CALLING OLIVER STONE…………………………Was the CIA, Russian Oligarchs, Colombian Drug Lords, the Mossad or the American Illuminati involved in the Madoff Affair?

THESIS:  The Feds/CIA infiltrated the Madoff affair and members of the clan itself.  Bernie Madoff had to be brought down in a symbolic way that garnered massive media attention to make it look to the general public like Wall Street was being truly cleaned up rather than whitewashed; sort of like a safety relief valve on the whole financial crisis and the collapse in confidence in the markets.  The  hope being that a wide swath of America is left with the impression that:  ”We got the bad guys” without further consideration of deeper potentially paridigmatic elements of the scandal, a ‘Shonda’ for the Jews  certainly but with far reaching impact on American investors from all walks of life, not limited exclusively to the Jewish community.   The public trust is restored…or is it?  The Madoff’s have too many secrets on the powerful insiders of Wall Street, the financial community in general that goes to the highest levels of American Society.  And then there is the question of where the money was shuttled off to. Drug Lords? U.S. Military operations in Afghanistan, the Mossad to fund the fight against the the global Islamic crusade or perhaps another coup attempt inside Iran to destroy their nuclear facilities and assassinate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

SCENE: It is 2015, President Sarah Palin having defeated Barack Obama in a close election in 2012,  is coming to the end of her first term;  the economy though stagnant is sufficiently in tact to enable  our protagonist, one critical blogger/lawyer/NY Society documentarian who finally publishes his first book and marries his long time girlfriend, an Italian/American woman (who resembles  a cross between Apollonia Vitelli Corleone from the Godfather and Monica Belluci). In celebration, he decides to go on a much needed vacation with his new wife. Their electic tastes take them to Malta, Cyrpus, Sardinia, and Sicily. After a long walk through the hills of Sardinia, our protagonist stumbles into hillside tavern and bed and breakfast.  He is welcomed by and comes face to face with a man eerily familiar to him who speaks perfect English with an American accent, actually more of a Queens/Long Island accent. Our protagonist recognizes that accent all too well, himself having been born at Jamaica Hospital, raised in Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Corona before  moving to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn; he recognizes that tone.  He sits down and refreshes himself with a cool drink at the tavern when he realizes the uncanny resemblance the Inn Keeper bears to the scandal plaqued trader son of Ponzi scheming mastermind Bernie Madoff who had committed suicide back in 2010. The writer flashes back to news clips from 2010, the body of Mark Madoff being removed from 158 Mercer in Soho, the conversation with the drunk Real Estate broker at Cipriani Downtown who blurted out, “that Madoff kid…strange thing, they pulled his body out of the wrong building.  He actually lived at 40 Mercer.” And then he remembered, nobody thought it odd that a Jewish kid was cremated  at the Gramercy Park Memorial Chapel within a couple of days of his being “suicided”  when Jewish law generally forbids cremation? Although, to be clear it also forbids suicide. And ironically it was also not the first suspect suicide to come out of the Madoff affair. Consider the case of  Madoff associatebillionaire investor and philanthropist, Jeffrey Pickower who was found at the bottom of his pool in Palm Beach, Florida.   Notably, however, negotiations with the estate of Jeffrey Picower represented by Superlawyer William Zabel of Schulte Roth & Zabel resulted in an agreement to pay $7.2 billion to U.S. Department of Justice and the Madoff Trustee to recover funds that the late Mr. Picower (Madoff’s largest beneficiary who shared a curious insider relationship with the Ponzi scheming mastermind and had been labeled a crook by some folks) made in the fraud.  The deceased’s widow Barbara Picower was gracious enough to return the, in effect, $7 Billion no-interest loan that her husband gained  to enrich himself on the back of defrauded investors. Despite Ms. Picower’s denial of complicity by her deceased husband in her scheme, doubts forever remained about the true nature of who what actually was Mr. Picower’s relationship with Mr. Madoff.  The Inside Job also made Palm Beach outcasts of long time Madoff insiders,  Carl Shapiro and Robert M. Jaffe.   On the  eve of the settlement speculators flocked like vultures attempting to buy claims from Madoff Victims at discount.

As he finishes his first Lemonada,  out of the corner of his eye he sees a man who resembles  Neil Bush discretely checking out of the hotel  but his focus is interrupted as the inkeeper asks “Mr. London are you enjoying your stay with us?” Without flinching yet recognizing that the inkeeper should not know his name….since he had not given it to him, unless maybe he had read our protagonist’s blogs questioning the suicide in the the days and weeks after his death, decides not to ask how or why he is recognized but simply smiles and nods his head.  As he is walking out, he notices that on bicycle heading towards the Inn is none other than Andrew Madoff, who had not been seen inside the United States in several years.

