I wanna know what your thinking there are some things you can’t hide. I wanna know what you’re feeling. Tell me what’s on your mind. Here I am in silence. looking round without a clue. I can see behind your eyes. The things that I don’t know
If you hide away from me How can our love grow?

Information Society, “Pure Energy” Circa 1980 something.

Mr. Bush…Mr. Bloomberg….Ms. Rodham-Clinton, I wanna know what you’re thinking. Please for once, tell me what’s on your mind.

Who is the Grinch that stole the economy? 9/11 terrorists? Enron executives? Corrupt Wall Street executives? Incompetent politicos and a government bureaucracy gone wild? I write this even as some are beginning to write about the present bull market. Terry Keenan recently provided her Top 10 Reasons to be bullish again highlighting most significantly that “corporate insiders are selling like crazy” and that “after three years it just feels good to be bullish again.” Did it ever occur to Terry that perhaps corporate insiders are selling because they figure this might be as good as it gets for a while thus making it a prime time to liquidate some of their insider stock into cold hard currency?

I wonder how we have gone from Silicon Alley Nights to Networking for our Survival. Does it seem to you like everyone is seeking their 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight of Reality TV, while still others have turned to even more questionable pursuits, including entrepreneurial predatory schemes? If you ask me it is a mad, mad world. Recently in fact, the Consigliere was lured to a casting call where he was cast aside in favor of some truly beautiful actors, actresses and models. I am not complaining. In fact, if I were the director, I would probably cast them rather than me as well. The fact remains that reality TV is not reality when reality TV casting calls are filled with a multitude of actors, models and performers with previous experience� on reality TV.  This is nothing more than creative and cost effective programming by the Entertainment Industry which has finally figured out a way to bypass the SAG Actors and union wages to exploit the plethora of free talent that will work merely for the exposure. Why import oil by the barrel from overseas or cross country when you can turn on the tap anywhere at any time. In fact, one observation is clear, there are not nearly as many reality TV programs as the talent search would seem to suggest. It�s turned some casting businesses into stockpiling data and a talent pool for future reference. One of my actor friends pointed out how mind boggling it was to her who she saw on a recent casting call, lawyers, bankers, business owners, etc, many of whom were unemployed or “in transition.”

I do not even want to get into my experience networking with a Sociopath for several months whose weapon of mass destruction or WMD’s was something right out of a Bret Easton Ellis American Psycho novel. I emerged unscathed but psychologically battered nonetheless. Just more evidence of a world gone mad.

All I know is that there remains a huge pit and wide open air space where a chunk of New York’s economy, both real and symbolic, once stood. Our psyche as a people remains in flux at best and perhaps turned the entrepreneurial class in to scavengers feeding off the bones of a dead carcass, remnants of the New Economy. All while a handful of elities dine at the 21 Club and travel the world on book deals arranged to promote their hypocritical and self absorbed lives…(Case in point: Hillary Clinton). The fact that anyone listened to the “Living History” slop and P.R. that she offered on Barbara Walters and will even read her book amazes me. Lest anyone have any doubt, before you shower the Clintons with any more sympathy etc, this is nothing more than the second phases of a business/political partnership between two obviously over ambitious individuals. And if they truly do love each other, the drama of their type of love/political arrangement whether Anthony & Cleopatra or Juan Peron and Evita should be the subject of an Oprah episode and not hog the news headlines.

Hillary need not try to sell the American public dramatic stories of the  profound  love that the Clinton’s have for one another and explain the challenges to their  marriage, as ultimately  the American public may embrace her regardless. Some critics looking for an opening operate on the theory that  bullshit flows equally from the left as it does from the right I am afraid. Some are Unmasking Hillary.  Sharon Lerner recently pointed out Why She Enrages Feminists and Joy Press calls Hillary’s self absorbed promotional book nothing more than a 500 page resume in Living History: A Lifeless Letdown. Establishment shall have no fear over Ms. Clinton. Relax, while Hillary settles comfortably into the power structure in American Government, she is no where near the revolutionary or the threat that some consider her. The evidence is in and it suggests that suggests that much like her husband and perhaps even to a greater degree, she is the consummate political pragmatist who learned how to play old boys club game in a dress. She was after all a Goldwater Girl in her youth. In the minds of many, she is consumed with one end and one end only power and higher office. And that makes her no different than the power driven men who fill the political arena. Nevertheless, I was among many New Yorkers who were initially cynical but came away rather impressed by her successful‘Listening Tour’ of New York State that she embarked on in 1999 as a first step in  preparation of her 2000 run for the Senate to replace retiring Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY).

