I know you are alone
Alone in your pain
I can see it but you will not let me feel it
There is a pain in my chest
Tears well in my eyes
When I wonder how you feel
Whether you can sleep at night
What goes through your mind
Do you know how much I love you
Do you know how much I care
Does it even matter to you
Can you battle another day, because
I cannot imagine this world without you
I am strong but your weakness weakens me
I know you are lost
I do not need you to find me
Nor do I need you to love me or care for me
All I care is that you find a way to love yourself
Love yourself as much as I love you
Because then my pain will go away


I wanna be nice because there is no point in being mean
I wanna love because hating hurts
I wanna believe more deeply in the grace of god because then maybe some of this will all make sense
I wanna feel what it is like, for a day, to be in the heart, mind and soul of Ghandi, Jesus, Springsteen, Lennon, RFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., the lonely girl who nobody talks to, the alcoholic, the sick man, the insane man….
….because I wanna understand
I wanna reach into the soul of our society, beyond the facade, and find out how much we really all have in common
I already know what divides us
I wanna embrace the rights of god fearing individuals as well as those who have no faith
I wanna love what we are and never be afraid of what we are not
I wanna maybe be a vegetarian because..
deep down I feel like a heathen eating god’s creatures
The problem is I am human, and
in being human I am a hypocrite.
Maybe its enough if we all just wanna…. sometimes

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