IN THE END, it’s really all about the food and maybe even in the desire to avoid becoming the food. In the words of Winston Churchill, “An appeaser is one who keeps feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”  I had a dream which some might refer to as a nightmare.  I awaken to find myself in Islamerica in 2055, a place made possible by the very liberal elites who ignored the historical warnings of Winston Churchill (treating him as a mere footnote of history), Tony Blair, Daniel Pipes, Geert Wilders, Dr. Peter Hammond and assorted other Patriotic New Yorkers who stood in defiance of Emperor of New York who came to be known as Mosque Bloomberg for his inability to recognize the Soft Jihad of Islamism before The fall of New York City.

Bloomberg’s passionate but irrational support of the Ground Zero Mosque against the wishes of a majority of Americans and New Yorkers resulted in his never becoming President but he nevertheless remained King of New York. After using the power of his office in support of his business interests involving Islamic finance and allies in the Middle East to establish the Ground Zero Mosque, he was permitted to rule over New York by FIAT for 25 years, retiring billions richer,  before finally being relieved of his post hanged and executed along with President Obama by the Mullahs who came to rule over the Five Points in a Mad Max like Lower Manhattan.  Bloomberg LP had been forcefully merged with Al Jazeera TV; the stock in the corporation being used to pay down America’s 100 Trillion in American Debt.

Notably, prior to his termination Bloomberg had ignored a diverse cross section of citizen resistance including  working families, comedian Jackie Mason, artist Suzannah B. Troy,  9/11 Families and the Voices of September 11th.  Curious investigations about illegal contributions made by his campaign never resulted in any charges against the Mayor but rather against those who received them ironically,  notwithstanding that something just smelled wrong, reeking of far more than simple patronage.  He said NO to the rebuilding of the Twin Towers and the WTC 2011 design which was embraced by many citizens and highlighted by NBC journalist David Shuster who exposed the hypocrisy at Ground Zero and yet who ultimately lost his job. In his rush to build Islamerica the Mayor instead focused his energies on hijacking the debate about the  mosque,  building the Freedom Tower, the WTC Memorial and the destruction of a New York City Landmark, the Empire State Building by supporting a rival skyscraper.   As I commented before I was imprisoned by the Mullahs ruling over the city, “it’s as if the Mayor is intentionally destroying the symbols of our national pride, strength and the notion of American exceptionalism itself, and replacing them with some convoluted internationalist ideal of what America ought to be.”  For most Americans and New Yorkers, the Twin Towers were about more than just this view or the Windows on the World they provided at one of the highest points at the top of the once Free World before the collapse.

It is 2055, the expanded Ground Zero Mosque and International Islamic Cultural Center now screams its call to prayer five times per day in the western Mecca for Islam in Lower Manhattan. The House of Saud, the global governing family council from Saudi Arabia had acquiesced to the movement of the Kaaba from the Islamic heartland and encouraged the mass exodus of undesirable citizens to Islamerica, except those slated to work for the royals.  I know because I can hear the call to prayer down below in the prison cell for resistors where I am housed.  I am locked in a cage in New York’s Catacombs beneath the city directly below where the Twin Towers once stood and where the remains lay for all those who resisted Emperor Bloomberg and the now ruling Mullahs. I am tired, old and finally skinny having been allowed to eat only deep-fried rat by hand and on many days skipped eating entirely.  The Socialites that I photographed for years as a philanthropic photo journalist for, prior to my capture, served as my lesson and inspiration. I saw that they too could skip a meal or two and live.   This lesson was learned back in my days as a liberal elitist who voted for both Mayor Mike Bloomberg and President Barack Obama before I started seeing those in the Liberty Movement who were known as Patriots ridiculed, marginalized, inferred to be part of a fad and then ultimately lose their jobs and standing in civil society, as the Caliphate was re-established in America.