Where is the morality, shame, indignation or focus on real priorities which affect how people live, breathe and survive in our society. God bless Michael Bloomberg but even as a non-smoker who has a disdain for the activity doesn’t it strike you as bit odd, misguided and somewhat self righteous that the mans first few symbolic acts upon getting into office in one of the most fragile periods of this city’s history were to enforce a smoking ban on an otherwise stagnant nightlife industry, which was already crippled, embrace the cities most blatant race baiter and self promoter in Al Sharpton and to separate himself from the legacy of Guiliani by his statement that he wanted to be a kindler and gentler Giuliani. I mean really what the hell does that mean anyway?

Those who have theorized that the decay of civilization as we know it has begun in earnest point to those pursuing open or alternate lifestyle arrangements. Though misguided, it is perhaps an excellent way to take focus away from some of our corporate and political leaders who are completely devoid of a leadership vision beyond their self interest. Despite all of their flag waving they otherwise continue to fuck us. Yes, I said fuck. Moralists are often quick to demonize sensualists who are free and open with their sexuality rather than focus in earnest on the true corruption and immorality which lay at the center of our bloated government bureaucracy and those in corporate America who engage in ponzie schemes to defraud the taxpayer. That type if immorality is of greater concern and consequence to me than whether some executive wants to have his ass spanked by a dominatrix or a swinging couple that shares their bed with additional partners.

The real fraud and decay in our civilizations morality lay in those who operate in the shadows behind the heart of the seat of power in this country and some of the board rooms of the Fortune 500 and not in the bedrooms of those who lead an open lifestyle. In fact, one can argue that our government is actually doing a better job of fucking us. I only wish that they had asked whether we like anal sex before they bent us over and took us for a ride. This is the largest full time gang bang in history, one government schtupping nearly 300 million Americans daily. If the modern era in America feels somewhat like Caligula’s reign at the dawn of the fall of the Roman Empire it may be more a result on the lack of principled moral leadership and less so on the sexual indiscretions of the proletariat.

Consider the issue of  social security. As recently brought to my attention by my friend Palagia of Onelegupnyc who forwarded a poignant dissertation from Debsfunpages :

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years. Our Senators and Congress men & women do not pay into Social Security and, of course, they do not collect from it.

You see, Social Security benefits were not suitable for persons of their rare elevation in society. They felt they should have a special plan for themselves. So, many years ago they voted in their own benefit plan.

In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan.

For all practical purposes their plan works like this: When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die, except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments. For example, former Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives may expect to draw $7,800,000.00 (that’s Seven Million, Eight-Hundred Thousand Dollars), with their wives drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of their lives. This is calculated on an average life span for each. Their cost for this excellent plan is $00.00. Nada. Zilch. This little perk they voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan. The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from the General Funds-our tax dollars at work!

From our own Social Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid)into every payday until we retire (which amount is matched by our employer) we can expect to get an average $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in other words, we would have to collect our average of $1,000 monthly benefits for 68 years and one (1) month to equal Senator Bill Bradley’s benefits!

Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made. That change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under the Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us …then sit back and watch how fast they would fix it.

Shamanta in in Exposing Corruption in the Global Monetary System, suggests that we have been Unless There Is A Global Movement For Gold And Silver



So, while we fight about the cigarette ban, the Hillary chronicles, strive for our 15 minutes of fame on reality TV and assorted other distractions, there remains a huge hole in the ground, unemployment and underemployment of mythic proportions and a degree of insecurity and malaise in the population not seen since the Carter Administration. Before, we have any wag the dog distractions to the real issues at hand in our lives listen up baby, it is the economy stupid and my simple request that our government stop raping us as a people with ponzie schemes that will ultimately bankrupt our society, all while asking that we continue to make greater sacrifices. My answer will simply be shut the fuck up when you tell me about belt tightening when some Washington insider is walking away with millions in misappropriated retirement funds, while at the rate we are going the average yuppie will be living in a cardboard box without any retirement safety net.

