterism, represented by ass flashings at book signings and the co-opting of the ideas and brands of others more qualified, knowledgeable but otherwise less well known to wide segments of the general public. But let’s be clear Bethenny is no more of an expert than is Mike ‘the Situation’ Sorrentino. Nevertheless, let’s examine some of Bethenny’s ‘new ideas.’


The Skinny Girl Purge-arita, is a new device in the Skinny Girl Cleansing Series brought to you by Skinny Girl Lifestyle advocate Bethenny Frankel. It is especially useful for those that skipped the Initial Diet Series Book: “Starve” and other crazy fat burning ideas or who consumed far too many Skinny Girl Margarita’s and found themselves as say female on a Reality TV Show married to an allegedly gay man (this rumor was verified as not true by a socialista in NYC who said that “she hit that” meaning Jason Hoppy long before he was a ‘reluctant’ cast member on any reality show and she stated further that  if that dude was gay then she needs to be dating and sleeping with more gay men. Hello!).

The Purge-arita is a patented silver spoon that you place half way down your throat that induces all the toxins consumed as part of one’s “Binge” to be released through the front of one’s throat, preferably while your head is bowed or placed comfortably over a sink or toilet. The Purge-arita is another in a long line of worthwhile products brought to by non-nutritionist ‘dietary expert’ and ‘Celebrity Natural Food Chef’, inventor of the patented Skinny Girl Margarita,  Bethenny ‘Madoff’ Frankel.


So you wanna party but maintain your girlish figure? Celebrity ‘Diet Expert’, ‘Chef’, Andy Cohen’s Frankenstein Monster and girl/clown about town Bethenny has your back.

Bethenny Frankel’s St. Patrick’s Day Diet

Food: Bethenny’s Green Amphetamine Cupcakes  &

Beverage: Skinny JAP MarGreenita’s

Note: For traditionalist’s who prefer Corn Beef & Cabbage, simply stroll by your favorite Blarney Stone, ask for a Skinny Girl Margarita and after the bartender and patrons laugh in your face while staring at your Kid Creole & the [Plastic] Coconuts figure, immediately head for the chow line, take in the aromatic wafts of the freshly boiled Irish classic as scents carry few calories. Upon getting your fill of the scents of Ireland, head for the ladies room and pull out your Purge-arita and loose some weight over the sink.  You are now ready and safely in a below zero calorie zone tohead to an upscale lounge, have a Skinny Girl JAP MarGreenita.

After a few days or even hours on this diet, rest assured you will, like Bethenny, be able to ramble on nonsensically in fully self absorbed and totally incoherent paragraphs about your ‘Career’ modeled after twin brother from a different mother, Bernie Madoff,  before bowing to the porcelain god. The only question is will your rush to the bowel be punim or tuchis first.

Before you know it you will be packaging other people’s ideas (see: Skinny Bitch Diet Series, and F Factor Diet,  Natalia Rose and SkinnyintheCity) and marketing them as your own.

But since you won’t really ever be eating, and even if you run out of amphetamines, Ripped Fuel, Hydroxycut or Xendadrine, you will never get that full feeling that folks who are totally full of crap have. And if you do feel groggy, simply take the white powdered form of the Skinny Girl MarGreenita mix, which you can snort or put in your handy crack pipe and smoke it.

So I ask the Craptacular brain behind Bravo programming, How is that for the ‘Mazel of the Week’ Andy?

America will ultimately need a long, slow, painful colonic to remove this accumulated drek from the cultural bankruptcy and narcissism that has impregnated our national dialogue on matters of health and fitness. While the two scenarios referenced above are obviously a tongue in cheek knock on Bethenny’s expertise and dietary plans, the point is that she is not a legitimate, credible or sincere expert in any field, except being a skinny girl with big fake knockers,  and folks should consider looking to those more qualified for advice. Ultimately  my hope is that more of my fellow citizens will seek out real and genuine experts:  nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, health, fitness and wellness experts rather than simply getting their advice from fake ‘Tits on a Stick’ who engages in questionable dietary practices herself.