Some attribute America’s jumping the shark into becoming Islamerica the day Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the retired President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and his child bride won on Dancing with the Stars, setting a new standard of Muslim cool.  But, it was during the war on Fashion Week in 2035 that Anna Wintour and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff were beheaded, models were stoned to death on the runway in Lincoln Center and Vogue Magazine was renamed Burka, that I first went underground, prior to my capture, into the Koch Freedom Tunnels. The tunnels were secretly built below Lincoln Center by heirs to Philanthropist David Koch who were among the first in elite society to recognize the threat to civilization and the potential need for an escape valve out of Manhattan.

Turned out President Obama was in fact right, America could absorb another 9/11 and it happened again on his watch right before the end of his second term. After the second 9/11, right before the night that the lights went out in Georgia, with the help of Obama’s brother in arms, Mike Bloomberg’s millions and the example set by his administration in the scheme to overturn term limits with the assistance of the New York City Council, the U.S. Constitution was similarly amended by Congress to give President Obama a third term before the establishment of Martial Law to quell dissent.  In that order  Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC was renamed Islamerica International Airport diminishing further the standing and legacy of President Ronald Reagan, who symbolized a pre-caliphate (B.C.)  Islamerica.

The New 9/11 focused on the murder of Christians and Jews exclusively. Liberal elites, gays and Muslims were spared, initially but thereafter the mass hangings and stoning’s commenced live on Pay Per View on Al Jazeera. When the people began to ask questions, CAIR,  the Muslim American Society and the American Society of Muslim Advancement with the support of gays and liberal elites like Julie Menin said that it was unfair to blame all Muslims or the Muslim community at large for this attack.  As stated by a Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Jr., much like his father stated back in 2010  ”The attack was in fact due to intolerance in the Christian and Jewish community and that America had in fact brought this on itself.

A Mullah reads me my last rites, asks me to accept Mohammed as my savior so that I may some day find myself in the land of 72 virgins. I chuckle, some where from beyond the tears, and ask him do you guys really believe that? I thought that was just what you told the nut-jobs that you sent on Islamic suicide missions to give them motivation. Anyway, I ask him to consider whether 72 Virgins might actually be some of the gay teens that Islamic Nations hanged back in the day. I then advise him more seriously that the warrior prophet and pedophile, Mohammed is in hell with all the followers of Islam along with Hitler, Mussolini and that I found the way, the truth and the life a long time ago, and thus certainly have no sympathy for the devil, his belief system and his disciples here on earth. While my lord may not have allowed for me to save humanity, at least not just yet, that in these darkest hours of our planet, a veritable New Dark Ages, I advise him that as one of the last resistors, though I am no prophet but merely a foot soldier of Christ, he is surely about to put forth Armageddon on this planet. After they destroyed Capitalism, the Muslims having no comprehension of birth control had over over populated the planet and were on the verge of exhausting all of its resources.

The Mullah asks me how do I know about the pending food shortages that only the ruling elites know about but have not been allowed to broadcast on Al Jazeera and its satellite networks: CBS, ABC News and CNN. NBC went down with the last broadcast when on Countdown with Keith Olbemann, he finally acknowledged that Islam was today’s Worst Person in the World.

I advise him that I had hot wired a radio before it was confiscated and that I know that FOX News: Radio Free America is still “now broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building and that I have had the opportunity to once again make contact with our leader(s)”, the descendants and heirs of Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the foot soldier for truth, justice and the American way Curtis Sliwa who served as the last guard before New York City was over run by the Mullahs.

The Mullah smiled smugly and said ok wise guy, before I execute you, I will have our Slave Chefs formerly of Smith & Wollensky and The Palm prepare you whatever your heart desires to prove that Islamic Society can make your favorite dishes better than you have ever had them during the period before the Islamic Crusades destroyed Western Civilization. After being granted the one last wish of the  meal of my choice, I look at the Mullah and advise him that unlike the animals he regularly dines with, I prefer to use utensils and sit upright at a table rather than eat with my hands,  that is if we still have knives and forks left in Islamerica.

Upon completing my meal which admittedly was in fact quite tasty, I take my butter knife which it turns out is actually a box cutter and slit the throat of the guard, forestalling my execution and make my way through the catacombs whereupon I see the head of Andrew Cuomo (who finally joined the resistance despite taking Bloomberg’s endorsement) before finally coming across the people under the city and we make our escape by Sea…into the Hudson River and I head north with the only hope to some day, once again have Breakfast in America.