Every 4 years we listen to the party out of power tell us how the party in power is the party responsible for the current bust or downturn, only this time it is worse and the pain is more pervasive. The boom bust economic cycles occur because if the system in place and not because of one party or the other. Clinton came into office in the early 1990’s vowing to stamp out the pervasive greed of the Reagan years that crippled Bush’s economy. The only problem with that inference is that the 1980’s were an appetizer compared to the feast of capitalistic explosion that occured in the 1990’s, the longest growth spurt in he nation’s history was prolonged by the Fed. 9/11 and the cycle of boom and bust precipiated the malaise that we suffer from today. If coincidentally a Democratic administration should wrestle power from the Republicans, are we going to once again give credit for the resulting boom to the Democrats? It is this circle jerk political process that prevents us from seeing the truth about what is happening in our country and the Global Economic Disorder. Who is to know how to Manage Global Economic Disorder.

If you think I am out of order, then in the words of Al Pacino in And Justice For All this is whole fucking world is out of order! And if you are too blind to see it or to passive to change it as a people then we as American deserve the shaft that is being placed up our tukhis on a regular basis, whether it be a Republican or Democratic Administration. The American public is seemingly bi political we enjoy being fucked equally by Donkeys and Elephants. If nothing else is clear, Shamanta may actually be quite right that the lack of sound moral economic fundamentals reduces the probability that we will have a future which will provide Justice for All. Perhaps we can find solace in our societal bankruptcy and our fifteen minutes of fame on a realty TV show.

Well as I expect, when you take on the left, right and everything in between in one column, you are not likely to be left with many friends. After this I may need a course from Dale Carnegie on how to make friends and influence people.


The title does not reference a celebrity boxing match. Recently, I wrote a wrote a critique/analysis (scroll down to Defending Cass, Social Elitism & Bad Manners in The Hamptons) of the ongoing feud between the eclectic Dan Rattiner, Publisher & Editor in Chief of Hamptons based Dans Papers (purportedly representing the view of the majority of Hamptons residents) singling out Cassworld as representative of a sinister share house culture gone wild in disregard of local community standards. Cassworld had threatened to get advertisers to Boycott advertising in Dans Papers unless they ceased actions discriminating against Singles in the Hamptons. Maybe that seems severe, self righteous or over the top but for every action there is a RE-action.

The perception is that Cass is acting on behalf and in concert with those who disrespect local community standards and ordinances. In their estimation perhaps all that is left is a Cassworld Gone Wild Video, with Cass playing Snoop Doggie Dog. That seems unlikely….or does it? Maybe I should not give the man any WASPS, Japs & Guidos gone wild on Sagg Main Beach? This gives new meaning to “catch the flash.” But in any event, it looks like Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild infamy has beat him to the punch as he is bringing his entourage to the Tavern in the Hamptons July 4th weekend.

Perhaps people should tone down their “You gotta fight for your right….to party” mantra they are sending to a Hamptons community which is legitimately unnerved and work better at brokering peace. Also, if nothing else, year round Hamptonites might be well advised not to bite off the hand that feeds you in the form of discrimination against singles and and second home owners who are New York City residents. In the current economic climate, house owners, bartenders, spas, lounge and restaurant and owners have challenges enough.

In the words of Dan:

“This place has a long history of professional people coming here and sharing a house for the summer in reasonable numbers and nobody objects to that. A four bedroom house with sixteen people in it every weekend is not all right. It is illegal, unsafe, a fire hazard and party central and you know it [chris] and that’s the problem and responsible people here are determined to draw a line as a solution. A party once or twice a summer is fine and you know that too. If you don’t, or if you don’t care as long as it is not next to where you live, then you have no manners either and are part of the problem.”

“My dad owned the drugstore in Montauk. Years ago kids couldn’t find work here and moved away and that was the complaint. Now there is work here but the real estate prices are so high and that’s a problem. Its all related to real estate prices. People can’t afford to live here. Now there is a new problem about crowding because young singles can’t afford it. It’s all money driven and in the end we have to deal with it. But we can’t destroy the place and so we can’t let that happen if we can prevent it.”

Perception is reality and maybe that is how the locals view the presence of Metro TV and Hamptons based Reality Programming in their backyards. Perhaps I do not entirely understand Gentleman Dan’s perspective as he explained it to me. But my sense is that Dan’s concern is not so much directed at discrimination of singles per se but with massively overcrowded houses which are belligerent to their neighbors and operate with obvious disregard for local community standards and ordinances.

