IN THE END, it’s really all about the food and maybe even in the desire to avoid becoming the food. In the words of Winston Churchill, “An appeaser is one who keeps feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”  I had a dream which some might refer to as a nightmare.  I awaken to find myself in Islamerica in 2055, a place made possible by the very liberal elites who ignored the historical warnings of Winston Churchill (treating him as a mere footnote of history), Tony Blair, Daniel Pipes, Geert Wilders, Dr. Peter Hammond and assorted other Patriotic New Yorkers who stood in defiance of Emperor of New York who came to be known as Mosque Bloomberg for his inability to recognize the Soft Jihad of Islamism before The fall of New York City.

Bloomberg’s passionate but irrational support of the Ground Zero Mosque against the wishes of a majority of Americans and New Yorkers resulted in his never becoming President but he nevertheless remained King of New York. After using the power of his office in support of his business interests involving Islamic finance and allies in the Middle East to establish the Ground Zero Mosque, he was permitted to rule over New York by FIAT for 25 years, retiring billions richer,  before finally being relieved of his post hanged and executed along with President Obama by the Mullahs who came to rule over the Five Points in a Mad Max like Lower Manhattan.  Bloomberg LP had been forcefully merged with Al Jazeera TV; the stock in the corporation being used to pay down America’s 100 Trillion in American Debt.

Notably, prior to his termination Bloomberg had ignored a diverse cross section of citizen resistance including  working families, comedian Jackie Mason, artist Suzannah B. Troy,  9/11 Families and the Voices of September 11th.  Curious investigations about illegal contributions made by his campaign never resulted in any charges against the Mayor but rather against those who received them ironically,  notwithstanding that something just smelled wrong, reeking of far more than simple patronage.  He said NO to the rebuilding of the Twin Towers and the WTC 2011 design which was embraced by many citizens and highlighted by NBC journalist David Shuster who exposed the hypocrisy at Ground Zero and yet who ultimately lost his job. In his rush to build Islamerica the Mayor instead focused his energies on hijacking the debate about the  mosque,  building the Freedom Tower, the WTC Memorial and the destruction of a New York City Landmark, the Empire State Building by supporting a rival skyscraper.   As I commented before I was imprisoned by the Mullahs ruling over the city, “it’s as if the Mayor is intentionally destroying the symbols of our national pride, strength and the notion of American exceptionalism itself, and replacing them with some convoluted internationalist ideal of what America ought to be.”  For most Americans and New Yorkers, the Twin Towers were about more than just this view or the Windows on the World they provided at one of the highest points at the top of the once Free World before the collapse.

It is 2055, the expanded Ground Zero Mosque and International Islamic Cultural Center now screams its call to prayer five times per day in the western Mecca for Islam in Lower Manhattan. The House of Saud, the global governing family council from Saudi Arabia had acquiesced to the movement of the Kaaba from the Islamic heartland and encouraged the mass exodus of undesirable citizens to Islamerica, except those slated to work for the royals.  I know because I can hear the call to prayer down below in the prison cell for resistors where I am housed.  I am locked in a cage in New York’s Catacombs beneath the city directly below where the Twin Towers once stood and where the remains lay for all those who resisted Emperor Bloomberg and the now ruling Mullahs. I am tired, old and finally skinny having been allowed to eat only deep-fried rat by hand and on many days skipped eating entirely.  The Socialites that I photographed for years as a philanthropic photo journalist for, prior to my capture, served as my lesson and inspiration. I saw that they too could skip a meal or two and live.   This lesson was learned back in my days as a liberal elitist who voted for both Mayor Mike Bloomberg and President Barack Obama before I started seeing those in the Liberty Movement who were known as Patriots ridiculed, marginalized, inferred to be part of a fad and then ultimately lose their jobs and standing in civil society, as the Caliphate was re-established in America.

Some attribute America’s jumping the shark into becoming Islamerica the day Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the retired President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and his child bride won on Dancing with the Stars, setting a new standard of Muslim cool.  But, it was during the war on Fashion Week in 2035 that Anna Wintour and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff were beheaded, models were stoned to death on the runway in Lincoln Center and Vogue Magazine was renamed Burka, that I first went underground, prior to my capture, into the Koch Freedom Tunnels. The tunnels were secretly built below Lincoln Center by heirs to Philanthropist David Koch who were among the first in elite society to recognize the threat to civilization and the potential need for an escape valve out of Manhattan.

