Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady is the the new Miss USA. That story line has been eclipsed, however, by one comparing Miss Utah Marissa Powell’s flub of a question on income inequality – equal pay for equal work (yes at the Miss USA Pageant no less, not on Meet the Press) with the notorious one by the former Miss South Carolina a few years ago.

Deadpsin was quite harsh: “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” even led with “Miss Utah Pulls a Miss South Carolina, bombs at Miss USA”

First, I would like to know what non-politically correct dogmatic response would have been forthcoming from the lips of any of the critics who dismissed Miss Utah Marissa Powell as an imbecile for hesitating on a question, the answer to which, is not suited to a quick sound bite.

Clearly the ongoing inequality between wages paid to women and men is not the easiest of issues to solve because some great minds have made little progress in resolving the conundrum of this inequity in our society. Feminists, economists, labor leaders and politicians/legislators have long been quite aware of this issue and its significance, and the particular pain this brings to families where the woman is the primary if not exclusive wage earner, yet we have in 2013 still not bridged the gap. Do they simply prefer the narrative to an actual solution or is a solution more difficult to come by?

Yet, I even doubt that that the woman asking the question: Nene Leakes – a “Real Housewife of Atlanta” who is part of America’s culture of distraction, even had the ability to give a useful response beyond launching a platitude about how the world is inherently less fair to women. If anything that show is frankly what is wrong with America. Sumo wrestling by crass women in high heals in various upscale urban and suburban locales is the new normal? Powell at least had the instincts to go to begin her answer with ‘education’ and ‘enlightenment’ — policy shifts will begin when we stop having elitists trying to prey on and dumb down the entire population and invest in building our society from the bottom up. And Marissa was actually quite correct that right now the issue of ‘job creation’ period is not just a primary concern in an America where well paying jobs have been evaporating along with the middle class at an alarming rate, but perhaps the absolute main concern.

So while economists, feminists and historians can argue about the proper approach to rectify this problem or try to get their arms around the complexity of this issues surrounding it or contributing to it, that Miss Utah did not give a pithy response, must somehow illustrate that she is an idiot right? Call me crazy but I do not think Miss Utah is a moron. She may have just gotten blindsided because I doub that the individual asking the question actually had a better answer, but perhaps just a more socially acceptable one.

We are all the idiots, the lame stream media just found someone to play ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ with so bloggers could have a few chuckles.

The fact is that America needs a more flexible and diverse and comprehensive national education policy that (i) prepares young people to be more productive and useful immediately to going concerns and (ii) inspires greater creativity and entrepreneurialism to help young people better evolve in a wide open global economy so that maybe more women can work for themselves rather than a bigoted employer. And I guarantee you than not even the questioner understands this and (iii) Job Creation will come from America having a more skilled, productive and able workforce and enlightened/worldly entrepreneurial class that can compete internationally as well as make America a better place to grow a company.


So let me get this right, alleged feminist poseur, gay female aspirant to become Mayor of New York City, Speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn doesn’t believe in a “living wage” and has to be cajoled into doing something resembling fairness for citizens at large in order to keep her campaign afloat while not risking pissing off her corporate sponsors. Then our “journalists” at large would rather pick apart a Miss Utah at the Miss USA Pageant who fumbles a question about the roots of income inequality because she could not give a pithy response or sound bite on an issue which has flummoxed economists, feminists, labor leaders and politico’s for a long time. Marissa Powell did not win, but dropped to third place at the Miss USA Pageant. The question I have is then why is Christine Quinn who tried to avoid a discussion on income inequality still even in this race? Under the circumstances, don’t ya think maybe it is a tad more important to Defeat Christine Quinn than to Defeat Marissa Powell?

The attacks on Marissa Powell on the blogosphere and on Facebook were alarming in their pervasiveness as they were in their ignorance and arrogance. Consider that we live in an era where people who cannot read, write books and people who with no expertise are touted as experts and people with no soul are promoted as humanitarians. Societal elites love these narratives of beating up on someone from a red state because it makes them feel better. It is fascinating how many so called evolved citizens feel comfortable dismissing an entire state of people based upon a perceived flub by a beauty contestant while under the spotlight; as if that somehow exhibits how insightful and evolved they are.  It is ridiculous.