Why I care about this I do not know, since the Nyc Consigliere intends to spend a greater part of this summer in the city or at the summer residence of my friend, one of NYC’s Top Trial Lawyers, Richard Signorelli.

Initially it seemed that this was a feud which was in many respects unnecessary. On the other hand, perhaps a greater understanding will emerge from the conflict. Part of the problem is that we are living in a new paradigm where “reality TV” based programming provides the opportunity of turning ordinary people in television stars…or side show freaks. Many ordinary people get to live out their own little soap opera on cable. The economics of Reality TV makes business sense. Your cast essentially works for free,making profit margins higher. Also most viewers prefer ro watch real people on TV than a bunch of busted up hollywood has beens who have already been seen far too much in syndication.

While Dan is right in that there certainly are a some who have and run share houses in violation of any sense of decency or community standards, I think that making Cass the target or to suggest that he is central to or representative of all singles who come to the Hamptons is misguided and a waste of time. Admittedly, however, Cass has courted the spotlight through is involvement with Singles in the Hamptons. Cass has has thrust himself center stage and drawn more attention to the partying share house culture as well as himself. He may have become the symbol or whipping post for whats wrong out East, much to the chagrin of many who are not opposed to the man himself but perhaps wanted a more low key Summer and the ability to fly below the radar screen of the Police and angry Hamptonites.

Their are a number of single professionals in shared summer homes which attract a nice element and do not want to be posterized as symbols for your locals to hate. A “share house” in and of itself does not necessarily threaten your community. Some in fact are productive members of your community, as well as business owners. In fact, many share house owners do not care to have the spotlight on them or endorse any specific individual whether it be Cass or myself to speak for them. Likewise many do not want to be lumped in the category of siding with Dans Papers and endorsing random discrimination against share houses or even more so having Cass as their spokesperson. They just want to quietly go about their life having a nice Summer.

My only critique of Dan Rattiner is that he seems to think that as my attempt to open a civil dialoque on the merits, means as he says: “Class Envy is a Personal Problem I have.” To the contrary, while I see a man concerned about the future of his community facing tourists and weekenders who do not necessarily have the best long term interests of the community at heart (as if that is a new phenomenon in any resort community) I do not think either side has framed the dialoque in the right manner. I am of the firm conviction that perceived class distinctions are at the route of the problem, regardless of whether Dan himself endorses or is even willing to acknowledge that some some kind of caste system exists in the Hamptons. Face it, it does.

If not, then how do you explain the preoccupation with “A List or Celeb Parties” hosted by night life scenesters for the 20 something set, Noah Tepperberg & Jason Strauss who boast the regular attendance of eye candy party girl Tara Reid to promote their weekly soirees at Andrew Sasson’s Jet East Club. Similarly the Charity Benefit Circuit & Upscale Supper Club scene for the 30-40 plus something crowd, derive their cache largely from celebrity or socialite patrons. Although, admittedly unlike a good number of mediocre and over priced restaurants in the Hamptons, The Farmhouse in East Hampton is one of a special handful including The Palm that has actually derived its reputation based upon the quality of the food.

Honestly, what contribution have Martha “F$*&king” Stewart, the vapid Hilton Sisters & Puff Doodie (yes doodie, because his music is derivative of other true artists and genuinely sucks, unless you think that a pseudo Gangsta version of MC Hammer posing as a socialite is hip) made to a society other than represent its continuing decay and absorbtion with the meaningless. How appropriate then that Jerry Seinfeld who made a show about nothing built a shrine to his wealth and success, and brought along all his meaningful posessions, toys and social climber extraordinaire in wife Jessica Sklar. Jessica you may recall dumped her Newlywed husband for Jerry upon returning from her honey moon just a few days or weeks before. The romance, the depth… gotta love it! Was it not also just a year or two ago that “scam artist at large”, Christian Curry was part of “Puff Doodie’s” entourage in the Hamptons and a club owner as well?. I should know, this “doofass” showed up at a small New Years Eve gathering I held in Battery Park City. What passes for news in the Hamptons these days is nothing more than gossip, The Hilton Sisters, Gwyneth Paltrow or Renee (”she had me at hello”) being spotted at a night club or eating a cookie.