This woman is a crack head poseur who is not qualified or licensed to be dispensing advice on diet and nutrition to American consumers. She is engaged in a barren hustle, a veritable fraud co-opting the ideas of others for her own personal profit.



-Dr. Oz: Dr. Oz, is an American cardiothoracic surgeonauthor, and host and commentator for the syndicated daily television program focusing on medical issues/personal health, The Dr. Oz Show.
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Fitness Experts (more to come)

Rebecca Kordecki

TRANSACTIONAL ROMANCE: International Sex Workers Rights Day

“There is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore, but the opposite operation, to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded desirable, that calls for art or character.”
~~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749–1832 (quote courtesy of Lynette Marie)

Today March 3, 2011 is International Sex Workers Rights Day.  Those who are confused might think that this means a day off for married women on Park Avenue,  Great Neck & The Five Towns of Long Island, Palm Beach, Florida,  Aspen, Colorado, Beverly Hills or Orange County, California.  Others may be under the impression that this is simply a well deserved day off for one of the more recent women married/hired by the particularly generous,  Kelsey Grammer.  Unfortunately that is not true either. Likewise, it does not mean that matchmakers like Janis Spindel or Patty Stanger can take a holiday from sending their 27 year old models  on dates with 55 year old men.  To rectify this confusion, I am here to tell you that it actually pertains to the “human rights” of women and the private citizens with whom they freely contract with in matters pertaining to “transactional romance”, and their right to live free from needless harassment, persecution and prosecution. This is true whether the women who provide this sensual service to mankind operate from a townhouse, condo, co-op or visit you in a hotel room by the hour, daily, for a weekend, sit next t0 you at Samantha’s Table or maybe even live with you for the rest of your life.  And guys, try to remember that not even the Chinese food guy “delivers” for free. Be grateful, not resentful or vindictive. Truth is some men have given up their home, half their net worth and more for the privilege of this service.

So why should society or our legal system treat any differently the women (and those who broker their romantic liaisons) whose rate is calculated or determined on an hourly basis, similar to that of your lawyer, accountant, masseuse or plumber vs. those  like your agent, wife or girlfriend whose rate is computed in a more complicated fashion (i.e., a percentage of your gross earnings)? $70 million dollars later one can only wonder what Camille Donatacci’s rate was for Kelsey Grammer.

Pay for Play = Romantic Service with a Smile

The issue raised here is should those who choose to opt out of the conventional marital or romantic relationship or through the force of life circumstance(s) find themselves alone, have to forgo sensual pleasure or engage in manipulative or deceptive gamesmanship to fulfill these needs? Regardless of the subjective value judgments that some may have about the character or nature of “sex work”, consider that many women in all kinds of relationships might tell you, in confidence, that providing pleasure to men is in effect “WORK.”  Truth is that most sex workers don’t generally LOVE their work or LOVE every client despite the appearance to the contrary, and in many cases are ‘reluctant escorts.’ A great many high end GirlFriEndtrepreneurs do it because they can earn a substantial living through GFE Entrepreneurialism by filling a basic human need; a need which if left widely untreated could have an even more detrimental impact on society. [The following quote was a late addition for posterity and to lend support to the premise of this blog] As stated by blogger/escort Alex Lieberman:

One of the few things (besides the money) that I like about the escorting life is the honesty in it – the no bullshit approach to each party getting exactly what they want without making false promises, playing games, or finding themselves in an untenable situation for the sake of sex and or money.

‘Pay for Play’ even without ‘collective bargaining’ is thus probably one of the most honest transactions between men and women in a capitalist society, assuming (a)  the sum paid is fair and reasonable to the pleasure provider (b)  an excessive cut or percentage of the sex workers earnings are not required to be paid to any “love broker” involved in arranging the romantic transaction, (c) the provider is working of her own free will and volition and (d) the gentleman adheres to a certain code of conduct and hygiene.