(c) Chris London ParkAveNYC

Good Morning New York City: It is good to be alive. You know it is. As I walked along Park Avenue on my way to work this morning, the wonder of life just hit me. All I could think of or wish for is that may we all have the strength and the power to make this a truly productive and meaningful day in our lives. Let us not be defeated by negative energy or allow our spirits to be undermined or infected by forces of darkness. But instead, let us remain confident, devoted and faithful to the things that truly matter. We belong. We are strong. We will evolve to become even better. Let us show the world how we do it across all the Five Boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.


-I am a New Yorker, one of the many, the proud and working New Yorkers.
-I love myself, I love my family and I love my life. I am committed to all of them.
-When I get down, I fight to get back up. And I do get back up.
-Today I am going to show my clients, friends and family the best of my spirit and ability
-Today I succeed at all I do because god and this universe wants me to.
-Success is not just an option or an aspiration. This is just our job here NYC. It is simply how we roll

God bless you all!

with love,

the NYC Consigliere


The road is long
With many winding turns
That leads us to,
Who knows where
Who knows where

But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother
So on we go

His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there

For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another

It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share
-“He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother” by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell also performed by the Hollies & Neil Diamond.


So who am I? This is me below:

Chris London in the City

I may not in fact be everyone’s cup of tea. Some of you have been gracious enough to remind me of that fact. I acknowledge, accept and deal with that and welcome you to continue to do so.  It is not really that dramatic for me at all.   Go ahead, knock yourself out. You see, there was a time when I cared enormously what people who truly had no impact or meaning in my life, may have actually thought of me until I considered how bizarre that was. I may have even worried what their opinion of me might be. That is no longer the case. After all I am not running for political office, even though there are times that given the state of our leadership (See: e.g., Christine Quinn, the Speaker of the NY City Council and wannabe Mayor of New York City) I do not feel any less qualified. I just do not always have the time to worry how I may be perceived when I am trying to have an impact on this world before the clock runs out and I am six feet under in a box or better yet, my ashes are scattered at sea or fed to my enemies in a stuffing in a meal at Thanksgiving. Yes, I am that twisted that could it so be arranged, I just might authorize it. So beware or maybe don’t be so aware. But that does not mean I do not care about the fate of humanity or want to contribute to a better reality than the one which presently exists for all of us. It is precisely the point that I do.


Fact is that I do not compose my thoughts, express my opinions verbally, to friends, family or foes or in blog posts online from the perspective of what might garner me more fans, followers or acceptance or even to gain gain intellectual recognition from the so called chattering class; whether they are people I do or do not know. I am less consumed with packaging my prose in nifty little packages for Random House. We live in a crazy era where people who can’t read or write get book deals. And I wonder, who the phuck is buying them other than people who cannot read or write themselves.  Ok I diverge and exaggerate…somewhat.  But the bottom line is that I am not down with finding a creative way to bullshit the public in order to sell a book to people who cannot read or care to get enlightened. Nor am I truly arrogant enough to believe that my form of enlightenment is what they need.  In a prior era, getting a book deal meant something. More often, especially now, I communicate, and perhaps it is even more arrogant to think this way, to change how certain people examine truth, justice (and the American way), the existing reality or the paradigm we are currently living in. Perhaps I am delusional to think that my purpose is to, on a small level, help shape the flow or spread of information or thought on certain subjects or correct flawed narratives in our culture, many of which actually mask the truth and preclude societal evolution. And sometimes or even often, it is pointing the finger to where or with whom greater truth may lay. Maybe they should know the basis for my evolving belief system; if they care to that is. Validating other authorities and those who claim to be authorities is an underlying passion of mine after all and I cannot help being that way.


I am at peace with who I am, where I came from, the course my life has taken, the challenges I have overcome and those which still stand in my way to becoming and being what I am destined to be.  I know it is a process and there is still work to be done. Yet, I also recognize that I have the power of the German, Austrian, Italian-American blood of a working class mother who grew up in Chelsea who was a devoted Catholic (Hail St. Columba Church!) and yet not limited by Catholic teachings entirely.  She was a student of the flows of this universe, very much in touch with good and evil, so eminently aware of what was required to transform and move forward.  She was a survivor; the more she was hit with, the stronger and more determined she became.  Rarely did she complain and that amazed me because her path was never easy.  Maybe it is because of her upbringing and that the source of inspiration was  parents who worked for the railroad and ‘the telephone company’ (when there was only 1) who raised a household of young women who came to love and nurture people and god’s furry little creatures more than anyone I have ever known.   Then there was my father;  a man who came to New York City, already a worldly and educated young man who loved books, classical music, studying history and the works of historic craftsman. He mastered languages with ease and the NY Times Crossword puzzle as if it were a simple game of checkers. He was a humble but proud man, a foreign man with a mastery of the English language far superior to many natural born Americans. This man was the best mentor and tutor a child could ever have in a father. He was imbibed with a simple greatness, an intellectual but not an elitist; but rather a man who identified more with the life of the every man.  My father’s humility is that despite his learned pedigree that would have made him quite comfortable sitting in a room full of intellectuals serving as a resource and inspiration, and that he was an engineer’s engineer, with the full respect of his peers, what he enjoyed most was  conversation and companionship of regular working people. ‘My good man’ he would often greet his friends. Or smiling on a warm summer day in Far Rockaway or even Jones Beach, looking out at the ocean, he would remind everyone “it is simply good to be alive, is it not?” He did not explain the manners of a gentleman to me or why he instinctively gave up his seat on the subway to the elderly, he displayed them in every aspect of his interactions with people and you simply learned. It was the essence of his being. It was an amazing thing to behold as it is to even reflect on now.