I diverge. But my point is that if Dan Rattiner is truly concerned about the fabric of his community, why not take on the real power structure and the decadent culture with which those of means have polluted the Hamptons rather than a few social climbing yuppie scoundrels who are playing follow the leader and who’s wild days are mostly behind them, the torch having been passed to a new generation of irreverent partiers and posers. Lizzie Grubman, Cass Almendral and others of that ilk and generation/age range are too busy dining at Upscale Supper Clubs and hob nobbing in the Charity Benefit Circuit. Despite his obvious preoccupation with the spotlight Cass is certainly not this years Josh Sagman even though he is seemingly volunteering to play the heavy. You may want to turn your attention to the new “Boys of Summer”,the latest crowd of 20 somethings in the form of “Princess” Jeff Goldstein, 26 years old.

Admittedly, Dan seems like a regular guy concerned about losing his sanity in his land of milk and honey…having it become Cancun II. Well it was already Sodom and Gomorrah meets Bonfire of the Vanities well before Cass Almendral arrived and it will continue to be if you force his crowd to the Jersey Shore as “Socialite Wannabe Julie London” says is where he and his progeny all belong.

To Julie London:  I have been to the Jersey Shore. I have friends who grew up on the Jersey Shore. People on the Jersey Shore are friends of mine. Julie London….you are not good enough for the Jersey Shore. Anyway, tramps like us…baby we were born to run. At least there, the only status is derived from who is able to spend the most time at the beach and who got the best “color” from the sun.

Dan’s assessment that class envy is a problem I have is not only inaccurate, off base but impolite given that the man has never met me. I simply choose not to capitulate, engratiate myself or otherwise engage in idol worship of those at what is perceived to be at the top of the existing social order in the way that David Patrick Columbia does. Society is compromised of a far broader mosiac and often those who “push the envelope” at the lower levels of the social ladder like Cass, encounter far more static than the socialite and celebrity class. My observations given the existing social order and caste system in the Hamptons were made on the ever abundant evidence. Perhaps Dans Papers is my new shrink? If so that might not be so bad since Dans Papers is available to its readers at a very the very fair and reasonable cost of…………if you do not mind filtering through 5,000 pages of endless advertisements from lawn care to massage services interspersed with an interesting read or two. But then again, getting all those ads is impressive thing in and of itself.  I am launching Chris London’s Papers, basically my theme is The Yellow Pages with a couple of columns. What do you think? Is there a Venture Capitalist in the house who wants to fund my soon to be Literary Masterpiece?

Dans only true failing in my humble assessment is an inability to understand the real source of the problem and deal effectively with those few people who may be disrepecting the Hamptons community. One suggestion, however, is not to lump single people who come to relax in your community in the same category as some of the people who come out there to social climb.

I wish you alot of luck dealing with these folks this summer. Perhaps they will even give you a point/counter point spot on New York Metro TV in the Hamptons. Please know, if I have a fetish, actually I have several but nevermind that, it is finding solutions and helping people find common ground. I think it would be a good thing if more single people understood your perspective better so that there would be less confrontation and more acceptance of certain standards without Police intervention. Instead what you may encounter is a ridiculous back lash of people who want to “fight for the right…to party.” And these Beastie Boys are not quite as down if you know what I mean. But you also may want to consider that more legitimate tourists are no longer flocking to the Hamptons because the culture itself has become somewhat repulsive to many. Ciao.

Sincerely, one who wants peace, civility and good kharma in the Hamptons.

June, 7th, 2003: Latin Fiesta Benefit for The Retreat at The Star Room in Wainscott
Special thanks to those of you who made the first Sensual For Charity Event a success

Picture Albums From Sensual For Charity Event on June 4th
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Social Elitism & Bad manners in the Hamptons
Attention: Dan Rattiner of Dans Papers & “Julie London”

Dear Dan: I read your column this week with a degree of amusement but mostly disappointment in the lack of journalistic integrity exhibited as well as the underlying social elitism and insensitivity contained therein. You referenced my quote in your lead article “Boycott is Ended” as having been a post to Cassworld when in fact, I leveled my social critique of the Discrimination Against Singles directly to you and your Guest book and linked it to my Online Social Diary