Turned out President Obama was in fact right, America could absorb another 9/11 and it happened again on his watch right before the end of his second term. After the second 9/11, right before the night that the lights went out in Georgia, with the help of Obama’s brother in arms, Mike Bloomberg’s millions and the example set by his administration in the scheme to overturn term limits with the assistance of the New York City Council, the U.S. Constitution was similarly amended by Congress to give President Obama a third term before the establishment of Martial Law to quell dissent.  In that order  Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC was renamed Islamerica International Airport diminishing further the standing and legacy of President Ronald Reagan, who symbolized a pre-caliphate (B.C.)  Islamerica.

The New 9/11 focused on the murder of Christians and Jews exclusively. Liberal elites, gays and Muslims were spared, initially but thereafter the mass hangings and stoning’s commenced live on Pay Per View on Al Jazeera. When the people began to ask questions, CAIR,  the Muslim American Society and the American Society of Muslim Advancement with the support of gays and liberal elites like Julie Menin said that it was unfair to blame all Muslims or the Muslim community at large for this attack.  As stated by a Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Jr., much like his father stated back in 2010  ”The attack was in fact due to intolerance in the Christian and Jewish community and that America had in fact brought this on itself.

A Mullah reads me my last rites, asks me to accept Mohammed as my savior so that I may some day find myself in the land of 72 virgins. I chuckle, some where from beyond the tears, and ask him do you guys really believe that? I thought that was just what you told the nut-jobs that you sent on Islamic suicide missions to give them motivation. Anyway, I ask him to consider whether 72 Virgins might actually be some of the gay teens that Islamic Nations hanged back in the day. I then advise him more seriously that the warrior prophet and pedophile, Mohammed is in hell with all the followers of Islam along with Hitler, Mussolini and that I found the way, the truth and the life a long time ago, and thus certainly have no sympathy for the devil, his belief system and his disciples here on earth. While my lord may not have allowed for me to save humanity, at least not just yet, that in these darkest hours of our planet, a veritable New Dark Ages, I advise him that as one of the last resistors, though I am no prophet but merely a foot soldier of Christ, he is surely about to put forth Armageddon on this planet. After they destroyed Capitalism, the Muslims having no comprehension of birth control had over over populated the planet and were on the verge of exhausting all of its resources.

The Mullah asks me how do I know about the pending food shortages that only the ruling elites know about but have not been allowed to broadcast on Al Jazeera and its satellite networks: CBS, ABC News and CNN. NBC went down with the last broadcast when on Countdown with Keith Olbemann, he finally acknowledged that Islam was today’s Worst Person in the World.

I advise him that I had hot wired a radio before it was confiscated and that I know that FOX News: Radio Free America is still “now broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building and that I have had the opportunity to once again make contact with our leader(s)”, the descendants and heirs of Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the foot soldier for truth, justice and the American way Curtis Sliwa who served as the last guard before New York City was over run by the Mullahs.

The Mullah smiled smugly and said ok wise guy, before I execute you, I will have our Slave Chefs formerly of Smith & Wollensky and The Palm prepare you whatever your heart desires to prove that Islamic Society can make your favorite dishes better than you have ever had them during the period before the Islamic Crusades destroyed Western Civilization. After being granted the one last wish of the  meal of my choice, I look at the Mullah and advise him that unlike the animals he regularly dines with, I prefer to use utensils and sit upright at a table rather than eat with my hands,  that is if we still have knives and forks left in Islamerica.

Upon completing my meal which admittedly was in fact quite tasty, I take my butter knife which it turns out is actually a box cutter and slit the throat of the guard, forestalling my execution and make my way through the catacombs whereupon I see the head of Andrew Cuomo (who finally joined the resistance despite taking Bloomberg’s endorsement) before finally coming across the people under the city and we make our escape by Sea…into the Hudson River and I head north with the only hope to some day, once again have Breakfast in America.

Just thought that you might want to know what I had to eat (in my dream or nightmare) before the Midnight Ride of a Patriot:

SOUP: Avogolemeno Soup or Pasta Fagioli

Appetizer: Clams Casino

SALAD: Tomato & Onion Salad with Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinegar

MAIN COURSE: Steak Pizzaiola in a Spicy Sauce

Side Dishes

-Angel Hair Pasta

-Rice Pilaf

-Broccoli in Garlic Sauce

-Kasha Varnishkas in a mushroom/tomato gravy


Challah Bread or Semolina with Butter

DESSERT (Choice)

-All American Banana Split with Hot Fudge, Wet Walnuts & Whip Cream

-Finikia (Greek Pastry) with vanilla gelato

-Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

-Pecan Pie with Shlag

Triple Espresso Americano

BEVERAGES: German Beer (Warsteiner on Draft), Opus 1 Red Bordeaux Wine & Pellegrino

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