Just thought that you might want to know what I had to eat (in my dream or nightmare) before the Midnight Ride of a Patriot:

SOUP: Avogolemeno Soup or Pasta Fagioli

Appetizer: Clams Casino

SALAD: Tomato & Onion Salad with Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinegar

MAIN COURSE: Steak Pizzaiola in a Spicy Sauce

Side Dishes

-Angel Hair Pasta

-Rice Pilaf

-Broccoli in Garlic Sauce

-Kasha Varnishkas in a mushroom/tomato gravy


Challah Bread or Semolina with Butter

DESSERT (Choice)

-All American Banana Split with Hot Fudge, Wet Walnuts & Whip Cream

-Finikia (Greek Pastry) with vanilla gelato

-Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

-Pecan Pie with Shlag

Triple Espresso Americano

BEVERAGES: German Beer (Warsteiner on Draft), Opus 1 Red Bordeaux Wine & Pellegrino


The most difficult thing to do as a New Yorker, one who has a profound respect for the history of New York and the import of being a citizen and who like a tourist in his own backyard loves every inch of this great metropolis and every parcel of land across the Empire State, is to recognize the great works of your heroes who have made great strides to advance the interests of New York City in challenging times, but who you ultimately have to acknowledge cannot see the forest  for the trees. It hurts to have to be the one to point out that they have ignored the will of the people and worked from a template contrary to the license granted by citizens for their governance.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, I enthusiastically supported your candidacy for Mayor and voted for you each time that you ran for office, although the first time I needed a nudge from Rudy Giuliani.   In 2009 when you ran for a third term, following your lead, I also compromised on principle, overlooked what George Will referred to as your dispensable arrogance and the refusal to take your case to the people in the form of a public referendum and instead using political elites, including former Governor Mario Cuomo. Instead I watched and over looked your rigging of the New York City Council vote by using your vast resources to influence influential local charities to back your third term, while neutralizing dissent even though I thought that there was a better way.  Bottomless campaign coffers actually worked to your detriment and stood in the way of your making the case to New Yorkers more effectively, passionately, personally and purposefully.  But what campaign consultant is going to tell you to spend less money, roll up your sleeves and make your case door to door or community to community or do a listening tour ala Hillary Clinton (who by the way is still looking for unemployed and underemployed Americans to help retire the campaign debt of a multi-millionaire)?  With all due respect to the so called brilliance of your Counselor Howard Wolfson, were I your advisor, you would still be a popular Mayor and well positioned to be succeed or challenge President Obama.  And not that you need it but you would have had another $100 Million to give to charity, but maybe in this economy Madison Avenue is as equally worthwhile a charity.

I compromised on principle because I believed that these were unusual and uncertain times and I was not eager to trade in your administrative expertise and executive leadership skills and replace them with that of a machine politician. In fact a couple of years ago in a brief conversation at Fete de Swifty, the charity event supporting the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, I implored you to run again for that very reason.    You could not be any more wrong had you financed yourself the building of the Ground Zero Mosque and donned a construction uniform and built it brick by brick with your own hands. Where was a similar passion to rebuild the Twin Towers instead of just a simple NO? But you broke my heart Mike, you genuinely broke my heart and rubbed salt in the wounds with your pure chutzpah.

Likewise, I longed for the day that Andrew Cuomo would have the opportunity to inherit the mantle of one of my political heroes in Mario Cuomo. But something happened along the way. In a post 9/11 world, the images of that day no longer seem relevant and some forget the lessons of 9/11 and maybe no longer hear the Voices of September 11th. Perhaps there are machinations behind the scenes that we will never know fully about. Maybe there are some reasons why our leaders cannot level with us or disclose who or what they represent beyond their own political self-interest. Frankly, you can stop calling it “public service” when all you do is give “lip service” to the interests of the public, your accountability to them and their right to know.