While Israel is known as the land of milk and honey, the enclave known as the the Hamptons is the land of milk and honey to East Coast & Global elites who have made that community its summer playground or retreat from the harder life in Manhattan. Unfortunately, the capitalist system does not bequeath home ownership in sea side towns to many individuals but rather only a handful. To the victors in life go the spoils. The remaining professional class, single, married or otherwise paired has no choice but to seek more affordable accomodations if they choose to “Summer” in your community. As a New Yorker frankly I consider it my community as well regardless of the fact that I cannot afford a second home, never mind a first home in East Hampton. When movie stars like Renee Zellweger pay several million dollars for modest homes that would sell for maybe a couple of hundred thousand in any other part of the country, it kind of prices out the rest of humanity. I will, however, for arguments sake call it your community because it seems like many are territorial and have a sense of entitlement not to see a certain class of people “pandering” in that community.

In the past I have enjoyed the Hamptons a great deal, but certainly not for the wild parties but more for the comfort of the beach and country with all of the amenities that one would otherwise have available in Urban life. Many far more prolific than myself have been better able to articulate precisely the unique attributes of the Hamptons.

I do not and have not ever owned a home in the Hamptons, but in prior years with or without a girlfriend I have made arrangements to rent space in a share house, more often at the second homes of some of my friends in the Hamptons, many of whom have made investments in yoru community for the long term. The houses that I have purchased shares in over the years have often had between 10-20 individuals per weekend, most often 2 to a room. At other times I have stayed at some of the breath taking INN’s, including my favorite The J Harper Poor House. We enjoyed the spirit of camraderie, friendships made and the networking options presented. Many more of my nights in the Hamptons were spent dining at The Palm or doting over cocktails with a woman who was the subject of my affection. Did I attend late afternoon happy hours in Sag Harbor at B Smiths? Did I share cocktails and wine with friends at Bobby Vans? Certainly! Did I purchase food, clothes, gifts and spa treatments at Natural Beauty Spa for myself and significant others? Yes I did. I did so despite the fact that unlike many of your friends perhaps, I had to drive out there or take a Jitney as a working class professional, I did not have access to my own Private Lear Jet.

I do however, take umbrage with your column and especially the smug and elitist audacity of one of your readers in particular, Ms. Julie London. I choose to spend my time in life nurturing community building spreading good kharma whenever possible. Obviously some where between Dans World and Cassworld is my world. I am an independent persona, beholdon to no one. Nobody speaks for me. But while you and some of your elitist readers may condemn the lifestyle of Cass….he may actually be the least of your worries. Julie London’s condemnation is so off the mark in her assessment of Cass:

“Your lack of understanding is obvious when you think that someone from the city or the neighbors are going to come to any party you arrange. They are heading to some multi-million dollar house with at least a pool and an elegant lawn party with servers and yes � real glasses, plates and silverware.” Oy vey…Julie London goes on further to say “You think you are the social doyenne of New York and the Hamptons? How many upscale events have you been asked to be on the committee for? (as if this is the barometer of social standing) None. You are delegated to �Hot Babes Auctioned Off� nights and �Fun with Wine.� You are like the Hooters of the Hamptons. I agree with Dan – you and your membership should boycott the Hamptons and head for the Jersey Shore.�

olive branch
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : a branch of the olive tree especially when used as a symbol of peace
2 : an offer or gesture of conciliation or goodwill

I know that it may be in voque to express distaste for the man. Admittedly, Cass does court alot of media attention for his involvement in Hamptons Nightlife. The worst that I can about Cass is that perhaps he is a bit too consumed with his own celebrity to the detriment of his mission in life as well as the interests of other home owners who effectively run singles homes which blend well into the community. But the fact is that Cass offered an Olive Branch and extended you and those who condemned him, a courtesy visit to his home and the opportunity to break bread with him. If you do not take him up on it or at least graciously thank him for his offer and decline, then tell me, who is the one with manners? If nothing else, it seems as if Cass parents took the time to turn him into a gentlemen. I suggest that Julie London (no relation to me, Chris London) may want to consult the Emily Post Guide to manners. No offense honey but were you raised by a pack of wolves? As for me, all I can say is that if Julie had the gall to direct such a vapid diatribe at me, much as in the Point-Counterpoint segment of a TV show from the 1970’s, my reply would begin with: Julie, you ignorant slut!”