Pimps, Whores & The Kardashian’s: A False Dialogue Dehumanizes Sex Workers

There is a false dialogue perpetuated on issues pertaining to “transactional romance” in our society. This dialogue undermines the human rights of sex workers in the name of a disturbing morality play and unnecessary value judgments placed on our citizens, men and women both, to contract with one another openly and freely.  Yet ironically there is less of a value judgment on the modus operandi of many so called legitimate ‘Millionaire Matchmakers‘  or love brokers who often in effect ‘peddle the flesh’ of younger women for older high paying male clients.  Arguably, at least in some cases, there is little difference between Matchmakers vs. Madams. If  anything the lines are blurring between the two.  Consider introductions services like Club VIP Life or  Rachel Uchitel’s VIP Service for Tiger Woods,  which was by accounts was a multifaceted role wherein she served as a part time lover, executive assistant, talent scout, entertainment procurement specialist and perhaps even his own personal madam.

Consider further the  “whorification of America” represented best, of late,  by the likes of Kris Kardashian Jenner who learned how to make “lemonade out of lemons” by pimping her daughter, alleged fame whoreKim Kardashian’s 15 minutes of fame from being featured on a sex tape with Ray J and taking a Golden Shower into a $65 million dollar per year family empire and industry to enrich herself and her family via Ryan Seacrest Productions. Talk about pimps! It just seems to me Kris Jenner has involved her family in higher end, more lucrative sex work.  Even top pimps would have a hard time Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.  Kourtney & Kim have not so much taken New York as they have brought Hollywood’s polluted culture back east, at least in the minds of some critics.   If we are not going to to judge or criminalize the latter then we ought to decriminalize  and stop singling out the sex worker and/or madam for the romantic transactions they arrange. In both cases, the providers are simply filling an existing demand in the human marketplace, while the men are choosing to enter a different, and in many cases an albeit shorter contractual term.

According to the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, “The criminalisation of sex work, increases the vulnerability of sex workers to human rights violations and violence.”    Due to a lack of sex work awareness, attacks on sex workers are all too often rationalized and tolerated as part of the  effort to curb human trafficking,even though in most cases they have absolutely nothing to do with human trafficking. Human trafficking is a more  serious and complex problem, involving very powerful global slave traders, organized crime figures who operate in the shadows turning unwilling women into sexual slaves for profit. Since they are difficult to crack down on, all too often law enforcement at the behest of political leaders crack down instead on the proverbial low hanging fruit (i.e., “sex workers”)  perhaps to create the public perception that they are dealing with the more serious problem.

Sex Workers are Human

Dehumanizing treatment of sex workers should not be tolerated by any civil society that truly values its women.  If we truly love, respect and value our women, end the moral judgments, leave sex workers alone and focus on the real criminals, those who abuse women. There may ultimately be fewer busts, photo ops and news headlines but there will in effect be a far greater regard and respect exhibited for womankind. Let us remember before we throw stones at other people’s glass houses that in a capitalistic society we are all pimping or ho’ing to one degree or another.    All you have to do is take a look at Kris Kardashian,  Ryan Seacrest and American Patriarchy’s Top Sex Workers to consider who is actually contributing to or sponsoring the greater abuse of women, before we conveniently pick on the increasingly diluted power of independent women and Courtesans (See: Venetian Courtesan)  practicing “the world’s oldest profession.”

In conclusion, one might even argue that the independent sex worker who operates in privacy and with discretion contributes far less to the disintegration of our culture or its values than the mass media ‘fame monsters’ do. They may leave a far more indelible impact on the young and impressionable than what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults. The sex worker is merely servicing an existing demand for companionship in an otherwise often cold and lonely world for many men, a need that otherwise not met might be channeled far less constructively and perhaps to the detriment of society; all jokes about the ‘DSB’ aside.

Note: This blog has been republished by permission on Cape Cod Today and Plymouth Daily News in Massachusetts. This blog was also referenced on ECCIE Worldwide along with the following statement “What a pleasure to read such an intelligent, honest and well written article!” by provider Leah Ireland.  Lynette Marie, another elite companion chimed in saying things along the lines of “He’s a wonderful blogger and I especially appreciate him posting links to valuable websites for the SW community.” This same lady was the source of the quote I added above as a lead into this blog.