The [Current] Kings of Establishment Politics in New York, Mosque Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo, have finally broken bread. I am hardly surprised. But you have to wonder given the status of things, the unrest in the electorate and the revolution brewing across the state and this great land of ours, who stands more to gain and more to lose from the photo op? The Mayor who is viewed as a “holier and richer than thou” elitist by many and referred to as King Bloomberg or the Emperor of New York early in his third term finds himself in the cross hairs of a public no longer entirely in his corner. Having stuffed a third term down New Yorkers throats hardly makes him a sympathetic figure.  As stated by Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News:

Michael Bloomberg tells people where to smoke and where to walk in Times Square, how much fat they can have in their food, bullies anybody who gets in his way. Now anybody who disagrees with him on the building of this mosque is against freedom of religion and the First  Amendment. Why? Because Bloomberg stamps his foot and says so, that’s why.”

Mosque Bloomberg, the man who hand picked faux candidate/straw-man, former Comptroller Bill Thompson to lay down for him, but still almost lost despite spending over a $110 Million and buying off a political mastermind of  the Independence Party, the man who chose to bypass the will of the people and a public referendum by stacking the City Council, the man who said NO to the Twin Towers but YES to the Ground Zero Mosque with every ounce of his being, announced his support for the Prince of Darkness of Democratic Politics, who is conveniently backed and represented by an even darker force in New York politics, political scumbag Al D’Amato. And you are surprised? Examine the evidence closely. Andrew Cuomo and his advisors were running a stealth campaign for Governor even while he was Attorney General. Cuomo hardly had Spitzer’s back and in fact took the first shot to  undermine him shortly after he became Governor. And in fact the moment Spitzer was out of the way, Paterson found himself in the Prince of Darkness’ cross-hairs. Cuomo had no plans on challenging Paterson, a sitting Governor in his own party. Instead he had to scandalize and disgrace him until Paterson got the hint to step aside. You see Cuomo did not need another situation where he was perceived as pushing a black leader aside. Frankly once you removed Eliot, Paterson was a walk in the park. While Paterson is a nice man and actually quite capable, his presentation as a Chief Executive was seen as lacking by most voters and Andrew Cuomo’s allies were only to happy to gracelessly humiliate him further to force him aside.  He was thus never able to muster the full support of the people and he too has been cuckolded into supporting the architect of his own demise.  In the end the crashing of Spitzer’s rocket served hungry Democrats as much as it did Republicans, for in the vacuum of power, the old guard was reinstalled, one far last challenging to the establishment. Some will say that is just politics. Well, if that is just so, some of us would like to see the man wash, his seemingly clean hands, in the public eye, not operating or conniving in the shadows.

So I ask again for whom is this photo-op better or worse for? Mosque Bloomberg  or Status Cuomo? In my estimation, it is far worse for Andrew Cuomo to receive Bloomberg’s endorsement. While the Democrat has seemingly resuscitated his image following the McCall debacle of 2002, and the rather public cuckolding by his former wife Kerry Kennedy’s infidelity, following the convenient fall of Spitzer and Paterson, the Dark Prince of New York politics has positioned himself in a strange and curious fashion, the pawns all seemingly to fall just as they needed to, to position Cuomo as the latest savior in New York’s gubernatorial musical chairs.

One has to consider whether ultimately the Bloomberg endorsement will give Andrew Cuomo some leverage on the margins with independents and Republicans or just the opposite paint him as a quintessential insider and not a man who has risen from the political graveyard to the latest, greatest white hope of the Democratic Party. For all the humility and gravitas that his father had, which he may lack, Andrew suffers none of his father’s hesitant ambition.  Whereas Mario Cuomo was perhaps unfairly labeled “Hamlet on the Hudson” for his careful deliberation about the prospects of the next step, Andrew is brash, resilient and unafraid, an ACE Pupil and disciple of the Clinton School of Politics. Underestimate Andrew at your peril. If he makes Governor, served by the Bloomberg stable of journalists, he will without a doubt run for President.