Where I am from, it is an incredibly gracious act to welcome your greatest critics. Perhaps Julie London and some of your other readers feel empowered turning down their nose at Cass because he has not risen to the highest levels of your Social hierarchy. Frankly, I would be the first to point out that its not worth the time. While I have some local friends and small business owners in the Hamptons, I am really not interested in climbing any social ladders. I am an Ivy League educated professional from blue collar parents, including an immigrant father but I would rather be a bartender than attempt to climb any Hamptons social ladder. The only exceptions would be guaranteed parking at the Beach, at will access to a table at The Palm and a daily massage from Deborah Weiner’s Spa on the Run. If I had all of the above…that is hollywood enough for me.

Furthermore, a personal aside, while I do not need to indulge a reply to the sociopathic rant leveled by Julie London at Cass, the fact of the matter is that some of the most active people in the NYC Charitable community, including the likes of Cass, myself and others, may not always directly Chair each and every committee. But, from a grass roots standpoint many do a great deal to assist in their community outreach and fundraising efforts which is far more a significant contribution than your vapid Princess Poser Ass sipping Vueve Clicquot at some Socialite’s lawn party. While Cass is no social doyenne, he and others are frequently each asked by numerous charities to assist in filling their events. To belittle Cass as “The Hooters of the Hamptons” is to miss the point entirely. A number of people on the NYC Social scene, non-social climbers included, support many charities at the most critical levels. While I cannot speak for Cass, I speak for myself and the spirit of generosity which consumes my soul is well known to my friends, many of whom are Directors of Fundraising & Development for substantial charities. Unfortunately, my parents were not of a class to establish the kinds of Foundations that I am involved in supporting. Moreover, Ms. Julie London, I find your commentary repugnant and utterly lacking of any sense of grace or civility.

Cass can obviously speak for himself. My advice, not that he would necessarily take it, would be not to suck up to a bunch of elitist locals who have inflated opinions of their self worth. All of the money in the world can never buy class or a sense of compassion and sophistication, no matter how big your home, car or plane or your overly thick newspaper filled with excessive advertising which overshadows whatever literary charade you seem to be engaging in out East. My advice is to keep your focus on your local movie star sociopaths who are regularly the source of more insignificant and mind numbing gossip in your journals…ooops, I meant “News” papers.

On a personal aside please tell me when you guys have actually broken any real news. Even your “Marketing Lebiskind” piece this week did not break any new ground or reference sources, but rather is largely rehashed news which I have reference in my Manhattan Society Online Community Resource Guide and Journal. At least, I provide direct links to those who first wrote the stories weeks ago. But I do give you credit since I agree with your viewpoint. May I suggest that in the future you at least reference those leading in earnest the critique of the Lebiskind attrocity—Team Twin Towers.

Furthermore, while I am familiar with the fact that there are some extraordinarily nice people out on the East End of Long Island, we are ill served in these unusual and challenging times to engage in anything short of community building. Perhaps many in your community view the annual invasion of middle and upper middle class New York Professionals as similar as many locals in Fort Lauderdale view college kids on Spring Break. You have every right to instill a sense of pride and order to your community and to limit excessive celebrations which rise to the level of a community disturbance but it is incredibly hypocritical and big brother like to turn every citizen into a spy to selectively weed out “undesireables.” I for one am well aware of the selective enforcement of you ordinaces against random citizenry. Call it what you want, but it is a sur-tax on Summer fun and alienates the Consumer. It is especially troubling to read the hateful prose in times where many face a tremendous degree of economic uncertainty.

In fact, many of your second home owners feel the pinch of “taxation without representation.” Those “yutzes” who jump back on the Hampton Jitney at the end of each weekend are paying your oppressive tax burden for town services and education that they will never utilize. 87% of the homeowners in the hamptons have 2nd homes. These second homeowners are not not able to “vote” because their “hamptons homes” are not their primary residence. But as so aptly stated by one critic, “they take our taxes and don’t allow us to vote, then we have to live by “their rules” while they spend 70% of taxes on schools that I’ll never send my kid to, then almost 3% on the “Southampton Library”, which lets face it, I’m never going to attend, etc., etc. etc. Then it takes 6 months to get a building permit approved, because there are not enough funds to staff the office, then I’m required to “pay” for the beach even though I’m a resident, etc., etc., etc” Incredulously, even those who own homes are thus not consider “local” while the “locals” are free to usethe tax money any way they see fit and second home owners have no voice in the matter. Someone should you remind you of a thing called the “Boston Tea Party.” ahh…the irony as I sit here finding myself defending second home owners.