BEING THERE & SIMPLY BEING: Getting There is Not About Scheduling An Arrival Time But Rather About the Character of the Journey and the Lessons Learned

There is an Art to Living regardless of whether you consider yourself an artist or creative spirit or have great wealth or financial resources to live a Lux Life in high style. Many have interesting and extraordinarily stylish lives and because of what I do, maybe I have taken a peek here and there into their otherwise fabulous world.  But, I do not begrudge their success or what they have accumulated.  So even if I look around and am cognizant of all those who may have accumulated more assets, find themselves in a superior financial position or have massive real estate holdings and over all wealth, and other benefits or advantages that I may not, I simply do not want to be anyone else or go through my life with blessings not earned by me fairly or bestowed on me. And this is true,  even if some folks may value those more than the ones I inherited or earned in my own way.  I do not ever want to go through this life in their shoes or being anyone other than the son of Virginia and Octavio. You see there are only four of us and that is a rare enough club for me. And this is true no matter how fascinating it may be to stand in the shoes or be endowed with whatever gifts, attributes and/or material and non material possessions that some so called elite folks may have at their disposal. I have one thing that nobody else has. You are NOT me.

The reality is that most people regardless of how much or little they have always can find a use to want more. My goal is simple, motivated by truly amazing parents who never took the time to pat themselves on the back or gain recognition for the lives that they led and inspired. There are times when the light goes on and I find myself in an intellectual, emotional or verbal groove, just flowing like a river or like a refined automotive, firing on all cylinders taking in all that is around me like a sponge, aware of what is about to happen next or even weeks from now as a result of this moment I am in, and it is at that point I feel Virginia Bernadette Saunig and Octavio Augustus Caesar Mejia Medina’s blood flowing through my veins,  flooding my mind with useful oxygen making me more lucid and appreciative of what it is I do have.   I am them and they are me living breathing, thinking and changing. Hence, all I want is to live up to what they want me to be which I sense is to simply evolve to be a better version of myself. Because, if I can evolve to be a better version of myself, regardless of where I am or end up, then in my estimation, my life has been a success, whether I die alone or in the company of loved ones. This is further true even if I would have done certain things differently had I the opportunity to go through life again and relive those experiences and times with greater wisdom or foresight.

Mid life has brought me to a more calm, comfortable and secure place, even if I am perhaps a less visually appealing man in some people’s eyes (i.e., younger women ;-) than I was when I was in the prime of the youth of my adulthood. Here and and now, the wisdom gained from years of experience, of success and failure, of triumph and defeat, from loving and losing, from having the spotlight and from being ignored, from becoming less and more of what I once aspired to has made me a more earnest man, more cognizant of my core truth.  The reason perhaps, is that way back when (whenever it was no longer matters), I did not see life, my station or my ultimate destination in the same way as I do now. I was more preoccupied with scheduling a departure and arrival time than I was with the character of my journey.


Spiritual is a phrase sometimes used rather flippantly by some folks. Spiritual has a more broad meaning to me, especially today or now given an increasing overall awareness of and the fuller array of enlightened spiritual guides, healers and healing modalities available to help us evolve,  address and treat the illness created by or inherent in modern life. A spiritual person is one who is willing to look outside or beyond traditional or taught mainstream belief systems in recognition of the interconnectedness of all living beings and planetary life in general. The spiritual person is one who comes to recognize that in all we do both positive and negative in our own lives we impact the lives of others. A spiritual person is thus far less interested in zero sum games and wants to see fewer losers emanating from their progress and human progress in general.  So yes it begins first with a turn inward and a commitment towards being a better version of one self. This requires engaging in more holistic practices with regards to their physical, emotional and mental health and well being. A healthier individual operating thoughtfully will create fewer negative externalities as a result of their living but likewise may also have a more positive energy flow to proactively impact the people and places they interact with in this ecosystem of ours. You look inward before turning outward to create a more positive individual who has less of a negative impact on other living things on this planet. So given the foregoing, I would consider myself one attempting to live a more spiritual existence.