A White Knight with Dirty Hands

Fast Forward to 2010 and Andrew Cuomo as the ”White Knight” for Democrats is problematic given his baggage at HUD during the Clinton Administration, his fingerprints all over the policy which ultimately led to the Sub-Prime Crisis, the Economic Meltdown in the Global Economy as well as his stealth campaign to open up the Governor’s mansion for his coronation. The evidence is overwhelming, check You Tube. Furthermore, that we allowed for the rather timely and convenient removal of a guy who was trying to warn America about the impending house of cards about to implode on civilization  in Eliot Spitzer and in effect replace him with who but the guy who helped design the Ponzi scheme that collapsed our economy. It is almost frightening how unbelievable this is.

No Sympathy For The Devil

What goes around comes around. Carl Paladino may be the wise man’s bet if you are listening to Eliot Spitzer. According to NY 1, Former Governor Eliot Spitzer, Cuomo’s predecessor as state attorney general, candidly talked about that reputation today on CNN, where Spitzer now works. Spitzer says now that Cuomo is wounded politically, his critics may start to pounce.

“The problem that Andrew has, behind the scenes, everybody knows he’s the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there. That’s his reputation in Washington. When his father was governor, he had brass knuckles and played hard ball,” said Spitzer. “He has a lot of enemies out there. Nobody is willing to stand up to him. When it appeared he was going to win it, it was inevitable. If it appears not to be not inevitable, things will change, he has a lot of folks he’s been on the wrong side of, who say, ‘wait a minute, he may not want to pretend he plays that game, he does’ and he’s worse at it.”

Eliot Spitzer speaking on CNN may have opened the door to the possibility of the crashing and burning of Andrew Cuomo or maybe merely briefly slowed the steam of Cuomo’s juggernaut. In line with the coronation, the convenient removal of Spitzer, Paterson’s standing down, Cuomo’s embrace of Bloomberg and his effort to gain the Governor’s Mansion without debating Carl Paladino or engaging the electorate via meaningful and critical interviews, town halls and interactions with citizens who may ask tough questions is highly problematic for anyone who believes in the Democratic process and anyone who believes that ultimately our leaders answer to the people.  Andrew Cuomo has seemingly risen beyond that with a campaign war chest accumulated from who knows what they want or what they expect. Given Cuomo’s troubling history at HUD, his contributions to the economic collapse, and the trajectory of the American economy, Andrew needs to address and level with the American people. Perhaps Andrew to address his HUD Legacy, can say something along the lines of the following:

“The Cuomo family has historically fought the good fight, from the underclass and the forgotten to the often overlooked middle class.  Remember my fathers speech about the ‘Tale of Two Cities’ at the Democratic Convention in 1984? Most Americans with any sense of history do.  I was there, we did not feel too elite back then; our battle for the little guy who needed help and could not find it was an uphill battle.  Imbibed with that same sense of purpose while at HUD to ameliorate economic despair and what has now been framed Third World America by Arianna Huffington. We thought that there was an opportunity to provide home ownership and eliminate the risk of homelessness for those who often cannot get the favorable treatment from mainstream financial institutions. Were we idealistic, excessively hopeful? Yes. Given the technological revolution, the never ending rise of the Dow Jones, we thought as did many economists that the days of endless prosperity were upon us,  days of boom and bust and cyclical economies were a thing of the past. We made errors because we thought we could lift many Americans out of the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living. Many far more savvy than I in terms of economics and the regulatory environment made similar mistakes.

What has happened breaks my heart but what breaks my heart even more is that we are back to the same place were those who we sought to serve still struggle with home ownership and economic insecurity. Do we give up or do we reinvigorate with a new sense of purpose and a pragmatism developed from the historical mistakes?  I am not perfect. I too have learned from my errors, I am well advised and eager to serve. I invite your inquiries, your judgments but those of you who know my family name, my pedigree, know of what stock I come from. I am not an elitist but rather a pragmatic humanist. I am open to enlightened debate and a serious and spirited dialoque about New York’s future. There are  serious  people with serious voices who may offer us solutions and a legitimate intellectual dialogue and spirited debate about the future of America and of New York. I am one of them and I want to be your Governor.  Give me a chance. I know it is hard to have confidence given the musical chairs in the Governor’s mansion but I am committed to stabilizing leadership of New York.”