I love the beach. I love the country. I love humanity and I use to love the Hamptons…..bring back some of the love and compassion for some of the yuppie proletariat who use to enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life like a glass of wine at B Smiths at sun down or a Sam Adams on Sagg Main Beach during the Fire Works display on the 4th of July while kissing the woman you love. Those are memories that one will have for a lifetime and why the hating must end. We must foster more love between the haves and the have nots. Then the Hamptons will remain forever romantic and not simply another elitist enclave. And by the way….lighten up on Cass and do not turn him into this years Josh Sagman or Lizzie Grubman. Oh yeah and keep the camera rolling and you will see that Cass and his entourage spend more time hob nobbing at upscale restaurants and watering holes than partaking in outrageous Stuff Magazine parties or at least I hope so.

P.S. The editorial contained above is my opinion alone. I do not profess to speak for anybody but myself and my statements herein are not to be construed as being endorsed by some of those who have been critiqued in your publications.

Wednesday, June 4th, Sensual For Charity Event
Saturday, June 7th, Benefit for The Retreat


Click here for pictures from last weeks Out The Window Film Screening & Private Cast Party at Scopa

Coming June 4th: Sensual For Charity Event, Room 143 in Manhattan

Click here for my other column this week, “The Politics of Sensuality”

Despite New York Magazine’s article Summer Shun, reporting a decline in Summer rentals and many avoiding the Hamptons, reports from the field confirm that decadent partying has commenced in earnest in the Hamptons, although many have found their weekend shares thus far more like a Fall weekend in Vermont the Brazilian Rain Forest. There are some who would like to believe that things are and will be the same as prior years. Unfortunately, I beg to differ. Those selling shares had to market them far more agressively, provide all sorts of incentives, discounts and flexibility in a way that they had not in the past.

The city has not been a ghost town either. Many have remained here on weekends rather than escaping as they had in the past.
I think the trend may continue as well. Ironically enough the Despite the Mayor and City Council’s attack on the Urban taxpayer in these recessionary/depressionary times, hopefully brighter times for the city’s future do lie ahead. How soon who knows for sure. One prognosticator has expressed The Bottom Line Is a Real Bull Market is underway.

While there is always certainly plenty of entertainment for those who find themselves out on Eastern LI, on Fire Island or at The Jersey Shore, in years past…interesting options perhaps were more hard to come by, outside the “Club Kid”scene.

This summer that changes. Why? You may have heard of the Networking Girl or Queen of the Singles Dating Events in NYC, from speeddating, singles cruises to Lock & Key Parties where she offers you the the opportunity to “Unlock Your Possiblities TM” or her latest incantation Summer Evening Co-ed Softball. Quite a jockette herself, she possess quite a knowledge of stats and statistics to rival any dude you know and probably even a better glove and throwing arm in the field no less. Noteworthy, is that her last Lock and Key Party, was a networking phenomenon, attended by over 200 people.

Whether she is dishing the dirt on the Guy vs. Girl front, Networking Girl is on the front lines…. sometimes controversial, but always informative and entertainting. A recent topic in one of her newsletters was about Staraight Girls Who Kiss Girls and the Guys who love them. Apparently high on many Dyke’s list these days is some girl named Chloe. Still others prefer more of a Bombshell If I can recommend anything to the guys, allow the women to make these choices on their own. Besided which, if you push it, she is likely to find a girl who can kiss her better than you.

Her Singles events? Well..simply they work. Why? She is meticulous in her execution and has a devotion to delivering value to her patrons and sponsors. In fact, in the past I have labeled her the neurotic Bob Fosse. In contrast, I have witnessed other promoters fail by promising too much and delivering far less.

This Summer promises to be different if you keep an eye on the Networking Girl, Murph Guide, New York Planet and London Network…you may even want to keep Onelegup! or find someone to FLIRT with. There will be weekend Urban Culture and Networking this Summer…and it won’t only be at the Beach or the Golf Club, rest assured.

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