PAGE SIX: SIGHTINGS- Islamic Barbarian Mohammed Parties in Hell with Satan, Hitler & Mussolini

PAGE SIX SIGHTINGS: Last night in Hell, Satan, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mohammed and Il Duce himself,  Benito Mussolini watching Lindsay Lohan doing a coked out of her head table dance during a brief but frequent visit by the worldly celebrity to Hell. Lindsay awakened alive back at her mom Dinah Lohan’s home on Long Island, New York  having no recollection of her night in Hell but the Prophet certainly did.  The founder of the one true faith said,  ”she was hotter than his first 6 year old bride Aisha.”  Satan, Hitler, Mussolini and the Warrior Prophet partied until dawn and held a vigil for rapist(s) Roman Polanksi and Charles Manson to join them soon.
It seemed that the Pedophile Prophet was celebrating the protracted but seemingly succesful launch of Islamification of America. Despite apparent setbacks in establishing a mega mosque at Ground Zero, he seemed pleased with advances made by the Muslim American Society  in New England, where under the guise of a school trip,  Public School Students in Wellesley, Massachusetts, including some of the Jewish faith were forced to bow down to the one true faith. “That this has recently happened in the United States of America (see video below) is proof that we are on our way”, stated Mohammed

Mohammed toasted to his “Mission Accomplished”  chuckling how this movement which is “not a religion or a cult but rather in its fullest form it is a complete total 100% system of life” was largely improvised and structured to rule over divergent nomadic tribes centuries ago and added, “I am still surprised to see a world that would would become filled with so many sheep willing to engage in an annual Hajj to Mecca (especially considering that I was rejected by my own people in Mecca until I returned to conquer it by force) to walk and pray around a cube (Kaaba) in the desert.”  He then stated, ironically that he concurred with the assessments of noted scholar Dr. Peter Hammond whose succinctly explained the Islamic movement in his book Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Movement & Contemporary Threat:
 ”Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components. Religion or “the veil of spirituality” is but a beard for the other components.” 
Michael Musto of the Village Voice tried to position himself for an interview with the Islamic swordsman who was flirtatiously advising Lohan that he had even better white powder back at his lair and all the young women she could ever want. Upon being interupted by La Dolce Musto he lashed out stating, “get that homosexual out of here before I have him stoned to death.”  The Apostle of Peace, who was in fact quite lit up, was reminded by his assistant that stonings are reserved for women and that Gays whom are hanged, along with liberal elites in America  are actually some of the greatest supporters of the rights of the one true faithMohammed apologized and advised Musto personally that he would in fact have him properly hanged if he violates the don’t ask don’t tell policy currently in place for homosexuals in Saudi Arabia and pockets of the Middle East in general, and then asked him if he was a top or a bottom.
The party was broken up at dawn by Winston Churchill who made the flight from Heaven into Hell on the wings of a “Special Friend of Humanity”, along with Mad Max  who made the trip all the way from Beyond Thunderdome because he figured out that “we do in fact need another hero and we do need to find our way home.” Islamic Barbarians at the Gate were not able to hold back The Way, The Truth and The Light as Winston Churchill’s arrival along side the real GOD caused the party to disperse rapidly even as Churchill advised those who gathered that We Shall Fight them on the Beaches.
PLEASE NOTE: While I do not advocate violence against any citizen regardless of their belief system (religious or otherwise) that does not mean that I do not advocate critical analysis, legitimate and thoughtful inquiry of movements that impinge on Liberty, Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism itself such as Islamism. Satirizing Islamism is included in my first amendment right of free expression. If Islam is to survive in any form in America then like minded people must stand up and check who is funding the proliferation of mosques and towards what end. Islam must reform itself from the inside out, even if that means that westernized American Muslims form their own church and disconnect from the global network and leadership of  Radical Islam. All too often the term for Angry Muslims or Radical Muslim in Europe and Asia is “Imam”– enlightened spiritual leader, even if said leaders calls for beheading others who defame Islam. As much as we must embrace Americanized Muslims who wish to leave in peace and harmony with their fellow Americans and protect them from being lumped in with the lunatics, we must denounce those who seek to establish something else entirely in America. To those who wish to come to me with their fatwa’s I say bring it on brother. But please be advised, should you come with the sword you will die by the sword.

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    Whatever our beliefs, our faith, our religion, our opinion its not important, since every person was created by the Almighty One as a unique human being, the important factor we have only one Creator, whatever you called Him He is only One. Unity, love and peace are the important factors that we live for in this world.

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