Anything short of a statement and a course or action that illustrates a respect for the electorate and this Registered Democrat will likewise stand down and pull the lever for Carl Paladino. In the end, I expect Andrew Cuomo will play it safe because there is still a chance he can win that way. But he can change the political dynamic by exposing his  vulnerability to the public who has become distrustful of those who seek political appointment rather than public confirmation, after a series of candid disclosures and an earnest examination of their record,  prior to their ascension to office.  He should learn how a broad cross section of New York has in many respects turned against Mike Bloomberg, including some of his formerly most loyal supporters. And unlike Bloomberg, who barely won despite spending over $100 million against a man who many have come to see as a faux candidate and Bloomberg straw man in Bill Thompson, Carl Paladino is actually waging a campaign. Game on Andrew. Your serve.

While the temptation surely exists to take down Paladino with cheap shots while working the media to give Andrew Cuomo a free ride,  and dodging debates, I dare say that you may just end up riding the Cuomo Titanic into political oblivion. The Bloomberg endorsement may come to be seen as the kiss of death for Cuomo’s campaign, in terms of what it represents for many voters right now and that is elitist indifference to their real concerns.

What is really crazy is not to be as angry as Carl Paladino with what our political leaders have done to New York State. If you expect to walk into office by avoiding inquiry showing your New York State Driver’s License and Birth Certificate that you are in fact Mario Cuomo’s son, that is what will make voters even crazier than anything you can say about Carl Paladino. And I am technically registered on your team and your father is one of my political heroes. What does that say about others not similarly inclined?

PAGE SIX: SIGHTINGS- Islamic Barbarian Mohammed Parties in Hell with Satan, Hitler & Mussolini

PAGE SIX SIGHTINGS: Last night in Hell, Satan, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mohammed and Il Duce himself,  Benito Mussolini watching Lindsay Lohan doing a coked out of her head table dance during a brief but frequent visit by the worldly celebrity to Hell. Lindsay awakened alive back at her mom Dinah Lohan’s home on Long Island, New York  having no recollection of her night in Hell but the Prophet certainly did.  The founder of the one true faith said,  ”she was hotter than his first 6 year old bride Aisha.”  Satan, Hitler, Mussolini and the Warrior Prophet partied until dawn and held a vigil for rapist(s) Roman Polanksi and Charles Manson to join them soon.
It seemed that the Pedophile Prophet was celebrating the protracted but seemingly succesful launch of Islamification of America. Despite apparent setbacks in establishing a mega mosque at Ground Zero, he seemed pleased with advances made by the Muslim American Society  in New England, where under the guise of a school trip,  Public School Students in Wellesley, Massachusetts, including some of the Jewish faith were forced to bow down to the one true faith. “That this has recently happened in the United States of America (see video below) is proof that we are on our way”, stated Mohammed