There is a famous Chinese proverb that states ‘May you live in interesting times’ and we can argue whether it is a blessing or a curse much like the one ‘May you come to the attention of those in authority’ but for now in the present we live in, it is a statement of fact and a reality we must deal with. These are quite interesting, challenging, confusing and perhaps even strange and particularly unsettling times. Everyone you meet may have challenges you are unaware of, a past that did not include you and maybe even a different learning curve and trajectory in life. You cannot help but to take people as you find them. Should you choose to engage, may I recommend that you be a positive force, or not a force at all, to those who may come to shape or impact you and your life.  If you do so, I can promise you only that time will take care of whatever you are supposed to be to each other on this journey of life.  Make your interactions meaningful. Value people. Engage yourself and leave those you associate with on an interim, short term or long term basis in life whether on a personal, emotional, intellectual or business level, in a better place than when you found them.  You do all this with one proviso, a recognition that a negative externality of a malfunctioning society is spiritual disease in the population itself, dysfunctional semi-functioning people. In a society that is so sick, it almost seems to be the new normal, a world rigged with human booby traps ready to take you down into the cavernous abyss of human existence; a veritable living hell.


You must be aware to steer away from zero sum games and those who are playing them.  This is one of the biggest lessons that I had to learn rather painfully in the past year. There are infected, broken and dispirited souls who are too wrapped up in their misery, self absorbed in the melodrama of their perceived plight in this life, deluded and locked down in their bunkers of lies, planted in front of the television or idiot box 24/7 and otherwise too foregone to hear the alarm bells going off.  They have developed such an overall distaste for humanity to see that their life has already lost any import or meaning. Such people are dangerous because they can bring about complete devastation to your life. They have nothing so they have nothing to lose.  Like vampires who thrive on blood of their victims, they gain an interim thrill and fuel their misery by bringing havoc and pandemonium to your otherwise peaceful and semi-happy existence.  They won’t be happy or have a break from their never ending bout of misery until they extract a pound of flesh and subtract from the spirit of someone who is otherwise content. Why you ask? Their spirit is so poisoned and mind so demented that they rationalize that happy people OWE them something. They cannot see that first and foremost their salvation lies not in polluting the spiritual lives of others but in unplugging from the anxiety culture or culture of distraction and getting help for themselves.  Such people must disengage and reform their lives on their own or with the assistance of medical and spiritual professionals.  The best you can do as a concerned citizen is to offer to take them to an addiction or depression specialist or other psychiatric professional, a healer, Alcoholics Anonymous or simply leave them be and get out of their field of view.  Know you are in harms way if through some odd sense of compassion you linger and engage too long.

The story is a common one. You may say wake up one day to find in your evolutionary path, an individual with an obsessive personality disorder who you truly had not given much thought to, even though they once lingered on your every word and claimed to be ‘your biggest fan’ and/or  had repeatedly said stuff like: “I love you Chris London, you are the most important thing in this world to me”, and “I know your mother would have wanted me to look out for you”,  while you were thinking to yourself:  ”I don’t even really know you and you certainly do not know me,  you never met my mother and what the hell are you talking about anyway?”  But instead of rolling your eyes or ridiculing this person, you try to be graceful and polite and  somewhat humor his or her delusions ’cause you saw the movie Misery and also Single White Female. And  without encouraging too much this sort of obsession/insanity, you offer up a half smile and a nod, because you simply want to  go on about your day not fully realizing the danger you are in.  Capische? Are you feeling me? You may want to think you are off the hook but you know better or at least should know better because this person has absolutely nothing else to focus on in life, except you. And then  shortly thereafter, you almost could have timed it, “your biggest fan” emails,  rings your cell phone and comments anonymously on your blog pretending to be someone else and then this same actual person who once praised your Elements of Style later also says to your face  ” don’t quite your day job, you can’t write and could use a Strunk & White”.  Sybil assumes that  you will think that these “three people” who all chimed in a similar fashion means that you now have an anti-fan club. Before you can think ooh wow cool some people know me enough to hate me for my writings whether it is because they suck or because your controversial doesn’t really matter.  And the funny thing is you knew that was coming.   Why you ask do I know this?  It is simple.