Our protagonist begins to review in his mind THE DEAL or what ultimately happened with the Madoff Clan back circa 2008-2010 as he heads back to his own hotel.

(i) Bernie Madoff was convicted and ultimately landed in Butner Prison, in North Carolina, or Club Fed,  where he lives his final days dining on mac & cheese playing Chess with members of the Italian Mafia who shield him from hit men for Russian Oligarchs and Colombian drug lords.
(ii) Ruth Madoff is taken care of (left with $3 million and homes to stay in Palm Beach)
(iii) Mark Madoff is “suicided” evoking wide spread sympathy and the “Greek Tragedy” of the sins of the father being visited upon the sons. BUT yet the body is cremated in a couple of days after he is found ”suicided” hanging from a pipe in his living on a black dog leashThe News of his body being removed from 158 Mercer by the NYPD played live on television. But in the days following it turned out that Madoff was actually a resident of 40 Mercer and not 158 Mercer where the body was removed from.  Nevertheless, since the body was quickly cremated, there was never any evidence of his remains for verification purposes.  Those who suspected Mark Madoff was  not really dead theorized that he may have been  shuttled away some where maybe he got constructive facial surgery and placed into a witness protection program.   Mainstream media reports painted a picture of a man who once lived the good life, in agony and despair as the second anniversary of his father’s Ponzi scheme was revealed. According to reports,  Mark Madoff was unstable, depressed, despondent and emotionally erratic in the days leading up to his suicide mostly over the public scrutiny and the Trustee’s lawsuits which placed Mark, his brother and other family members directly in his cross hairs. Conspiracy theorists who believe he was suicided theorized that Mark Madoff became a risk of cracking, speaking or confessing and giving up family secrets and secrets on the powerful to save his own hide. He became not only expendable but necessarily so. Legend in conspiracy circles was that Mark Madoff was forced to do the right thing and hang himself while his brother, CIA, Mossad or Russian mob looked on. Madoff was allegedly given assurances that this act would save his wife and children from a similar fate for having committed a cardinal sin against his people.
(iv) Mark Madoff’s wife Stephanie Morgan becomes a sympathetic figure as a widow and mother. She was left with some financial security but stripped of a portion of the family’s cash wealth and the second and third homes.

(v) Andrew Madoff and his girlfriend, the glamorous entrepreneur Ms. Catherine Hooper blend into obscurity after the spotlight briefly shifted to Andrew after brother Mark’s death. They remained in NYC devoted to their business venture in disaster planning. Andy was framed in the press as the poor victim of his father’s fraud,  a veritable orphan who lost his brother and best friend and no longer speaks to his parents. In the last couple of years he has dropped out of sight.
(vi) TRUSTEE: The public eventually tires of  Irving H. Picard’s, the Trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLP clawback lawsuits. His investigation is shut down because of the perception is of unnecessary harassment of some already hard hit Madoff investors.

(vii) MADOFF LAWS: A few new laws are passed to assure Madoff victims who ultimately get back about 35%half of what they originally put in that the system has been repaired.

America finally moves on. The deal that Madoff’s made with the Illuminati or other underworld figures enabled their survival while serving as a distraction for the criminal element that took over American Society. Why would Feds/CIA do this? For at least a couple of reasons.   Bernard L. Madoff Investments Securities LLC and their accomplices, folks like the esteemed Walter Noel,  his Fairfield Greenwich Group and Sonja Kohn (Austrian born founder of Bank of Medici)  ripped off Russian Oligarchs and via their Colombian connection, Colombian Drug Lords as well. In light of the foregoing and  the danger of their  indictment possibly leading to the risk that a family member might testify giving away more than the Madoff family secretssecrets about the operation of American Society at the highest levels working in concert with global criminal enterprises might unsettle citizens.

Our protagonist struggles with this as he types away on his laptop back at his hotel room. He emails friends back home saying that he stumbled upon the Madoff brothers in Sardinia. The retort from his friends and family members, is “Hey Chris, it is Easter, tell the Madoff’s that the Easter Bunny wants to know where to invest his chocolate eggs….ha ha ha” “Say hi to Santa Claus and when you turn out the lights…be careful of the boogeyman.” Just then an IM from an unrecognized user pops up on his screen and says “Hello Chris London welcome to Sardinia. Enjoy your brief stay. You have broken the code and violated the terms of the order“.

The lights go off in his hotel room as bullets spray through the window…………

(C)Story by Christopher London

-Too Good to Be True by Erin Ardevelund
-Frontline (PBS): the Madoff Affair
-The Club No One Wanted to Join by Twenty-Nine Authors, Erin Arvedlund, Alexandra Roth
-Inside Edition on The Club
-Information blog for Families Affected by Bernie Madoff
-Bernard Madoff Fraud Victims Coalition
-The $50 Billion Swindle: ‘We’re All Wiped Out’, People Magazine

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