Mohammed toasted to his “Mission Accomplished”  chuckling how this movement which is “not a religion or a cult but rather in its fullest form it is a complete total 100% system of life” was largely improvised and structured to rule over divergent nomadic tribes centuries ago and added, “I am still surprised to see a world that would would become filled with so many sheep willing to engage in an annual Hajj to Mecca (especially considering that I was rejected by my own people in Mecca until I returned to conquer it by force) to walk and pray around a cube (Kaaba) in the desert.”  He then stated, ironically that he concurred with the assessments of noted scholar Dr. Peter Hammond whose succinctly explained the Islamic movement in his book Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Movement & Contemporary Threat:
 ”Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components. Religion or “the veil of spirituality” is but a beard for the other components.” 
Michael Musto of the Village Voice tried to position himself for an interview with the Islamic swordsman who was flirtatiously advising Lohan that he had even better white powder back at his lair and all the young women she could ever want. Upon being interupted by La Dolce Musto he lashed out stating, “get that homosexual out of here before I have him stoned to death.”  The Apostle of Peace, who was in fact quite lit up, was reminded by his assistant that stonings are reserved for women and that Gays whom are hanged, along with liberal elites in America  are actually some of the greatest supporters of the rights of the one true faithMohammed apologized and advised Musto personally that he would in fact have him properly hanged if he violates the don’t ask don’t tell policy currently in place for homosexuals in Saudi Arabia and pockets of the Middle East in general, and then asked him if he was a top or a bottom.
The party was broken up at dawn by Winston Churchill who made the flight from Heaven into Hell on the wings of a “Special Friend of Humanity”, along with Mad Max  who made the trip all the way from Beyond Thunderdome because he figured out that “we do in fact need another hero and we do need to find our way home.” Islamic Barbarians at the Gate were not able to hold back The Way, The Truth and The Light as Winston Churchill’s arrival along side the real GOD caused the party to disperse rapidly even as Churchill advised those who gathered that We Shall Fight them on the Beaches.
PLEASE NOTE: While I do not advocate violence against any citizen regardless of their belief system (religious or otherwise) that does not mean that I do not advocate critical analysis, legitimate and thoughtful inquiry of movements that impinge on Liberty, Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism itself such as Islamism. Satirizing Islamism is included in my first amendment right of free expression. If Islam is to survive in any form in America then like minded people must stand up and check who is funding the proliferation of mosques and towards what end. Islam must reform itself from the inside out, even if that means that westernized American Muslims form their own church and disconnect from the global network and leadership of  Radical Islam. All too often the term for Angry Muslims or Radical Muslim in Europe and Asia is “Imam”– enlightened spiritual leader, even if said leaders calls for beheading others who defame Islam. As much as we must embrace Americanized Muslims who wish to leave in peace and harmony with their fellow Americans and protect them from being lumped in with the lunatics, we must denounce those who seek to establish something else entirely in America. To those who wish to come to me with their fatwa’s I say bring it on brother. But please be advised, should you come with the sword you will die by the sword.

9/11 I Am Not Afraid

I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid
To take a step, to take a step
Everybody, everybody
Come take my hand
We’ll walk this world together
Through the storm
Whatever weather
Cold or warm
I’m just letting you know that
You’re not alone
-Eminem (2010)

I am not afraid.  I will not be silenced. I choose to never forget 9/11, the images of that fateful day, the Blood of Heroes spilled, the Voices of September 11th and the Messages: Signs, Visits and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11 that resonate among some of us still.  The true lessons of 9/11 lie therein.

How do we honor  the legacy of those who perished? Do we simply erect a 9/11 Memorial and thereafter forget them and ban the memory if not the images which serve as a reminder of what transpired that fateful day?   Looking down on us would they be proud of how we evolved since that tragic day of September 11, 2001 or would they be see us lose our confidence and resolve to fortify the American way of life?  Let us engage in a broader public discourse beyond and not limited to the findings of the 9-11 Commission (which were truly Without Precedent), so we have a fuller understanding of how the warning signs prior to the day were ignored. We must Press For Truth, Justice and the American way regardless of where it might lead.  But understand that before we can have a true rebirth; and a veritable renaissance in Lower Manhattan we must look first and foremost at the inspiration for the erection of the original World Trade Center when the future of New York City was similarly uncertain. To not understand completely the history leading up to the erection of the World Trade Center and the powerful vision motivating the Rockefeller brothers will completely miss the point no matter how much good will is behind the project downtown.  Consider Andrew Cuomo’s vision in 2002 during his first gubernatorial run and whether the existing project meets that standard. According to the Gotham Gazette:

Although Andrew Cuomo ultimately dropped out of the race, his rebuilding plans were some of the most creative of any of the major candidates. He saw the rebuilt downtown area as a sort of high-tech capitalist utopia: New York City cultural landmarks, a relocated World Bank, an integrated transportation system, a developed waterfront with a harbor economy, and a newly commissioned World Institute of Health, doing valuable research while also creating a biotechnology economy.