You live in crazy land long enough you begin thinking like its inhabitants.


Take me home to your religion for the night
Let me touch you
Teach me how to see your vision through my eyes
Turn the pages
Tell my story, let me face another day
Safe embraces, I feel it comin’ now
My captain’s on his way.

Hey, my high power
The world is spinnin’, but I’m not afraid
Yeah, give me the power It’s the beginnin’, the beginnin’ of another day.
-Higher Power by Boston

You reach for the ‘high power’ both from within and from without. You are not afraid because “my captain’s on his way.” And when he arrives, your spirit is once again filled with renewed confidence that all will once again be fine.  Deep down you still know and believe in the quintessential truth that when more people in your path win as a result of your engagement with them, and I mean win in a healthy way where you do not LOSE (and please make note of that distinction)  you will continue to find more victories and residuals of victory up ahead.  The lesson you learned on the way to completing your journey was a valuable one:  If you make the wrong pit stop, get back in and keep moving, even if you need refueling, oiling or changing spark plugs, don’t let this crew tinker with your engine, your wheels and especially not your energy source. Better to run on fumes and perhaps fuel up down the road, than to fuel up on exhaust in an airtight garage and die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A version of this blog was first published earlier this year by me on Facebook.


TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE:  Bribery & Fraud Scheme Is Emblematic of the Proliferation of Corruption Under Christine Quinn’s Leadership of the NYC Council & Quinnberg’s Three Terms at City Hall

Suzannah B. Troy Protests Christine Quinn

Suzannah B. Troy Protests Christine Quinn

“The arrests this morning point to a culture of corruption that permeates our city and state — corruption fueled by career politicians who put personal advancement before public service,”

- John Catsimatidis, Republican Candidate for Mayor

John Catsimatidis may be right when he points to the ‘Culture of Corruption’ being responsible for the latest bribery and fraud scandal involving the effort of Senator Malcolm Smith to get on the ballot in Queens and the Bronx in the 2013 Mayor’s election. The scandal may seem on the surface to be a Republican scandal, since it has  ensnared mostly Republicans, including a political operator  with ties to the Greek American super market magnate and philanthropist,  almost making ‘Slush Fund Queen’ and ‘Crony Capitalist’ enabler Boss Quinn, the woman who has had full time white collar criminal counsel seem clean in comparison. But New Yorker’s actually paying attention know better.

John Catsimatidis or simply ‘CATS’ is strong, earnest and sincere man a true New Yorker with a genuine heart and a love for New York City. Political party does not always matter when you are standing alone inside a voting booth trying to choose an honest leader. Despite my Democratic registration, I do believe that Cats might ultimately gain the respect of those who would take the time to sit down and break bread with him. Those who know Cats, know a warm, friendly and generous man with an open heart. He cannot be painted as a caricature of a politician. He is a man who made it here in New York City from humble roots and without a silver spoon in his mouth. Whether one supports him or not, it would be hard to argue that he is in earnest is running to try to lead New York City.  Catsimatidis is not a corrupt, malicious or bullying man. He has and continues to support thoughtful leaders on both sides of the aisle. And whether you agree with his vision or not or have another horse in the 2013 Mayor’s race,  his vision for the future of New York City is more inclusive than exclusive and more principally thought out than Quinn’s platitudes on the campaign trail which show a rather unsophisticated understanding of how to create economic growth and prosperity for a wider segment of the population throughout the city, including the Outer Boroughs.  QUINN IS NOT FOR QUEENS:  or the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island or even Upper Manhattan.   Quinn’s  policies  [See: The Brooklyn Rail: The Quinning Strategy] seem to have a root in the politics of self enrichment or crony capitalism [where the singular purpose is to 'git r done' for her sponsors] more than they do in sound economic theory and actual capitalism; and/or in the belief that it actually leads society to the same place. It does not. Quinn’s special brand of crony capitalism undermines the fabric of society and confidence of the general public in their business and political leaders; the wheels of capitalism ought not to run through one politico’s sticky fingers.