-NSWP: The Global Network of Sex Work Projects
-The Sex Workers Project
-Urban Justice Center (Sex Workers Project)
-Sex Workers Outreach Project
-Sex Workers Outreach Project New York City
-Prostitutes Education Network
-Prostitutes of New York (PONY)
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-Sexwork Cyber Resource Center

Human Trafficking

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“Against All Odds” Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, his handlers and Harper Collins seem to have most of the mainstream media in their pockets or at least under control as the PR Campaign to sell his book around the country rolls on. There has been very little critique of the book and rather limited inquiry into his motives for refusing to name his alleged (i.e., imaginary?) abuser at Camp Good News, a Christian Summer Camp on Cape Cod. After his reading at the Reagan Presidential Library, Bostonist blog had the temerity to ask “Is Brown The New Reagan?” Whether they were blowing second hand smoke to their readers from the deep inhale of the Brown camapign’s bong or merely pointing out his Teflon coating I am not sure. One of my more moderate friends in Sudbury, Massachusetts remarked to me yesterday, “By the way, Scott Brown is the new Ronald Reagan around here — pure Teflon as far as I can tell.”

Certain folks, who have actually read and reviewed his book, however, apparently have not gotten the memo (i.e., his campaign talking points) and have concluded that “Scott Brown’s book lacks insight.” And further:

“It’s one of the most egotistical books I’ve ever read. I know it’s an autobiography, which implies a certain amount of ego, but this is essentially one anecdote after another demonstrating, alternately, how hard life’s been on “The Cosmo Guy” and how because he was sooooo good at whatever he did, he was somehow able to overcome.”

If your automatic response, is that any questions pertaining to Senator Brown’s candor or lack thereof re: Camp Good News and his refusal to name or prosecute his alleged abuser,  are politically motivated, you just may want to re-examine that position given the following. Bob Parks of ‘Black & Right’, a right wing blog, has published a blog entitled “Scott Brown ‘Abuse’ – Fake?”, wherein he expresses a willingness to question whether the Senator is in fact being genuine. As stated therein:

“Many have questioned how Brown could let a pedophile run free instead of stopping what could be a serial molester who may now have been at it for upwards of 40 years. Among the “believers” are many who are appalled that a U.S. senator would throw a literary grenade at a respected Christian summer camp and not disclose a name so that Cape officials can pursue the attacker and defend their reputation.”

Ironic that this should all be happening as a serial sexual predator by the name of Ed Foulk recently received 248 years for his count ‘em four decades of prolific child sexual abuse. According to the Los Angeles Times:

“The former executive director of a state mental hospital in California was sentenced to 248 years in state prison for sexual assaults on his son that spanned nearly a decade. Claude Edward Foulk Jr., 63, was convicted last month of 31 felony counts for assaulting his son between the ages of 9 and 18.  Now 27, his son is a former foster child who was adopted by Foulk. During Foulk’s trial, four other men testified that they were sexually assaulted by him, dating back as far as 1966. But those alleged acts were beyond the statute of limitations.”

How many decades has it been since Scott Brown was allegedly ‘Molested in Massachusetts’ ?About four (4),  to be exact.   So, please let us not inconvenience or distract the busy Senator running for re-election with requiring that he expose his own  “Ed Foulk” like character as he tours the country and he uses his own campaign funds to bulk buy his own book on to the best seller list. That is far more critical than bothering him with inquiries about an alleged criminal abusers identity.

So, a few “Convenient Christians” have to get thrown under the bus and defamed all for the greater good of Scott Brown’s political ambition. And if Brown’s tale is to be believed than another Ed Foulk also roams freely at large. America’s parents need not worry, you can always read Brown’s uplifting tale about how he overcame obstacles in his own life should you find your child similarly abused by the guy Brown refuses to expose, although some might not realize that its really hard to identify imaginary abusers.  Yeah, that Scott Brown, he is such a wholesome, straight shooter with so much damn integrity.  Teflon: nothing may stick but it does not mean anything cooked in it is necessarily edible.

Chris London, Esg. is a New York City based lawyer, activist, writer and founder of, a 501 (c) (3) conduit; a free press vehicle for essential New York Charity and Culture.   Sheepshead Bay High School 1980. Boston University, B.A., Economics with High Honors, 1984. University of Pennsylvania Law School, J.D., 1987.


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