It is not lost on me that since 9/11, the world’s tallest buildings are increasingly being built in the Middle East and Asia, while we seem reluctant to assert the American spirit in a similarly profound way.  Why?  The best 9/11 Memorial and tribute to the fallen lies in the spirit our resolve to evolve and not cower from the destiny of American preeminence because some think maybe we stood too proud and mighty. Otherwise despite all the pomp and circumstance years and decades later, despite how beautiful the buildings at this parcel in Lower Manhattan and how artistic is the 9/11 Memorial, folks will come to see where Capitalism, Democracy and American preeminencedied on September 11, 2001.

September 11, 2010, 9 years later and we are playing Whiffle Ball with Political Islamists over the establishment of the Ground Zero Mosque, when as noted by Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News the Ground Zero Mosque debate is about common sense and  sensitivity to 9/11 victims and not religious freedom. ”But the real scandal is that nearly 9 years after 9/11 Ground Zero remains a gaping hole of rubble,” in the words of Huffington Post correspondent, Barbara Probst Solomon.

I am not afraid to take a step and  use the power of my voice with every ounce of my soul to insure that we continue to fight to restore and rebuild the soul of our metropolis, America’s Community Center in Lower Manhattan—the Twin Towers before we erect symbols dedicated to Islam, the prescribed faith of those who attacked us in the name of  their radical belief system and who continue to play ‘Three Card Monte’ at Ground Zero. A culture of political correctness has risen in an effort to appease the greatest threat to civilization since a little German fellow had a notion of a master race. Some of our leaders are behaving like Neville Chamberlain rather than listening to the voice of Winston Churchill, as they sanctimoniously lecture us about religious freedom in an effort to silence legitimate, thoughtful and reasoned debate or critical inquiry about the sources of funding for the proposed establishment of a Ground Zero Mosque. The present day threat has a similar notion of its superiority as the one truth faithIslamism and Nazism are similar in their demand to subservience to the order. We must never give in to the might of the enemy. It is simply not an option.

There is a hole in the soul of our metropolis which will not be cured no matter how many photo ops our political leaders take at ribbon cutting ceremonies at other restoration and development projects around the city. Who would have thought that through three Mayoral Administrations of Mayor Mike Bloomberg, three Governors with a coming 4th in short order, that we could build steps to literally no where in Times Square, multiple high rises across the metropolis,  new sports stadiums for the  MetsYankees and Jets and Giants, engage in multiple New York Restoration Projects, but the one project central to the revitalization of New York City, that would have provided the BEST PHOTO OP is one that no leader wanted. Standing in front of the rebuilt Twin Towers.

I AM TO BLAME. I am an American. I am a New Yorker; a citizen of this wonderfully historic metropolis and of the United States of America. Paul Revere never said “who me?” or “should I speak now or later?”  When is the right time to raise your voice and start taking people along for the Midnight Ride of a Patriot? How strong are your legs? How strong are mine? Can I carry you on my back? Surely I do not know how much gas is that I still have left in the tank. But all I know is should we continue to remain silent, the 9/11 Ripple Effect is that we shall some day wake up in a city, a country and a world that we no longer recognize. Blame me because I believed so passionately in the administrative expertise and CEO skills of Mayor Mike Bloomberg, so much so that I voted for him three times. I never understood, nor did I want to accept until quite recently that our leaders despite all their intellectual gifts, administrative expertise and their ability to advance  the interests of New York City, on so many fronts, including the engines of commerce and tourism during a period of tremendous economic uncertainty and instability, may not always possess the testicular fortitude, vision, sense of history or understand the symbolism of their inaction and in essence miss the forest for the trees.  One can only wonder if they are even listening to the people who elected them or ruling by fiat. New York was essentially castrated on 9/11, and what we have is a highly efficient leader, who like Benito Mussolini, made the trains run on time. The collapse of the Twin Towers did not merely provide an opportunity for the construction of another Real Estate project in its place.

Imagine New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and who ever happened to be Governor during New York’s Gubernatorial musical chairs standing proudly in front of the bigger, better, stronger, more modern and sophisticated rebuilt Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan. Who would not want that photo op?  They might have made that guy President of the United States of America.

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