There is simply no getting around the fact is that these emerging scandals and investigations, can and ultimately should be tied back to and reflect more on the character and fitness for office of  Speaker Quinn, who is far from detached from the existing political reality in New York City, than it should John Catsimatidis who was likely simply duped by an associate.   Christine Quinn is in the eyes of many observers, the embodiment of the culture of political corruption in New York City and thus very much the source of inspiration for the sea of corruption that has sprouted under her leadership as Speaker of the New York City Council. As a Registered Democrat I can better vouch for the character and integrity of the Republican John Catsimatidis than I can the Democrat, Christine Quinn.  It really is that simple.

THE QUINNBERG POLITICAL MACHINE has been in control of City Hall and the NY City Council for 12 years, not content with that legacy they are reaching for control of the next 12 years. This scandal is but a swamp in a sea of political corruption inspired by and during Boss Quinn’s corrupt reign of the New York City Council. As pointed out by the outspoken artist, activist and genuine New Yorker – Suzannah B. Troy, even the ‘NY Post Editors [who] Protect[ed] Bloomberg for Years Now Giving Him Hell’ in a recent headline (after this blog was initially published) pointed this out with the story: ‘The Price of Bloomberg Shortcuts.’

THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION has been seeded and fueled by the persistent overreaching of Bloomberg and Quinn over the last 12 years and especially the last 5. They are now focused on effectively blocking and taking out any would be challengers to their rule over New York City.  The Bloomberg Machine may want and prefer an autocratic leader like CHRISTINE QUINN for her ability to BULLY people, including Democrats and those who express dissent into corners, even if it means skirting the law. For example, Bill Thompson is not autocratic but seen as more of a consensus builder and Bill De Blasio and John Liu are likewise thoughtful reasonable men who are not hostile to democratic principles of governance. BUT, the crony capitalists behind QUINNBERG want a BOSS or BULLY and QUINN, the self proclaimed ‘pushy broad’ is eager to suppress democratic principles and process to “get things done” for her sponsors.

From the Defeat Christine Quinn Facebook page:

“Quinn’s former “legislative researcher” was arrested this morning for taking bribes. Three of Quinn’s Council Members have been imprisoned, and another, Dan Halloran [See, NY Times: "Daniel J. Halloran III, a Queens councilman, boasting that he could extract tens of thousands of dollars from the City Council to be used as a bribe."], was arrested yesterday. And, even though Quinn’s “office” assigned millions in the Council budget to fake charities, which Quinn used as a slush fund, she has not been indicted and imprisoned with the others. Why is she being protected? Did Bloomberg call off the Department of Investigation’s probe [of Quinn] after Quinn overturned term limits?”

and pegging Boss Quinn to the core of corruption:

“Quinn shares blame for a system that all but begs pols to go rotten — namely, the “member item” game, which lets council members dole out public funds (i.e., pork) at their discretion. . . Member items are inherently corrupt. They let pols buy loyalty and votes. They also tempt them to steer taxpayer money to themselves and folks of their choosing. . . Quinn herself saw fit to grant Bronx Democrat Larry Seabrook $350,000 in pork, even as he faced federal charges of funneling it to phony groups he controlled.”

According to the New York Times:

“At issue is Ms. Quinn’s oversight of a pot of Council funds, worth nearly $400 million in 2012, that she doles out to lawmakers each year, to use largely at their own discretion to finance programs in their districts. The system has provided the speaker with leverage to reward and punish lawmakers as she sees fit; she chooses how much money each lawmaker gets to allocate. But at one period during her tenure, in 2008, misuse of the funds led to a federal investigation and the arrests of several council Members and aides.

The earmarks, often referred to as member items, have been criticized by civic groups, and Mr. Halloran’s suggestion that he could exploit the system was quickly seized on by Ms. Quinn’s opponents.

“This has reached an unsustainable point,”Bill de Blasio, the public advocate and a Democratic mayoral candidate, said at a news conference where he called for the earmarks to be eliminated. “The system is broken beyond the ability of small reforms to fix it.”

“These things happened on her watch,” Mr. de Blasio added

Feigning shock and dismay, deeply corrupt City Council Speaker and 2013 Candidate for Mayor stated:

“These allegations represent a reprehensible abuse of the public’s trust,” City Council Speaker and Democratic mayoral candidate Christine Quinn said in a statement. “If true, then the full weight of the legal system should be brought to bear on all parties implicated.”

Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s attempted defense of Quinn at this late hour is simply not enough. As posited on the Defeat Christine Quinn Campaign Facebook page:

“After trying for months to distance from Quinn because their close relationship could hurt her in the Democratic primary, Bloomberg publicly describes her as “a person of enormous integrity.” Taking a leaf out of Quinn’s book, Bloomberg is trying to have it both ways. If and when Quinn is indicted for corruption, will Bloomberg rescind the many public comments he has made about Quinn’s “honesty” and “integrity?” -

As stated further in the Perdido Street School blog:

“I don’t see how the billionaire mayor with the questionable integrity and his billion dollar slush fund/PAC coming in to defend the City Council speaker with the questionable integrity and the slush fund helps Christine Quinn in the Democratic primary.

Doesn’t it just remind people of how scummy Quinn has been with the slush fund and how scummy Quinn has been in overturning term limits?”



There is a very real perception that a man who is a special friend of the outgoing Bloomberg Administration is working behind the scenes to install the next administration at City Hall. The man sponsoring the Slush Fund Queen to become the next Mayor of New York City may just be either one of the most coincidentally fortunate men, a highly effective lobbyist, developer and philanthropist or in the alternative one of the most corrupt men in city politics; or perhaps even all of the above. So who is political fixer Bill Rudin? And are he and his family guilty of ‘influence peddling’?

Questions to consider:

  • Is “influence peddler” – Bill Rudin the Jack Abramoff of Democratic City Politics?
  • Has NYC replaced Chicago as the most corrupt city in America?  FBI investigation definitely leads us to think so.
  • Do NYC Democrats Understand the risk of the Appearance of Criminal Impropriety of the Rudin/Quinn Alliance? : Do Democrats know and understand that the Rudin/Quinn alliance of rigged schemes and blatant pay 4 play city politics creates the appearance of corruption that causes an erosion of the public trust and in the end may cause the collapse of the local Democratic Party? And as postulated by Suzannah B. Troy, possibly lead to an increase in anti-Semitism?
  • Have we ever elected a Mayor who had full time white collar criminal counsel from their activities in one office while running for higher office?

Bill Rudin is the leader of the Rudin Real Estate dynasty. He also leads a non-profit front organization called – Association For A Better New York,  ”a coalition of business, labor, non-profit and political leaders focused on exploring and implementing ideas that keep the city moving forward” and otherwise “dedicated to the constant growth and renewal of New York City’s people, businesses and communities” – according to the organization’s website.  Given its activities in recent years ABNY under Rudin has blurred the lines between advancing the interests of Bill Rudin and the Rudin Real Estate Family, its member organizations and that of all New Yorkers. How does a private business man’s influence peddling advance the interests of New York City if in uses this creative alliance with select politicians to create or solidify business opportunities for his own eroding empire? It does not. All it does is to thereby create the impression, in the wider public, of Rudin simply being a beneficiary of backroom deals and  rigged schemes that fortify his own clan’s financial fortunes at a time when the bottom is falling out for many of his fellow citizens. This is not capitalism, nor is it the purpose of non-profit organizations but instead it reeks of Crony Capitalism, which in effect undermines confidence in the system as a whole.

Witness the courage of artist, citizen and activist Suzannah B. Troy who confronted Bill Rudin about his St. Vincent’s Condos and perhaps even spooking him in reminding him to his face that the character exhibited by Rudin in his dealings with St. Vincent’s may lead to a rise in anti-Semitism.

You cannot consider the ‘Surreal Shutdown of St. Vincent’s’ without also considering the ethics and morality of those who  targeted, collapsed and ultimately gutted, via willful destruction no less,  St. Vincent’s Hospital Chapel along with St. Vincent’s Hospital. This seems to have been done all in the name of feeding one man’s Real Estate Empire in the face of widespread community opposition, and with the assistance of certain societal elites and politicians who turned a blind eye towards the community. In its hour of need, this man gained inside access to St. Vincent’s Hospital posing as a friend and business savior who would build a new mixed use residential/medical facility modernizing the hospital to make it more efficient and profitable while building a revenue generating luxury residential component on the property.

Simultaneously, however, through the creative use of PR, this same man and forces aligned with him waged a war against the character, integrity and continued necessity of  St. Vincent’s Hospital which led to its total collapse. Once collapsed,  through his cronies on local zoning board, Rudin was able to get a waiver so that ALL the land long zoned for community use,  could be converted to luxury condos against the will of the West Village community. Quinn’s Sponsor was thus perhaps able to insure a timely long term stream of revenue to the spendthrift Rudin clan which was rumored to be on the ropes financially, according to certain unnamed societal sources.


The question is when will the FBI turn turn its investigation to Bill Rudin and Christine Quinn and not simply those swimming with her in the political swamp which is New York politics? Because you see: if it looks like a crook, smells like a crook, has white collar criminal counsel like a crook and her co-conspirators (whether Democrats or Republican) start dropping like flies – tell you what, I am pretty sure that she is a big fat freaking crook.



At what price are some establishment New York Democrats, Emily’s List and Human Rights Watch supporting Christine Quinn against overwhelming evidence of her total lack of character and integrity, corruption and abandonment of core democratic principles of equity, fairness and the Common Good in our society? Is there in fact a double standard if you are a GAY WOMAN? Is ‘Identity Politics above all else the motivating reason to ignore legitimate and principled grassroots opposition to Quinn’s candidacy from the LGBT Community, Good Government proponents and Animal Rights activists? Do we risk further destabilizing and making more volatile this city by putting in office a woman there is tremendous resistance to by rank and file New Yorkers? Are we unnecessarily seeding a combustible environment?

Few can or should be hoodwinked by Boss Quinn’s self serving agenda and sponsorship by influence peddlers. Or is it just that in your estimation, in the SEA OF CORRUPTION INSPIRED BY THE SPEAKER OF THE CITY COUNCIL DURING HER REIGN, even as indictments and prosecutions swirl about all her cronies, you will put your head in the sand to delude yourself that Christine Quinn must actually be honest and clean? Or is she in your estimation the least dirty in the CESSPOOL of NY Political Corruption? The Citizens of New York City deserve a damn answer or none of you stand for what you propose to stand for.


‘QUINNBERG’ STONEWALLED: LGBT Democrats in Her Own District (Chelsea & West Village) Lead Grassroots Uprising Against Her.

Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
Won’t sign away my life to
Someone whose got the flavor
But don’t have no follow through
Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
Wont sign no monkey papers
I don’t do funny business
Not interested in fakers
Don’t want no PAPER GANGSTA
-Lady Gaga

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013 the official  LGBT Mayoral Forum for the 2013 Democratic Primary at Baruch College’s Mason Hall on East 23rd Street was sponsored by leading local  LGBT organizations. Sponsoring organizations included:  Gay City News, Stonewall Democrats of NY, Gay & Lesbian Independent Democrats, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, and Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens for the official LGBT Mayoral Forum for the 2013 Democratic Primary. and their membership gathered at Baruch College’s Mason Hall for the LGBT Mayoral Forum for the 2013 Democratic Primary.

Quinn, an out lesbian and master of identity politics, who represents Chelsea and the West Village and considered by many to be the front runner, in the company of what some might presume to be her base, did not walk away with the debate, perhaps for many of the reasons eloquently outlined by Alec Baldwin earlier this week in a piece entitled ‘The Mighty Quinnberg’ wherein he exposed Quinn as a political charlatan.   That in an of itself is a newsworthy development.  As reported on NY1, Quinn took hits inside the forum for some of her unpopular positions on sick leave and the term extension  from the candidates challenging her, including especially Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson. Likewise the growing grassroots opposition to Quinn had a powerful presence outside the debate.

The NY Daily News reported that: “Christine Quinn booed by LGBT groups during forum for Democratic mayoral candidates”.  As noted by the publishers of the citizen activists on the Defeat Christine Quinn Facebook page:

“Even though Quinn has distributed 10X more discretionary funds to her own LGBT-heavy district than to the rest of the City (which is in greater need), the community booed her at a Mayoral forum hosted by the City’s gay democratic clubs.”

Back in the day, when Christine Quinn was more an urban Norma Rae building her street cred as a progressive activist for the working middle class on issues of affordable housing  and LGBT rights, few would have thought that the candidate who has since morphed into Larry the Cable Guy just trying to git r done for her developer sponsors, would face an uprising of this nature from within her base. To many it was inconceivable. Welcome to 2013 where Quinn is at risk of losing the endorsements of both Democratic Clubs in her own district of Chelsea. (See: Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club / Chelsea Reform Democratic Club)

The question becomes, how much erosion of support can Quinn withstand within the LGBT Community and still have a viable campaign or at least remain the front runner? Or will the power of Quinn’s identity politics and the culture of distraction preclude the wider citizen body and voter population from absorbing the full nature, depth and extent of the earnest intellectual basis for the revolt against Quinn within the engaged elements in her community and the democratic party in general? Only time will tell what the future holds in store for the Speaker of the City Council but at this juncture, she might be content to run out the clock on her opponents to preclude any one candidate from gaining material traction and the anti-Quinn vote from coalescing around one anti-Quinn candidate rather than being splintered among her challengers.

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